Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Sale Bargains and Gifts

I wanted to get back into sharing my opinions on here. I want to try this 'open book' thing again and just get my thoughts out there. Sometimes it will be about serious stuff, sometimes just what I've been buying. I just want to open up a bit, kind of like I used to. 

As you might of guessed this is about some items I picked up in the sale and a couple of bits that I got for Christmas too. I like sharing, and if some of this is still out there to buy I hope I help you find a little bargain too. Or look at this as some inspiration for a birthday that's coming up. 

As I mentioned last year, I like to save my Boots points throughout the year and spend them on a treat at the end of the year. The boxing day sales is where you can pick up some right bargains. 

I usually take this opportunity to stock up on some skincare but I went in a slightly different direction this year. 

First I was drawn to the rose gold and the glitter in the  Real Techniques Sheer Glow set which has three brushes (the 204 Buffing brush, 308 Medium Shadow brush and 413 Highlight brush), and also a compact mirror and lash curler. I have one of their buffing brushes but to be honest it has seen better days and I've been meaning to get a lash curler too. The set was down from £20 to £10 which is pretty damn good for 3 brushes alone. I really love Real Techniques brushes so this was great.


 Sticking with the make-up theme, The Soap and Glory Beauty-Full House set was originally £20 down to £10. The contents are worth £58 if sold separately so it was a pretty hefty saving. 


There's 6 full-sized products prefect for everyday. A couple that I've used and loved before and some others I wanted to try. The set contains a Thick and Fast High Definition Mascara which offers no flake all-day wear; a Supercat Liquid Ink Eyeliner Pen which is my favourite liquid liner; an Archery Brow Defining Crayon which has an angled crayon for precise filling and sculpting and a tinted gel with brow brush applicator to groom brows. a nude Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss which tingles and makes your lips plumper; Their One Heck Of A Blot Instant-perfecting Power Primer which helps hide imperfections, makes your make-up last longer and is enriched with vitamin E. And lastly, a Love At First Blush Rosy-Radiance Shimmer Powder. I go into more detail about these here but this was a great way to try out some new bits from Soap and Glory that I wouldn't usually think to pick up.

If Sam ever hears me go 'oooooh!' while on my phone it's usually at a picture of a nice nail shade. There's a slightly higher noise for a dog picture. Over Christmas golds and glitters were in abundance on my Instragam feed and  '50 Shimmering Years' from China Glaze's  'Sesame Street, 50 Years And Counting' collection looked perfect for me. The first coat it's just your average gold glitter but with the second coat it transforms to something beautiful. 


I feel like I'm pretty old school. I constantly write lists with pen and paper rather than on my phone, I prefer to draw with my pencils, not my iPad and I have always used a paper diary. I've always been more organised when I have things written down and it's a place to put doctors letters and school reminders too. So when the hype around the gorgeous Papier Diary went around I knew that would be the brand for me for 2020.

I actually looked at these before Christmas to get for my sister-in-law as a gift as she's a big Disney fan and their selection is lovely - but I wasn't sure if I was actually alone in using a paper diary to get organised so decided against it. 


Their  hardback diaries can be personalised and I absolutely love anything that I can make unique to me. I spent a LONG time deciding on which design to go for - honestly if you order one, get yourself a cuppa and settle down for a bit! I ended up adding a photo from our holiday last year, along with my name cos it looks all fancy. 

Each month has a page divided into 4 quarters for monthly goals, important dates, to-do lists and wish lists which is something I love! I like to get a bit more creative with my diaries and it ends up being full of a lot more than just dates and reminders


One thing I really love is the extra dotted, lined and grid paper  pages at the back for additional notes and doodles- perfect for a bit of procrastinating  down time. 

The diaries are £21.99 BUT I have a 
which gives you £15 off.
This applies to anything on the site so you can get yourself a notebook if paper diaries are not your thing or you have one already (as I am writing this post in the middle of January!). 


When it come to dry shampoo I've always been loyal to Batiste, but I've always been tempted to try out Colab as I've always heard good things. This is another Boots points treat, The Happy Holla Daze set was was £6.25 (down from £12.50) and had two cans of dry shampoo inside which are normally £3.49 each. There are two different scents, Glam and Unicorn which smells of jasmine and vanilla. Along with the dry shampoo there's two scrunchies and two hairbands. All things I need and I really love their packaging. Dry shampoo is a must-have for me lately as I'm always in a huge rush in the mornings so I need to be stocked up.

