Friday, 20 April 2018

Confession - I love a Freebie!

We all like a freebie right? I've certainly been one to buy something just because there was a great gift with purchase. And if there is a 3 for 2 offer on make-up - you know I'm there with my 2 items I actually need in hand, while walking up and down the isle of Boots trying to find a third item to make it all worth it.


I'm by no means silly with money, I'll spend where I need to and save elsewhere but I like to try and be fairly sensible from time to time. Holidays to somewhere where I'm not shivering everyday don't pay for themselves! A lot of our money is spent eating out -food is the centre of our social life. When we want to save money we cut down on a few meals out which really helps - even if it is really boring. Saving money isn't particularly fun, that's why I've never done the 'spending ban' thing - it would make me miserable! I get simple pleasures out of a new nail polish (I found Models Own in Poundland the other day - was well chuffed!) a bath bomb is essential for calming the mind and picking out 7 pairs of pants in Victoria Secret is basically cardio. 

"Underwear is a basic human right" 

To ensure we can treat ourselves from time to time we need to save where we can.  There is a way to make money saving a little more fun. You can keep those pennies firmly in your purse and get those perks in the form of some freebies -which are everywhere if you know where to find them. Gratisfaction is a place to find all the great UK Freebies

If like me you scroll through Twitter and enter a giveaway or two in the chance of getting an unexpected little gift you'll love this kind of thing.  Find the freebie you're after and you can click directly onto the link that takes you to the giveaway. Sometimes this will be  a company that's offering  a free gift for signing up to a website or liking their Facebook page. They could be letting you know when a makeup brand are sending out samples of their latest product. There could be a voucher to pick up some free dishwasher tablets if cleaning products are your thing  - I got a new Zoflora scent the other day which excited me more than it should have!

So while you're saving your pennies by not picking up a new lip balm or a cappuccino you are still able to treat yourself without spending  a thing. I have the O2 priority app on my phone which gives me a free drink at Coffee Nero each week which means I spend less on coffee than my insta account would have you believe. This is the kind of thing Gratisfication will alert you to. Some brands featured are  Thorntons, Benefit, Lancome, Pizza Express and Smashbox. 

Some deals have a limited amount of freebies so it's worth keeping an eye on the site to make sure you grab something great but there are new products being added constantly so it's definitely worth a look. Even if it's something little, it's a great way to possibly try something you wouldn't normally consider or just have a little materialistic pick-me-up - because we're all human! 

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