Sunday, 22 April 2018

Smile Lab teeth whitening strips

We all like to get prepared for big events so we can feel/look our best.
I've got my brothers wedding coming up and I am STILL on the lookout to find a dress to wear and to figure out what I'm doing with my hair and make up, the weather won't decide what it's doing so I have no clue if I'll have a natural tan or if I'll need to book in a spray tan but one bit of prep I have underway is my teeth thanks to Smile Lab.


I was given the opportunity to review these teeth whitening strips at just the right time, I'd just decided to cut down on my coffee and fizzy drinks to try and help with teeth stains (and just because I drank far too much and it wasn't good for me!). I'd bought a whitening toothpaste that Zoella uses because say what you like about that girl but her teeth are great!

 You can use these as part of a 2 week program or just when your teeth aren't looking their best. This was my first try of any kind of teeth whitening strip so I was interested to see how they worked. 

Firstly they come in lovely packaging, a sleek pink and white box which lays everything out nicely for you.  I'm all about aesthetic so I love the attractive pink and white design, it definitely doesn't look like your usual 'dental care'. 

Inside the box there's 15 pouches for your upper and lower teeth which are individually wrapped and also a little carry case (that doubles as a car holder) to keep them in. I love that little touch and it's great for travelling and keeping them all together. I have enough things flying about in my makeup bag so that's one less thing to worry about at least!

These are enamel safe, peroxide free and so easy to use.  They've kept it very simple. The two strips come attached to the same backing plastic so it's easy to see what goes where. Apply one to the top row of teeth and one to the bottom. You might need to smooth them out and wiggle them about a bit to get them in the correct place but once they're where you want them to be the rest is simple. You leave them on 
for 30mins then rinse your mouth or brush your teeth to remove any residue. 


I wasn't actually expecting to notice a difference straight away, I thought I would need to use them for a few days but I was pleasantly surprised to see instant results - my teeth definitely looked brighter. Considering there's no peroxide in these that's impressive! 

I'm planning to use these  every day in the week leading up to the wedding day so my smile is as good as it can be for the photos. 


You can pick up the Smile Lab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips at Boots for £38 (At the moment Boots have 25% off Smile lab at the moment so this is just £28.50) and 10% profits go to the pink ribbon foundation too.

They work out at about £2.50 a go so that's less than a lot of face masks. They're a great addition to a pamper routine. If you're after a little boost for your teeth these are definitely what I'd recommend.

*I was kindly gifted this but all thoughts are my own


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