Thursday, 3 January 2019

Christmas Bits and Sale Bargains

Once again the debate on sharing your presents rears it's ugly head. As I said last year I've learnt you'll always piss someone off so just do what you want. It really doesn't matter. 

I personally love seeing what people have been given, mainly cos I'm pretty nosey to be honest! I figured I click on the 'what I got for Christmas/my birthday' posts so other people must enjoy them too - and you wouldn't click on something you don't like, that's just pointless isn't it?

I try not to take what I see online too seriously. We have to remember that we don't see all sides of social media and that huge pile of presents could be from people who scrimped and saved all year or it could all be on a credit card. Those designer handbags you see could be from an awful boyfriend who makes his girlfriend cry every day and that's just his way of keeping her sweet. It could be the last Xmas together for some people so they want to try and make it really special and go all-out. Christmas especially is a time to remember ‘live and let live’ - who cares how others choose to celebrate? It’s about far more than that!


I'm not sharing everything - I'm sure you don't really care about my black socks (which I am thrilled with by the way!) or new mattress but I like to show a selection of things I think you might want to get for yourself and I've added links where I can. If you don't like presents or bargains click away now. 

I'll start with the bits I got in the sales, some of these might still be in stock if you get in quick.

I use my Boots Advantage card points in the sales as frankly, after Christmas I am skint! I generally pick up things I had my eye on before Christmas. I don't tend to go too crazy and try to only pick up things I'll actually use. I also stick to doing this online as I'm far too tired to brave the high street on Boxing Day. Boots put most of their Christmas gift sets into the sale on Christmas eve fyi.


I've been after a decent primer for a while and I've always heard good things about Smashbox. The Smashbox Holidaze Photo Finish Travel Primer Trio looked great but at £30 it was a bit pricy for me. Having a Christmas theme to this gift set I had a hunch this would go into the sale. I was correct and when it meant only spending £20 of my Boots points it seemed pretty worth while. 

The set includes three of  Smashbox’s bestselling makeup primers. There's a 12ml Original Photo Finish Smooth + Blur Primer, which is usually £15 alone (a 30ml full size is £26). I am loving this already, I noticed a huge difference to how my make-up when on when I used this the other day.

There's a 15ml Photo Finish Primerizer which retails at £15 when bought alone (a 30ml full size is £30).  This can be used with or in place of moisturiser so I've been using this in the morning after cleansing my face. 
and also a full size Photo Finish Primer Water which is normally £12. This spray on primer not only gives you a good base for make up but hydrates and refreshes the skin too. You just mist onto skin from 8-10 inches away before applying make up. I find it great if your make-up is looking a little matte or dry.
They recommend storing it in the fridge if you want it to feel extra refreshing which sounds pretty nice. This one is going to be great in the warmer months and will be great to apply quickly in the morning when I've more than likely been up with the baby in the night!

So there's 3 great products there and the set is saving you £22. I did the maths. This is sold out in Boots now but there's a couple of other stores that were stocking it so have a quick google and see if there's any still around.

I only noticed the grey checked scarf in Marks and Spencer on Christmas eve. Sam actually offered to buy me it after he struggled to pull me away from stroking it -it's so soft and pretty! I had a hunch this would be reduced the next day so I checked online that evening and there it was for £3.75 instead of £7.50. Some things are worth waiting for. I'd definitely take a look at their scarves if you're near a store soon as there's bargains to be had!


I didn't have much of an opinion on Zoella, she's not really aimed at my age-range but I had a little sniff of this Midnight Wonder Candle when the Christmas products first hit the shelves and I really liked it. It's described as 'a fusion of crisp, fresh white notes, soft cashmere, red fruits and soft mint. Perfect for a winters evening'. £10 for a candle is crazy in my opinion - especially when it's from a brand I haven't tried before but I decided to give it a go when it was reduced to a more reasonable £5. However, Miss Sugg has mugged me right off cos it smells great in the box, the packaging is lovely but when lit it just smells of wax. At least I wasn't sucked in by her advent calendar, that's all I'm saying.

Border biscuits are my weakness but we only pick them up as a treat from time to time. We were actually in Boots picking up a sandwich when we noticed this tin including 4 packs of biscuits for just a fiver. The biscuits inside are lemon drizzle melts, sweet memories butterscotch crunch, 
chocolate, stem ginger and orange cookies and white chocolate and strawberry cookies  We needed a new biscuit tin anyway!


This is the first year in a ages where I didn't get shoes or anything from Lush. I guess while being pregnant I know that pretty shoes aren't getting a proper outing any time soon and I did get a lot of Lush stuff for my birthday in November. I was very lucky to receive some other gorgeous bits from my friends and family that I'm thrilled with. 

It's no secret that I can recite half the script of Friends and if you combine the with my love of tea then you'd know a Friends Mug is a perfect gift for me. It's also huge so it's going to be very useful when the baby arrives and I need all the caffeine to keep me going.

I've heard great things about the St Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Mousse with it's main appeal being that it doesn't  transfer to clothes or bedsheets. It develops in 8 hours and you don't even have to rinse it off so it's a fake tan that I can really get on board with. 


As much as I'm not a fan of Miss Cole/Tweedy/whatever she is now, her mug on the box isn't going to stop me trying out a decent lash. I've used Eylure lashes in the past and they're always pretty good. These are called 'Girls Night' and I really like how these are thicker at the outer edges. Sam picked the up for me and I think they'll be great to wear at my upcoming baby shower.


I was given the majority of the Grease OPI range for my birthday but there was one shade that wasn't included that I really liked the look of. 'Hopelessley Devoted to OPI' is a coral-peachy- pink which is not Christmassy in the slightest but I'm loving this shade and I know I'll be wearing it a lot over the next few months.


I may not have any new Lush bath products but I do have a big bottle of the  Feather and Down Sweet Dreams Bath Essence. If you've not tried Feather and Down have a great range of products that smell amazing, the scents of lavender and chamomile are perfect for helping you get a good nights sleep. I spray their pillow spray on all our bedding and it's gorgeous. I'm looking forward to some relaxing baths using this stuff! 


Sam knows how much I love to draw and I wish I had more time for it. He's always nagging me to take more time for myself and relax a bit so he was hoping a new sketchbook, some fine liner pens and a new set of Faber Castell pencils would be the motivation I need. I love them all so I'm definitely planning on some evenings on the sofa sketching away in the near future. 


I'm extremely grateful for everything I was given and I had a wonderful Christmas with my family. I'm so excited to see how different it is next year with our little girl with us too! 


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