Monday, 30 April 2018

Unpopular opinions or just the TRUTH?!

I've always been the person who speaks my mind, to be honest I'm still learning when I should just keep quiet. Over the years I've found more and more people get offended by the silliest little thing. Whether online or in person so many things are taken out of context, chinese whispers have made things into something they're not, they've added 2 + 2 and come up with 12. It's tiring.

I've become quieter, sharing my thoughts only with trusted people. These thoughts don't even have to be about anything important -that's the crazy thing. I admit it's not a world I like to live in. 
I've lost count of the amount of times I've written a tweet and then decided not to bother as any kind of backlash just won't be worth the hassle. It's not all bad though, I know a lot of people I follow are opinionated and I really enjoy seeing them say their piece. They have thicker skin to deal with any backlash that comes their way.  They don't like the new raved about concealer, they can't stand Love Island, they love the royal baby name. Whether I agree with these or not, I still enjoy them. And that my friends is why I'm writing this post. I'm getting a bit of Jenn back. I guarantee there will be some points that you will not agree with but that's ok. 

We're all friends here. Wouldn't the world be boring if we all had the same thoughts?
It would be pretty damn creepy if you ask me. 

This is all lighthearted and of course not a dig at anyone. But you know that. 
So here goes... here are some of my (probably) unpopular opinions. 

My first beef is with Bacon (weird sentence) -It's kind of  just hot ham. I just don't get it. I guess it's ok. When hungover it's good in a sandwich- but so are most things. Go ahead, add it to a full english, but I wont be excited about it. There are some great meats out there people! Don't settle for bacon. 

We've started off small...
Hold on to your baker boys, I'm going in....

I just don't get the point of Dressing Gowns. I tried wearing the robes in our hotel room on holiday but they just get in the way, fall open or feel bulky -it's like wearing a coat indoors. Do you wear clothes underneath? isn't it hot? Do you get sweaty? Do you not have to wash them almost daily? I'm known to be the girl in a t-shirt as soon as there's a hint of sun so it's no secret that I don't like layers so that's probably a big factor. I personally take off clothes when I get in the door, I don't add more. And don't get e started about wearing them in public on the doorstep!

Christina is better than Britney. I'm not even sorry. 

Obsessive fans scare me a bit. Grown adults getting huge tattoos of One Direction or believing they are a vampire. Main offenders seem to be Dr Who, Twilight, Star Wars, Disney and Harry Potter. I should be interested in Harry Potter as my boyfriend was in the first film (he doesn't like to talk about it) but I just can't get on board with it all. I don't get any of the references. 
"But are you a Huffllepuff?" ...a WHAT NOW?!
 Hey, I'm sure it's great and it's fab to have a passion or something to fell a part of but can't people just like things a normal amount? Do you really need a mug, a coaster, a hoodie, cushion, matching blanket, and a wand to show your love for something? 
I'm waiting for a Daily Mail article
 "The real reason millennials are not buying houses"
and a link to a room covered in Harry Potter memorabilia. 

Family Guy is only kind-of funny.

There are places that do incredible burgers, (my friend's restaurant for one) Maccy D's is not one of them. To be fair I haven't been in a McDonalds since before M was born so maybe things have changed but I'm in no real rush to find out.

Guilty Pleasures aren't a thing. Why should you be guilty of something that makes you happy? It's usually about music and I think that stems from music snobs which I really don't like. This sounds like I'm contradicting my obsessive fans thing but Im not, if it's enjoyed a normal amount I have no problem. Glad we've covered that.

Frozen is an overrated disney film. Tangled is way better.


I know they are a huge thing at the moment and I will always like the insta pics of them. however...Halloumi Fries aren't that great. Halloumi is nicer grilled - sorry.

It's a strong word but I absolutely hate snow. I can't understand how people get excited by it. The country just doesn't work in snow. It makes things look pretty for a few hours and then it just messes everything up. It all looks a mess for days afterwards, no trains run, we have to wear stupid amounts of clothes to keep warm and people drive like idiots. Not a fan.

Pornstar Martinis shouldn't be served in a jug. They are a work of art and deserve better. I was  drinking them when most of you gorgeous girlies were in nappies and you need to show them some respect.  

Heels are better that flats. I literally own one pair of flat ballet pumps so I am completely bias here. I've always worn heels, the picture below is of a shoot I did at work with Sam and I did 10 hour shifts in these shoes. I guess I'm just used to it now. They are more comfortable to me. I waddle like a baby in flat shoes. It's far more enjoyable to buy a pretty pair of heels. I'm just jealous I'm not cool enough to pull off Converse! 


'Bullying' is a word that gets thrown about too much. 

There are better sides than chips- chips are boring.

Primark just takes a lot of effort doesn't it? It's always busy, it's messy and the clothes fall apart of shrink. I do go in there from time to time but I need to be fuelled with coffee and determination and in a relatively good mood or I want to kill someone. 

Ross from Friends is the best one. There was a vote on Comedy Central that proved it and everything. I don't understand the sudden hatred for him. I think people are just angry. 

There are better things to have on your toast than Avocados.

£3.50 is pretty reasonable for a good Coffee.

99% of Christmas Songs are awful and while we're on the subject Christmas season doesn't start til December.

...and Elf is not a good film.

...neither is Love Actually. 