Weirdly, both of my sister in laws gave me bath products from Revolution. I actually had no idea they did bath stuff so I'm interested to give these a go. They look really fun- though there was loads of plastic packaging on them! The Peach Bath Fizzer  smells incredible so I'm hoping it's just as good in the bath. I need to make sure I put some time aside to try these out. 


As much as I love everything, I'm not much of a present person, I really enjoy finding the perfect gift for someone and probably spend far too much time researching what to get someone but I like stuff like that. Time with everyone is most important to me and I really hope my kids see it that way too. I can already see it's massively important to Mason. 

Christmas was busy and it was lovely spending time with family and experiencing Mason's first Christmas as a big brother. We had a few days at Sam's Mum's which I absolutely loved, it was so chilled and full of great food and drink - just as Christmas is meant to be. Now I'm counting down to Spring time! I'm ready for some warm weather! 


Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Soap and Glory Make-up

Soap and Glory have been everywhere for years, you can miss their pretty pink packaging and each Christmas their sets are a fail-safe gift for friends, nieces, cousins and Secret Santas. Personally, when it comes to their bodycare, they are not my favourite but I think their make-up range is where Soap and Glory excel. I’ve tried a couple of bits from their make-up range and I’m really impressed. I love their lipsticks and I’ve repurchased the Brow Archery tint and pencil several times now. They are a massively underrated brand in the cosmetics isle. They do fantastic free gifts too. 


I treated myself to the The Beauty-Full House set which meant I got to try a couple of new products as well as stock up on a couple of favourites. 

The set has 6 products inside which would normally be £58 if bought separately so sets like this are a great way to try things out without spending loads. 

So first, a product I’ve used many times before and I would go as far as saying it’s my favourite liquid liner- the Supercat Liquid Ink Eyeliner Pen. I find it so easy to work with and it really stays put all day. The pen-like tip means I can be precise and it doesn’t leave me with an overly thick line.  

Next is a brow product, which I always love trying out. Whilst I’m no stranger to the Soap and Glory Archery range, I’d not given this one a go before.  I find the Archery Brow sculpting Crayon and setting gel  really easy to use. The slanted nib makes applying it a breeze in the mornings. It's perfectly shaped to sweep along the brows then turned sideways you can add natural upward strokes before setting it with the gel. If your brows are better than mine you can even just use the gel alone to set them in place for a natural look. I will definitely repurchase this one. 


Back in the day I used to wear the Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses  all the time. I was often given these when people couldn’t handle the tingle it produced so I had a decent stash. These glosses claim to plump the lips while the formula makes your lips tingle - I guess it’s making the blood flow or something, I don’t know the exact science behind it. Some find it too much (hence the stash) but I really like it and the gloss itself isn’t sticky either. The shade in this set is an easy to wear nude called ‘Bare Enough’ and I love it.

One of my day to day blush/highlighters is Glow all Out by Soap and Glory as it offers a subtle glow and makes me look more awake. So I was pleased to see I could try Love At First Blush Rosy-Radiance Shimmer Powder  and see how it compares. This has a little more bronze to it so will be absolutely perfect in the summer but I’ve been wearing it this week and although it’s subtle I think it really helps freshen up a rather dull and tired face.


I’m still on the hunt for my perfect primer - nothing is wowed me yet. So One Heck Of A Blot Instant-perfecting Power Primer  was a welcome addition. It seems to do the job, my make-up stays put, it doesn’t go patchy or slide off. There’s nothing ground breaking, I don’t seem to have blurred skin or anything like that but it definitely helps keep shine away. 


The only slightly disappointing product is the Thick and Fast High Definition Mascara (£10.50). Now I am pretty picky when it comes to mascaras so I didn’t have high hopes for one that I hadn’t really heard of. It’s not bad, it's just ok. It took a couple of coats to get any real effect so was definitely more of a day to day/school run thing. It didn’t flake or smudge but I wouldn’t say it made my lashes look much thicker. 

If your local Boots store has loads of sale items left then I recommend you pick one of these up but otherwise Soap and Glory is on 3 for 2 at the moment. There are bargains to be had!