Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Pregnancy Update - The Second Trimester

So as I'm nearly 35 weeks into my pregnancy now I figured it was time for another baby update. An update is WELL overdue in fact! Better late than never, huh? Since the pregnancy announcement in August we've come a long way. 

Finding out the Sex of the Baby
We found out we were having a little girl and had a gender reveal with our family to share the news. We weren't going to get too into it but M really wanted to do the 'balloon pop' that he'd seen others do and it seemed like a fun way to announce it. 

We had everyone there make a prediction and the response was quite mixed. I'd always had a feeling it was a girl, not for any real reason other than I've been a lot more tired with this baby than I was with M (but then I didn't have another child to look after back then) and that I craved tomatoes unlike last time when I wanted anything lemony. 

We shared the news with family and there were tears all round. We were thrilled to find out we’re having a little girl! I cannot wait to meet her! She’ll no doubt cost us a fortune as there are so many gorgeous little outfits out there. I’m also very much excited about playing with Sylvanian Families again!

I mentioned before that my Nan knew I was pregnant with M before I did! She called my Mum one evening and randomly asked if I was pregnant. She hadn't seen me in a couple of months and isn't on social media or anything, she had nothing to go by but she just had a feeling. My Mum and I both said no and then about 3 weeks later I found out I actually was. She then said I'd have a boy and was right. Earlier this year she told me I'd have another child 'at some point' but the next born child in the family would be girl. My Nan's prediction was right again. I'm going to get her to guess the lottery numbers next. 

I just can’t believe how quick it’s gone, in less than 5 weeks I’ll be full term and I'm convinced this girl is going to be early. In many ways I’m totally overwhelmed and feeling like I’m not at all ready but in other ways I know I’ve got this. 

M is still very excited, he is very into shopping for her and loves pointing out new clothes. He's heard the heartbeat a few times and is always talking to her and feeling her wriggle around. 

A month of so ago my midwife thought that I was measuring a bit small so I was sent for an extra scan but all was fine. It was nice to see her again and also be 100% sure (or at least more sure, I know you can't be 100% til they're actually here) that she's a girl. We'd been holding off on throwing out M's old clothes just in case they'd got the first gender scan wrong. But the sonographer confirmed we're having a girl. 

How I'm Feeling I'm aching a lot, this baby is getting in all sorts of positions that cut off nerves and I'm needing a lot more baths to relax my muscles. I feel a lot more like I'm carrying around a heavy bag (or honeydew melon- as that's what she is the size of currently.)  I'm probably doing a little too much and need to remember to rest a little more. 

I'm feeling so different this time. Not just physically but mentally I'm in such a good place. I don't want to focus too much on the past, but I know this time I'm not as worried. I'm not thinking 'don't act too pregnant or show you are struggling'. Last time I really felt the pressure to not be different to 'usual Jenn'. I don't have anything to prove now and I know I can do this. I just look at M and I can see that.

The most important thing is that in my mind I’m much stronger. This has been pointed out a few times by several different people now and that’s really reassuring. Sam and I had only been together a year and a half when M was born and although he was my absolute rock through everything he’s a million times better now. He's an incredible Dad and is excellent at keeping me calm. I tried to do too much on my own last time and really suffered as a result. I know I can ask for help and not be seen to be failing. Those ever-so-helpful words from someone telling me ‘I won’t be able to handle it’ are much easier to brush away this time- I bloody can. I’m proud of how far I’ve come emotionally and I think my surroundings have massively helped with that. I know to ignore Mum forums and to take no notice of the people who think their way is the only way. I know to trust my instincts. 

The second trimester is supposed to be the easiest one and it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. My iron levels have been really low so I'm keeping an eye on that and going for some infusions. My heartburn has been horrendous and I'm not getting a lot of sleep - but I guess that means it won't be such a shock when the baby does arrive.

 I originally kept bump pics off social media as there wasn’t a lot to show at first and it's only now really obvious that it's not just a big bowl of pasta in my belly (it is that too!). She’s definitely there but I don’t want to start comparing myself to other mums to be, I know everyone’s different. 

I'm feeling her move around so much more now- much more than I ever did with M, she barely stops. We call her a little mouse as she seems to scurry around in there. She's head down but keeps turning around in circles, she's been back to back so we will just have to hope she is facing the right way when the labour starts.

The Next Stages
I know I need to think about getting the hospital bag together and start reading the Hypnobirthing books or at least get some kind of birthing plan in place! I should go through M’s old baby clothes and see what I still need to buy. I still haven’t had my flu jab, I don't know the difference between a body suit and a sleep suit and I’ve recently decided a nursing pillow might be a good shout this time but I’m not stressing about it all. It will get sorted. I just need her to stay in for a few more weeks now! 


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