If people spent as much effort on their marriage as they did planning their wedding there would be less divorce. Weddings are over-rated, marriage is underrated. This is coming from someone planning a wedding.

I don't get why anyone would spend over £40 on a Candle. That is pretty much literally burning your money. 

Channing Tatum looks a bit like he's been stung by bees and I don't get the appeal.

Recently people are agreeing with me but in the past it amazed people that I just hate Facebook.

Baby on Board stickers are pointless -more so if you have more than 2. If it's true that they are for ambulances to know there is a baby in the car (if so why don't the hospital make sure you have one before you leave like they do with a car seat?) then why don't people take them out when travelling without a baby? There was actually an article I read that said they caused more accidents due to them restricting vision. Don't get me started on 'Little Princess on Board' stickers. 

There's not a lot on Netflix worth watching. I can't be the only one who scrolls through for ages and just ends up watching Friends again.

The Green Ones are the best Fruit Pastilles/Skittles/Starbust. Not the reds or purples.

I can't get past the thought of what gross things are hidden inside Beards.

Green Tea tastes like pond water. I wish I liked it cos there's health benefits and that but it's a no from me.

Leonardo Di Caprio didn't deserve the oscar -ok that one is just a lie! I'm just seeing if you were paying attention.

sneaky sneaky.

There are probably loads more but I'd only get myself in trouble! 

I'd love to hear some of your unpopular opinions. Or if you actually agreed with some.
I'd also like to know how many friends I've just lost!



  1. This post had me laughing!! I have to agree with you on Frozen though, Tangled is so much better! Forever got the 'I got a dream' song stuck in my head along with 'when will my life begin' and 'I see the light'

    Heather xo | x Highland Beauty

    1. Haha! I'm glad it got you laughing! And YES! the songs from Tangled are brilliant!

  2. I loved these! i don't like any of the Disney films, but I totally agree with the Ross from friends haah xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. Not liking any of the disney films is the ultimate unpopular opinion! haha!

  3. Yes christina is so much better in her voice than britney. Fully agreed on that :)

    1. Yessssss! There is so much more hype about Britney

  4. Completely agree with you on some of these but also disagree with others! I hate that you feel like you have to keep quiet sometimes just so you don't offend people, like you said everyone should have their own opinions else life would be pretty boring but that doesn't mean people should start an argument when they don't view things the same as you! I completely agree that Tangled is better than Frozen although I do still love Frozen! Also definitely think there isn't much on Netflix worth watching, once you've watched a few TV series and a couple of films the rest of the stuff is all rubbish, I keep contemplating cancelling my subscription as I literally only watch Riverdale on there now! Great post lovely I really enjoyed reading it!

    Jess //

    1. Thanks Jess. Such a lovely comment. I need to get into Riverdale - everyone raves about it.

  5. I agree with a few of these actually! Especially the Family Guy and Tangled ones! But I love my dressing gown!! It's like a hug 😂

    1. Aww I like that it's like a hug! that sounds more applying now! Maybe if I got really cold and didn't have to move a dressing gown would be good

  6. The Channing Tatum thing made me ROAR with laughter, I SO agree with this!! Everyone goes on about Magic Mike and stuff and I'm like !??! He looks like been blown up! It's so odd. Also agree about green sweets, lime or apple are always the best flavoured ones, especially skittles and fruit pastilles, damn! I would like to know in what world does anyone think Britney is better than Christina?! I must admit I'm deeply saddened by the Elf comment though, there's barely any films that make me laugh like that one does! This is a brilliant post, I don't think I could think of this many!
    Alice Xx

    1. haha! I'm glad someone else agrees with me - I just don't get the appeal, and Channing is a strange name too.
      Yea I didn't think there would be one person who agreed with me on the Elf thing, I think I'm definitely on my own there.

  7. This is such a good idea for a blog post! You should make it a tag, I'd love to try it out! Such a hilarious post and beaut blog x

    Nati | |

  8. It's such a good idea to do this! In a world where people get offended way too easy and political correctness is admired - it's nice to be able to share your honest opinion instead of hiding it just to conform. Great post!xx

    1. Thank you! Yes it's a shame we have to be so careful sometimes!

  9. I'm so glad I read this, such a funny post. There was some things I agreed with and some not so much but I like that because it would be so boring to have the same opinion and I would have nothing good to comment with haha! I think people take things too literally on social media, yes everyone is entitled to an opinion but there is no need to for the hate that can stem from one little tweet. This was a great post thank you for sharing. xo

    Pinar |

    1. Aw thank you! :)
      I definitely think people need to chill a bit on social media - I see far too much hate daily!

  10. I could not agree with the Frozen one more! Such a fun post and I'd love to read more like it x

    Morgan //

  11. Haha, this post is great - definitely a lot of opinions on things I haven't heard before :P I'm amazed you can wear heels like that for hours and find it more comfortable then flats! I have a small heel on some shoes I wear for work, but I don't think I could handle wearing heels like you do all day. I definitely agree with you on the Netflix comment, I've had it before and after finding the few programmes I wanted to watch - I couldn't find anything and it was such a waste of time. There are a few good shows they release but other then then, nothing! Having Amazon Prime and using their prime video is way better I've found! Great post :)


  12. My unpopular opinion: I hated Las Vegas. I agree with you about Ross, but not my Harry Potter obsession. Haha, Hufflepuff foreva! :-)