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Unpopular Opinions - Xmas Edition

Over the years it's become apparent that I have a lot of unpopular opinions. I'm ok with that. I'm often sharing my unpopular opinions on social media - don't take them too seriously, the reason I've kept  a lot of these to myself in the past is because opinions seem to annoy people - especially ones that aren't shared. It's sad but true and I really hope things start to change in 2019. I'm still a bit nervous about posting this but I'm getting braver, I don't mean to offend and it's just my thoughts. 

As I've grown older I'm becoming more of a scrooge, Christmas is more stressful and since becoming a Mum I've noticed the huge amount of pressure that comes with the big day. Half of these opinions are probably down to me being too stressed  in the lead-up.

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, I love spending time with family. We've had some wonderful days throughout December spending time with Sam's lovely family members, having days out with friends and taking the time to really embrace being a family of 3 for the short time we have left before the baby arrives.

 Christmas is a personal time and I actually love hearing how others spend the festive period, it's really interesting. As a fan of bad reality TV I think my ideal show would be a look at how people spend Christmas - finished off with a celebrity version. I want to know how the queen organises her Christmas shopping, or if the Beckhams argue over Monopoly - I bet Victoria has to be the shoe (is there still a shoe..?). 

Anyway. I love a lot about Christmas but life is about balance so there's a great deal I'd like to get in the sea.

So as I said last time, these aren't digs at anyone, I'm sure I've been guilty of a couple of these things over the years, I don't hate you if you love the things I don't, you do you etc etc.... you know the drill kids.

Here are some of my (most probably) unpopular opinions about Xmas-


Christmas Films that are over-rated
Now until recently I thought I was alone here but I've seen various tweets from people claiming they hate the film Elf too so it might not be as unpopular an opinion as I anticipated. 

But I really don't enjoy The Holiday or Love Actually either.

Xmas Eve Boxes
These have come out of nowhere. I love a tradition at Christmas and it's really nice to have a little treat on Christmas eve. But I think there is a big competitive element to it. New Pjs is cute, I get the appeal of a dvd to watch together or a book to read before you leave out the mince pie for santa. It's when it gets extreme with themed mugs, beakers, teddies, keyrings, socks, bloody puppies or something... all in personalised wooden boxes that cost a fortune. It's just another thing to add to an already hectic and expensive  time of year. It feels a bit wasteful - do you end up with 10 plastic xmas tumblers that they can only use once a year by the time they've grown out of it? 

I'm not annoyed about people doing it, I think it's just another standard that Mums feel the pressure to keep up with.

Secret Santa
I know it's just a bit of fun. But it's another thing to worry about. I've just had bad past experiences, one year mine went missing completely. I know of someone who got a diabetic a load of chocolate -the person receiving it and his girlfriend were not impressed with that one! Once I got a gift from someone at work that I'm still close friends with to this day and totally lucked out with the gift she got me - all of which I still have and use. But this is rare. Usually this is done with work friends who don't really know you. My partner was in Harry Potter and every single year he can predict that his gift is some sort of wizard-y merchandise as the person who gets him won't be able to think of anything else. It would probably help if he stopped bloody talking about it! 
This is no slight on the person either, it works both ways, I spent this year walking around various high street shops trying to find something decent for less than a tenner that wasn't a load of rubbish. I think it should be acceptable to just give each other a tenner and save the hassle. 

Stocking Fillers
Keeping with the wasteful theme I'm not a big fan of stocking fillers. Maybe I'm just more sensible in my old age but I just don't like buying stuff for the sake of it to look like there is more to open. When it comes to kids toys half of that will be broken in a week and end up on a landfill. 10 bits from poundland is £10 closer to a bigger present they actually want.

The Scents of Xmas
I love a candle, and a good candle gift set is not only a great easy gift but a welcome one at that. BUT the time where these sets are in abundance is at Christmas time. And at Christmas time these companies all seem to think I want my house to smell of bloody cinnamon and pine. I do not. 

Christmas Lists
Gone are the days when I went through the Argos catalogue (my friends daughter used to call it the artist packlock which is so bloody cute!) to write out a list to give to my parents with things I really really wanted/had only just seen while going through the book.
Christmas isn't about gifts. I hate when I'm asked what I want for Christmas or what M might want. If someone sees something they think I'd like they can pick it up but shopping off a gift list just feels impersonal and just like they're paying for something for me rather than giving me a treat.

