Monday, 7 January 2019

Comparing Barry M Nail Shades

I love Barry M nail polishes. Not only are they super affordable they have such a good shade selection to pick from. This is great for me as I change my nail colour more often than I change my jeans.  
Back in December they had an offer on their website that meant most of their range had 20% off so ever the bargain hunter, I picked up a few bits for presents, a couple of their lovely lip liners and of course some nail shades for myself too!


Their 'Classic' Nail Paint range is only £2.99 so I never feel to guilty picking up a new one when the mood takes me. I've shown them in the picture next to each other so you can compare. I got 'Bespoke', a mauve-toned nude, and 'Ballerina' which is a lovely dusky pink. The bottles look really similar when next to each other but on the nails there's a big difference, Ballerina is a lot pinker. 


My bestie has her nails done in the salon and they always look gorgeous but I know she paints her toenails herself so when I picked up Gelly Hi Shine polish in 'Acai Smoothie' I got her one too. It's a dusky magenta which reminds me of a berry yogurt (or smoothie I guess!)  that I think works all year round. I really love the Gelly Hi Shine polishes, they stay really well and I find they're more pigmented than the Classic polishes. I only need 2 coats maximum with these. The Gel Hi Shine Blueberry is a favourite of mine. Another Gelly Hi Shine polish I tried is 'Almond' which is a light taupe and really versatile. I feel like my nails look 'done' without being too much. 


 From Top to Bottom- Bespoke, Ballerina, Acai Smoothie and Almond

As always I used a top coat on these, just so they last longer without chipping and have a bit of shine. This top coat is Barry M's 'Plumpy Top Coat' (£2.99) which I really love.

All of these are great shades to wear as we move into Spring. It won't be long til the bright shades and pastels are back. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new 'it' shade for Spring/Summer will be.


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