Saturday, 26 December 2020

Essie Nail Polish Suitcase Gift Set -AD


Sometimes things come to you at the perfect moment and after a really awful week this beautiful gift box from Essie dropped through my letterbox... or if we're being pedantic 'was kindly handed to me by the postman'. 



I am a big fan of Essie polishes, they have really great shades for every day and striking bold colours when you want something a little more special.

This is the Essie Nail Polish Suitcase Gift Set which contains 10 of their best selling shades and I am in love! The presentation of the box makes it the perfect Christmas present for any nail polish lover. It’s such a great collection of really wearable colour which work well all year round. There’s a pale purple in the which you all know I love and the sparkly red is gorgeous for Christmas. Anyway let me talk you through them properly... 


First is Ballet Slippers, a sheer pale cream shade with an ever-so-slight pinkness to it. Rumour has it, it’s a favourite of the Queen, don't ya know? It’s the perfect shade for a french manicure and subtle enough for everyday to make your natural nails look a little more ‘done’. It needed 3 coats to be opaque and looks very chic. 

Essie Ballet Slippers

 I’ve been on the hunt for my perfect red and Fishnet Stockings may just be it!  A dark red with a lovely depth to it that reminds me of Louboutin soles. I feel vampy and ever-so-glamourous in this one! I find reds tend to have good formulas and this went on eventually with 2 coats. 

Essie Fishnet Stockings

I've seen a lot of swatches of Meet me at Sunset and they really seem to vary. Personally, I'd say it's a vibrant deep orange but in some lights it looks more red.  Let's go for fiery red-orange! It's a gorgeous Autumn shade anyway. formula-wise it's great, it only took 2 coats to be opaque and it gives a gorgeous pop of colour. 

This is it next to 'Fishnet Stockings' and it definitely looks more orange here!

Essie Fishnet Stockings and Meet me at Sunset

Another gorgeous red in this box is Bordeaux, a rather festive deep wine red.  A gorgeous winter shade that feels really sophisticated and elegant. Imagine the parties this would look great at that I can't see me going to any time soon! It was slightly streaky after two coats but after one more it was perfect.

Essie Bordeaux

Moving on to Lady Like, oh I love this one! It’s a soft mauve/nude. The muted browny-grey tones make it a shade that just goes with every look. It applied effortlessly, I barely had to take my eyes off the tv, two coats for the perfect manicure. 

Next is Romper Room which is more pink than 'Ballet Slippers'.  It also has a slightly nicer formula as it only needed two coats. Sweet, cutesy, very pretty and reminds me of strawberry icing!

Essie Bordeaux, Lady Like and Romper Room

 Aruba is a frosty sapphire blue metallic shimmer frosty dark but brightened with shimmer. I got a lot of love for this one on Instagram. It has a great formula and is very striking. 


Another striking shade is Let's Party which is a beautiful red shimmer with a slight pinkness to it. The glitter is so fine it almost makes it look frosty and metallic. It looks very pink one the first coat by after  2 or 3 coats you've got the perfect festive party red. 

I've compared the 3 reds so you can get a better idea. Fishnet Stockings is definitely my favourite.

L-R - Essie Fishnet Stockings, Bordeaux and Let's Party

I absolutely adore a lilac nail so I've tried a lot in my time. Lilacism is a classic and although it feels more like a spring shade, the pale lilac is such a soft,  fresh colour that I feel like it can go through to the colder months with a frosty morning feel to it. That's my excuse anyway! It's too nice to save for one season!

Romper-Room-Lilacism-Lovie Dovie-essie
Index finger- Romper Room, middle finger- Lilacism, ring finger- Lovie Dovie

Lastly is Lovie Dovie, a cool-toned flamingo Barbie pink. The lovely creme finish makes it a dream to apply in two coats. This one is going right through to Summer - it's going to be a firm favourite of mine for toes! 

L-R Lovie  Dovie, Romper Room,  Ballet Slippers

It’s  available in Boots for £40 which is an absolute bargain when you think individually the polishes are £7.99 each. If this goes into the Christmas sale it will be an incredible saving! Keep an eye out! 


*This was kindly gifted to me but all views are my own.