Tuesday, 25 February 2020

False eyelashes haul

As well as it being half term it was also National Lash Day last week which gave me the excuse to have a play about with some false eyelashes without feeling too overdone on the school run. Even if I was only going to town for a coffee just to get out of the house. 

Although I wear make-up everyday I tend to try and keep it pretty toned down on the weekdays so I don't stand out at the school gates. I know this shouldn't bother me at all and I should do what makes me feel good so I'm working on it. I've worn a red lip a couple of times lately so I'm getting there.

While having my lashes done was lovely, after having Mila I just couldn't keep up with regular salon visits to keep them looking perfect. I've always loved strip lashes that I can apply at home. It gives me the freedom to chop and change between looks. I used to wear them all the time and they became a regular in my day to day makeup.

Now they are reserved for slightly more special occasions. I love how
false eyelashes can really transform a look. I can go from 0-100, from grim to glam and erm... squinty eyed to... slightly wider eyed. 

I was kindly sent a lovely little package from FalseEyelashes.co.uk to try out a couple of different brands they stock. 


The first set to really catch my eye (pardon the pun) was the SOSU Premium lashes   in the style ‘GIGI’.
 SOSU is a brand by blogger turned business woman Suzanne Jackson who wanted to create affordable lashes that can be worn day and night. The invisible lash band helps them blend in seamlessly and worn with natural makeup they really make my eyes pop. The different lengths give a textured whispy look which really opens the eye. They’re nice and lightweight too. 

I was really pleased to try out the Eylure lash adhesive. It's a latex free  glue which dries clear and comes in a generous 4.5ml bottle. I'm forever losing the fiddly little bottles that come with strip lashes to a larger tube makes more sense to me.

I find holding lashes out to let the glue get tacky a bit of a pain and this dries nice and quickly which makes everything much easier. The complete game changer is the false lash applicator tool which is designed to hold the lashes help to position them as close to the natural lash line as possible. They're essentially tweezers but with a longer grip. They’re really great for securing those corners in place ensuring everything looks seamless. I absolutely love them. 


I've been a big fan of the Ardell Demi Wispies for years, they are lovely fluffy lashes which feel glam without weighing your lashes down.

Sam and I  went for dinner last weekend which was a nice excuse to get a bit dressed up and these really added a bit of glamour. I like how they are slightly thicker at the ends which give a subtle cat-eye effect, it was perfect with a smokey eye.

You can rewear lashes again and again if they are taken care of properly and Oh my Lash  make that really easy to do with their little case to keep them safe. These lashes are perfect for a date night, they add a bit of drama and volume. We've got a cocktail evening planned so these will be brilliant for that. It really is the packaging that make these stand out from the rest, it's a nice change from what we normally see on the shelves.


These have given me the motivation to up my eye make-up game and start experimenting with new looks for Spring. You never know, I might start getting a little more glam on the school run now!

*I was kindly gifted these lashes but all thoughts are my own


Monday, 3 February 2020

January Round Up

So back in around 2015 I did this monthly round up. It was a way to feature a few things without dedicating a whole post to them as well as being a bit more open about what I get up to.
I stopped this after a while. I guess I felt a bit exposed, it’s always the ‘haters’ that seem to be your biggest fans and watch your every move so I felt the need to kind of hide away a bit. 
As much as I'm well aware that this kind of thing still goes on *waves!* I am a lot more laid back about it now. I want to get my writing mojo back and this seemed like a nice way to look back at each month while kind-of keeping in touch with you all!

So, January.  I’ll start with the cliche 
'It was a long old month, wasn’t it?!'

We’ve had a lot more lazy days which I’ve been very much in need of.  I've been loving family time more than anything. Sometimes being in our own little bubble is the best place to be. We've been more careful with money and I'm feeling the need to make every second count. 


What I wore-

Similarly to all Januarys past I’ve been living in jeans and leggings. Both of which are easily dressed down with a sweatshirt for the school run and then I’m in my usual fitted tee by the afternoon after a lot of running about after a mischievous 11 month old. This short jersey top top was a gift from my parents at xmas and has been a big favourite of mine for quick trips out for coffee or catching up with friends; whether it’s tea in a pub or a burger with all the sides!


What I ate-
We headed down to Cafe Rouge in Esher for a little afternoon tea. Washed down with Prosecco (apple juice for M) it was the treat we very much needed. One thing that makes Cafe Rouge’s afternoon teas different is that the sandwiches are croque monsieurs and naturally being a french restaurants they are devine! The french chocolate mousse and the carrot cake are particularly delicious too.


What I read-
One thing I read that resulted in a lot of discussion was this article that asks Why do people have affairs?
Men and women with children who admitted to committing adultery explained what it was that made them cheat. I’ve previously spoken about this subject in this post asking what kind of woman would find it ok to be part of an affair and also found from polls I did on Instagram and Twitter that the majority of people knew of affairs that went on in their workplace. It is way more common than you think!

"Chances are if you haven’t 
experienced infidelity directly,
 you know someone who has."

 The article asks whether it's sexual attraction that is to blame or if it's something more that would make someone risk breaking up their family. Some said it was a release from boring home life, others said  becoming parents killed the passion in their marriage. One put it down to a need to feel alive and desired. I found it interesting hearing the views from this side of things but it amazed me how little remorse there was. 

What I bought-

I was given a Boots voucher for my birthday back in November & I just haven’t had the chance to spend it. I knew a couple of bits in my makeup bag needed replacing so I took advantage of L’Oreal’s 3 for 2 offer. I love the Infalliable Fresh Wear foundation and wanted to try out the True Match foundation which is slightly lighter coverage. I never seem to buy the same shade when I get a new foundation, my skin tone really varies throughout the year so it’s nice to have one that matches my pale January skin!  I also picked up  a new Paradise mascara which is so so good. For some results take a look hereL’Oreal do really great mascaras, you just can't go wrong. 


What I watched-
The Masked singer is something that sounded utterly ridiculous (and it is) and it shouldn’t work but it does! We put it on to give it a go but now we are invested in it! Each week I feel like I get closer to guessing who someone is but a new clue throws me right off. It makes for some very unusual conversations throughout the week randomly going ‘the hedgehog is definitely Jason Manford!’ And the unicorn just isn’t dancing well enough to be John Barrowman’. It’s trash tv at it’s finest and something we all needed to brighten up a dull January. 

What I used-
I’ve definitely been more of a lipstick girl over the last few years but Soap and Glory have helped me revive my love for gloss. I got the sexy mother Pucker lip gloss in shade ‘Bare Enough’ with the Beauty-Full House  set and I’ve been popping it on before heading out most mornings. A natural colour makes it easy to wear and I don’t have to be precise when applying it either. 


I always feel good once I get through January, it's all great from February onwards. We've got Mila's first birthday and Valentine's day, half term and a couple of days with friends and family planned. I'm feeling really motivated and productive and there's some great things on the horizon. 

Well done guys, January is DONE!