Friday, 28 September 2018

The Baby and Toddler Show

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Baby and Toddler Show at Sandown Racecourse. Although this is my second pregnancy and I've 'done it all before' I really wanted to go along to a baby show to see what new products there are around. A lot seems to have changed in 6 years!


As I mentioned in my pregnancy announcement  post I felt a little lost when it came to the new baby products on the market. This was the best place for me to take a look at everything and decide what I really needed. I remember being really scared during my first pregnancy, I looked through the list at the back of the Mothercare catalogue and the list of things I 'needed' was terrifying! This was a whole new world of things I'd never had to look at before. And that was just one shop! I wanted to find out what things would really work for us personally.


I know there are huge shows in big arenas but this one appealed to me as it was smaller (though still with loads of brands) and it wasn't as overwhelming. It's all under one roof and there are people there to talk you through things without making you feel like a idiot who's in no way ready to have a baby!

There's over 150 brands all with excellent offers and advice thrown in. It was nice to spend time talking to passionate business owners who really knew what they were talking about and were so friendly. 

Being an event tailored to parents it's fine to bring children with you. There are lots of baby changing facilities, feeding areas and toilets available - they know there's a lot of pregnant women walking around! 

There's an option to attend workshops from experts, you can try out a baby carrier for the day, have a good play with some buggies and see what works for you.
I entered a few competitions and followed some great brads on Instagram to keep track of their latest products as I get closer to the due date. 


I found out I didn't need the infamous Sleepyhead as it wasn't a product I'd personally need. Though if you are in the market for one they had great offers on them! And I finally got to play with Ewan the Dream Sheep and see wha all the fuss was about. We decided we 'might' get one nearer the time but we weren't toilet swayed by it just yet.


On to a couple of bits that I picked up...

As Mason was so well behaved (even though he thought a baby show involved some sort of musical on stage with babies as the stars - he was slightly let down when I explained this wasn't the case!) we made sure we picked him up something and the range of books from Jungle Jam  were lovely. The owner was so passionate about what she does and she was really friendly. Her books all have a great message while incorporating places around the world. The books introduce children to new instruments and cultures while each books has a moral theme that explores a range of life lessons such as overcoming fears, sharing and trying new things.

Mason picked the book based in India which follows Ella the Elephant learning to stay calm when things don't go the way she might like. Something M is slowly learning to get to grips with... 

One product we really liked was the cuddle mateCreated by a mother with a restless son, it's designed to help your baby get a soothing nights sleep, encouraging a safe and healthy sleep position. 

They're perfect for tummy time (last time I just called it 'time on their front' -all these terms I'm still learning!),  a great comforter and  just the right size to keep in the cot as they grow. It's not a product that will go to waste quickly. This grow with your child. 

It's the perfect shape for them to wrap their arms and legs around even after they're over a year old. I'm kind of tempted to use it myself!

As newborns can only see things that are 20cm from their eyes the large and friendly faces have been designed to help focus their sign and develop their vision. 

We originally planned to order one on the website in a month once we knew the gender but after a bit of thinking we quite liked 'Buddy' the blue dog and figured it would still work if we had a girl. Plus it was a much better price at the show with almost £10 off!


I came awn from the show feeling reassured and a lot more informed. 
If you want to attend the upcoming  Baby and Toddler Shows the dates are -

North West from 28th-30th Sept 2018

Scotland from 26-28th April 2019

and you can use my code BL10 for 1/3 off. 

*tickets to the show were gifted to me but all products were bought by me & all thoughts are my own


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