Toxic Family Members
The word toxic got thrown around a lot over the last year. But you can't get on with everyone- even family. Christmas can be a time where you are expected to brush a lot of stuff under the carpet for one day. I don't really agree with that, everyone senses tension, whispering isn't as subtle as you'd think and it's just no fun when there's a bit of an atmosphere. if any family members or friends make you feel bad then you don't have to spend your time with them. On the flip side if you're inviting someone over that you all dislike and are just watching and waiting for them to annoy you then that's just not very Christmassy. Christmas is about being happy and your happiness is important too. Send a card or a text if you need to, don't if you know even that will be wrong. Make plans that work for you. I've learnt that trying to please others isn't always the best way to do things. Be a little selfish if you need to and it will be better for everyone. 

Meeting the Big Man
I never really thought about this in my pre-parent times. But each December I panic book a grotto last minute to take M to see Santa. Just one time. I didn't know that a lot of people do this a few times, opting to visit various guys dressed in red in shopping centres, farms, school fairs etc. I kind of think this is a bit confusing and I personally wouldn't be prepared for the questions about why this time his beard isn't real or this guy is suddenly much taller. Once is special enough, we don't need to ruin the magic.

Pet Advent Calendars
They don't understand the concept of time Sharon!

Christmas Eve Drinks
Usually Christmas eve is spent in your home town and that town will be full of people that you'd rather avoid. I've spent a couple of Christmas eves out having a drink but I've never been a fan of getting drunk. I can't see the appeal of spending Christmas day hangover, that's what boxing day is for. Not feeling up to eating the Christmas dinner would ruin Christmas for me.

Work Drinks
Don't get me wrong, I've had a couple of excellent work do's, my old work mates were more like my best friends so for us it was like a free night out but I've also worked in jobs where my workmates were just that - mates from work, people I got on with during office hours but didn't have a huge amount in common with. A work night out with them always felt forced and a little awkward for everyone. 

Doing it for 'The Gram'
Can you go to Somerset House and not make everyone pose for a photo? Would you bother with Winter Wonderland if you couldn't have your phone with you? Does your week old baby really know they're meeting Santa? Just wondering...

while I'm on the subject 

Winter Wonderland is massively over-rated.

The Sales
Maybe I'm just not organised but I can't even imagine buying all presents the year before in the sales. Toys and gift sets all sorted for the next Christmas, it's savvy, I'll give you that but I think I'd end up losing everything or buying stuff for the sake of it. I have no idea what my son is going to like in a years time, he was obsessed with Pokemon a few months ago but I haven't heard that squeaky Pikachu voice in weeks. I spend my Boots points on a couple of bits in the sales, I usually stock up on some luxury skincare as half price Liz Earle gift sets make me happy. But this is done online - the sale crowd scare me.

I have nothing against shops being open on Boxing Day, to some people that's extra work hours which means extra pay that they need. I know there's people that are rude to staff and of course I think people need to be respectful but that applies to every day life - not just when it comes to retail workers. 
To some people shopping in the sales is the only way they can afford presents for their kids. Some people asked for gift vouchers to spend on something discounted rather than ask their family for gifts they know would have been cheaper for them if they'd waited. Some want to get out and avoid being home with people that bring them down. And some just like a bargain I guess. Hey if you have the patience to wait in line at Lush for an hour then good for you, you're a stronger person than I am (and if you could bring me back a bottle of Snow Fairy that'd be lovely).

Working xmas eve
I worked in retail when I was younger. One of my favourite times of year to work was Christmas period. It was always so varied, helping an old lady buy something for the grandchild, a guy at as loss as to what to get his wife - it was busy and full on but I enjoyed it. Yes of course I encountered a few snappy middle aged women but they can be a pain any time, at least I was getting paid!  I enjoyed the buzz of helping someone get their Xmas shopping ticked off. It probably helped that I worked on commission to be fair. 

Let the kids chill
On to a parenting one. Can we stop the pressure of having to go to every show, every grotto, light switch-on, Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas Party, Craft Day, and Farm visit? We have enough to worry about with nativity costumes, learning lines, teacher collections, christmas cards on top of all the Christmas stuff that already exists. Not to mention those who include the Christmas eve box and Elf on the Shelf too. It's too much and they only get 2 weeks off before they're back to school again. I say give the kids a rest but the parents need some time off too. Plus it's extra difficult for me as I can't drink at the moment to take the edge off!

PHEW that was a lot wasn't it, I promise I do love a lot about Christmas! I think next year if I start preparing in August I might be able to handle it.

*remember my opinions don't really matter. Merry Christmas 


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