Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Lush Valentine's Day 2019

January really seems to be dragging, doesn't it? It's that month where we're all kind of stuck in limbo, we're all skint, there's old boxes of celebrations with only the snickers left (I eat the Bounty's first, don't hate), and the shops are full of messy shelves with the left overs of the Xmas sales. I actually look forward to February and everything going back to normal. 

Lush is a place that really makes me aware of the seasons, the scents alone just transform you from the pine of a xmas tree to the floral freshness of Springtime.
 Now Christmas is over Lush can make way for the Valentine's range. This is the stuff I really look forward to, I prefer the scents and I know a couple of my favourites come back at this time of year too.

I thought I'd share a couple of bits that caught my eye. Lush have featured some emojis in the past but they've gone a little cheeky for Valentine's. 


The Peachy Bath Bomb  (£3.95) is clearly very popular as it was sold out the last two times I've been in store. Luckily I did manage to get myself one in the end. I love peach scents and with the peach juice and grapefruit oil it gives a really fruity scent and a gorgeous colour too. There's a touch of glitter dusted on the top that is just the right amount for my liking - I really dislike anything overly glittery which leaves me having to deep clean the bath ruining the whole point of a relaxing bath in the first place.

lush-aubergine-bath-bomb-2019-valentinesAnother Emoji is the Aubergine or Eggplant if you are from the USA... why do we have different names for things? Zucchini confused me for ages and Cilantro... just why?     Anyway the Aubergine Bath Bomb   (£3.95) has uplifting bergemot oil, fruity ho wood along with tonka absolute. When in the water it shoots green and blue into the bath with a touch of glitter.

One of my ultimate favourites from Lush is the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (£4.95) and I'm so pleased it's back for another year. It's a really pretty one too and I'm all about the aesthetic. 

Relaxing lavender oil and ylang ylang oil meets mood-brightening neroli which is known to increase serotonin levels in the brain. It's such a good mix and I feel great after using this in a bath. I tend to cut mine in half so I can get a couple of baths out of it.

The people in Lush are always so friendly and I was telling the girl who served me how much I loved it and she said a great thing to do is stock up on them and crumble them into a jar with a secure lid. That way you can get a load of uses out of it throughout the year without them going stale. Absolutely genius! 


The Love Boat Bath Bomb  is another that I've mentioned before as it was part of the  Lush 2018 Valentine's range but is slightly more expensive at £4.50 - damn inflation! (though comparing it to my pic last year it could be slightly bigger...). It's a cute little blue and pink boat that leaves your bath water a pretty shade of lavender with red heart confetti too. The rose oil, Sicilian lemon oil, and sweet orange oil leaves a really gorgeous scent on your skin 


I don't know if it's the weather or the pregnancy, maybe it's a combination of the two but my lips are seriously dry at the moment. I had to pick up one of the Eve's Cherry lip scrubs (£6.50). I've used their Bubblegum lip scrub in the past and these are so good for smoothing dry lips. This has such a gorgeous cherry scent that makes me want a cherry slushie! The caster sugar exfoliates the lips while a mix containing cherry kernel oil and shea butter soften and protect the skin. Sam has described this as 'tasty sand' - so make of that what you will! 


One new product that really stood out to me was the Love Token Bubble Bar Bubble Bar (£4.95). It seems like a great gift not only for Valentine's Day but when ever you just want to give someone a little something to say thank you. I wish I'd seen this when I wanted to thank my bestie for the amazing surprise baby shower she threw for me but the flowers I sent were appreciated! 

It looks like a shiny golden coin with a Thank You message on the top. You hold this bubble bar under running water for a generous stream of pine and clove bubbles, I love a bubble bar as you get multiple uses out of them. then popped to one side to use again. Ginger oil, pine needle absolute, and clove bud oil gives a scent of homemade biscuits so it's perfect for a lovely warm relaxing evening.  


I really like the range this year, and I'm planning on making the most of some gorgeous relaxing baths before the baby arrives. 


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  1. Looks like a lovely range of products - might be tempted into trying the Unicorn Horn bubble bar :)

    Nic | http://nicbakes.blogspot.com