Tuesday, 2 February 2021

January Favourites

So I have done these monthly round-ups in the past which was a good way to keep in touch properly while being a bit more personal with you all. My aim is to to try to speak on a personal level and give this a 'chatting over coffee' vibe. With lockdown changing pretty-much everything for the last year, I've really missed my catch-ups with friends over lunch or a coffee. I'd normally share what I've been up to and no-doubt rave about a new product I've been trying. So let me emulate it here, grab yourself a beverage for full effect. 


I tried to revamp the round-ups last year but it stopped at January. Februrary was when we heard whispers of Covid-19 and with the lockdown was staring to happen there wasn't a lot to write home about. We were actually fully hiding away, making Tik Toks and making Zoom Quizzes before we were told to as we were pretty clued-up on what was going on and knew how serious it was for our household. This has felt like a lifetime inside for us and it has had some really weird challenges (I can't go into it too much yet, but trust me... so weird.) but I'm now taking time to take in the small moments and not see this past year as a total waste.

2021 has started well, the rest of the country joined me in our home schooling challenge (and it is a challenge!) so I felt less alone there and am now pretty clued-up on everything KS2 related... except fractions. It's given me that daily variation that I need and I have to admit, a lot of it is interesting, dare I say it, some actually enjoyable! I may have missed my calling as an art teacher be honest...

Our neighbours had their baby girl who we've got to meet from afar which is torture as you can't beat newborn baby cuddles! Our own little one got to experience her first snow, and although my health hasn't been too great,  I never let that hold me back. I've had my vaccine, things are massively looking up and we’re all so positive. We’ll be dancing our way round town again in no time!


While normal feels a long way off, let's try to adjust, I've always hated the term normal anyway. Here's a little recap of the first month of 2021. 

What I wore-
Obviously, lockdown has meant most of us have spent the majority of our time in loungewear. I could easily get into the mindset of "I'm not going anywhere, why should I bother getting dressed?" but that doesn't do my mental state any good. Getting ready for the day breaks things up a bit and makes me feel more 'me', so while the loungewear is about in abundance I'm making the most of wearing normal clothes too. 

 We limit our trips outside to a weekly walk to the school to pick up some work that they leave out in boxes for parents to collect at allotted times. Those weekly adventures into the world to get some air have been something to look forward to. While it’s been cold I’ve been all about layering. My Bershka zip bodysuit is a good base layer and it’s so soft too.  My leather-look trousers have a fleecy lining so they’re perfect for those chilly days. I wore them the day it snowed actually and I had no complaints about the cold, plus my legs stayed dry too!

I’m hoping the weather picks up a bit soon so I can get more adventurous with my shoes as I’ve been limited to various heeled knee boots. I'm not complaining, I love my boots but there's a lot of shoes in here that are not getting their time to shine!


What I ate-

I’ve been cooking up a storm with various cottage pies and casseroles and even tried out a couple of new pasta recipes to spic things up a bit; I’m doing Gigi Hadid's one next. But after a long old week of home schooling, juggling work and housework while feeling pretty under the weather Sam uttered my favourite words 

"Let’s order Blacks Burgers tonight..."

It’s our friend's restaurant so they know exactly what we like and I can’t go long without craving one of their burgers. 

What I read-   
The other day I read something really close to my heart. I nodded along to Dale's article on ADHD  and how he doesn’t let a disability hold him back. I massively relate to this and think he’s spot on. I totally get not wanting to be be perceived as special or different and have always strived to get on with things as best I can, despite having health problems myself. Most people aren’t even aware of my struggles as I’ve always been determined to not let it define who I am. I love how Dale has looked at the positives that having ADHA/ADD has brought him, rather than the ones that may have held him back. Describing his hyperfocus as 'his superpower' was really lovely and such a great way to look at things.   His drive and ambition along with his passion has given him  a successful career he enjoys and you can ask him anything about the Beatles and he'll have tonnes of fab (four) stories for you. 

Recent events have really hit people hard. I’ve seen first-hand how so many businesses are struggling and know families who have had to cut back due to their income being effected by the pandemic. 

There’s been a lot of doom-and-gloom we could all focus on but it’s really nice to see someone look on the bright side. He explains how we shouldn't be hard on ourselves and not beat ourselves up if things aren't going the way we thought, just focussing on our health is the main thing -that's what this has all been for at the end of the day! 

What I bought- 
I don’t like asking for much for Christmas and if I see a gift set, I keep an eye out for it in the sales. You can get such a bargain when they’re half price, most of the time you’re paying for the festive packaging anyway. I usually stock up on some favourite skincare bits but also look out for products I’ve wanted to try. I treated myself to this Becca ‘Primed and Luminous Kit’ for £17. I absolutely adore the powder and the highlighter is really pretty. I think I’ll get a proper review up on this is a few weeks with a bit more detail. 


What I watched-

Like many people, we spent our evenings binge watching The Serpent which is about serial killer Charles Sobhraj who murdered tourists during the 70s. I'd heard so many people raving about it so jumped on the bandwagon. Jenna Coleman is the lead actress and she was incredible in it, I loved her accent.  

We were up past midnight most evenings, trying to get in another episode and I now basically want everything from Jenna Coleman’s wardrobe.

What I used-

I’ve really been loving the Super Facialist Vitamin C Skin Renew Cleansing Oil. It’s been a lovely addition to my nighttime cleansing routine. Upon contact with water, the oil transforms to a milky texture and melts away makeup and removes daily impurities  It’s infused with Vitamin C and nourishing Olive, Grapeseed and Rosehip oils and is really gentle. Vitamin C helps to repair the damage caused by UV radiation and as I’m not without my SPF 50 on my face, I’m all about reducing sun damage.

My skin is so soft after I use this and all of those lovely ingredients really give me a glow too. I’ve been much happier going make-up free more often. 


So we’re on to February. A month I love! Valentine’s day and pancake day being the biggest highlights and we’re stepping closer to spring! The mornings are getting lighter and there are already more gorgeous blue skies. I’m excited to see what this next month has in store for me! 


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