Monday, 30 April 2018

Unpopular opinions or just the TRUTH?!

I've always been the person who speaks my mind, to be honest I'm still learning when I should just keep quiet. Over the years I've found more and more people get offended by the silliest little thing. Whether online or in person so many things are taken out of context, chinese whispers have made things into something they're not, they've added 2 + 2 and come up with 12. It's tiring.

I've become quieter, sharing my thoughts only with trusted people. These thoughts don't even have to be about anything important -that's the crazy thing. I admit it's not a world I like to live in. 
I've lost count of the amount of times I've written a tweet and then decided not to bother as any kind of backlash just won't be worth the hassle. It's not all bad though, I know a lot of people I follow are opinionated and I really enjoy seeing them say their piece. They have thicker skin to deal with any backlash that comes their way.  They don't like the new raved about concealer, they can't stand Love Island, they love the royal baby name. Whether I agree with these or not, I still enjoy them. And that my friends is why I'm writing this post. I'm getting a bit of Jenn back. I guarantee there will be some points that you will not agree with but that's ok. 

We're all friends here. Wouldn't the world be boring if we all had the same thoughts?
It would be pretty damn creepy if you ask me. 

This is all lighthearted and of course not a dig at anyone. But you know that. 
So here goes... here are some of my (probably) unpopular opinions. 

My first beef is with Bacon (weird sentence) -It's kind of  just hot ham. I just don't get it. I guess it's ok. When hungover it's good in a sandwich- but so are most things. Go ahead, add it to a full english, but I wont be excited about it. There are some great meats out there people! Don't settle for bacon. 

We've started off small...
Hold on to your baker boys, I'm going in....

I just don't get the point of Dressing Gowns. I tried wearing the robes in our hotel room on holiday but they just get in the way, fall open or feel bulky -it's like wearing a coat indoors. Do you wear clothes underneath? isn't it hot? Do you get sweaty? Do you not have to wash them almost daily? I'm known to be the girl in a t-shirt as soon as there's a hint of sun so it's no secret that I don't like layers so that's probably a big factor. I personally take off clothes when I get in the door, I don't add more. And don't get e started about wearing them in public on the doorstep!

Christina is better than Britney. I'm not even sorry. 

Obsessive fans scare me a bit. Grown adults getting huge tattoos of One Direction or believing they are a vampire. Main offenders seem to be Dr Who, Twilight, Star Wars, Disney and Harry Potter. I should be interested in Harry Potter as my boyfriend was in the first film (he doesn't like to talk about it) but I just can't get on board with it all. I don't get any of the references. 
"But are you a Huffllepuff?" ...a WHAT NOW?!
 Hey, I'm sure it's great and it's fab to have a passion or something to fell a part of but can't people just like things a normal amount? Do you really need a mug, a coaster, a hoodie, cushion, matching blanket, and a wand to show your love for something? 
I'm waiting for a Daily Mail article
 "The real reason millennials are not buying houses"
and a link to a room covered in Harry Potter memorabilia. 

Family Guy is only kind-of funny.

There are places that do incredible burgers, (my friend's restaurant for one) Maccy D's is not one of them. To be fair I haven't been in a McDonalds since before M was born so maybe things have changed but I'm in no real rush to find out.

Guilty Pleasures aren't a thing. Why should you be guilty of something that makes you happy? It's usually about music and I think that stems from music snobs which I really don't like. This sounds like I'm contradicting my obsessive fans thing but Im not, if it's enjoyed a normal amount I have no problem. Glad we've covered that.

Frozen is an overrated disney film. Tangled is way better.


I know they are a huge thing at the moment and I will always like the insta pics of them. however...Halloumi Fries aren't that great. Halloumi is nicer grilled - sorry.

It's a strong word but I absolutely hate snow. I can't understand how people get excited by it. The country just doesn't work in snow. It makes things look pretty for a few hours and then it just messes everything up. It all looks a mess for days afterwards, no trains run, we have to wear stupid amounts of clothes to keep warm and people drive like idiots. Not a fan.

Pornstar Martinis shouldn't be served in a jug. They are a work of art and deserve better. I was  drinking them when most of you gorgeous girlies were in nappies and you need to show them some respect.  

Heels are better that flats. I literally own one pair of flat ballet pumps so I am completely bias here. I've always worn heels, the picture below is of a shoot I did at work with Sam and I did 10 hour shifts in these shoes. I guess I'm just used to it now. They are more comfortable to me. I waddle like a baby in flat shoes. It's far more enjoyable to buy a pretty pair of heels. I'm just jealous I'm not cool enough to pull off Converse! 


'Bullying' is a word that gets thrown about too much. 

There are better sides than chips- chips are boring.

Primark just takes a lot of effort doesn't it? It's always busy, it's messy and the clothes fall apart of shrink. I do go in there from time to time but I need to be fuelled with coffee and determination and in a relatively good mood or I want to kill someone. 

Ross from Friends is the best one. There was a vote on Comedy Central that proved it and everything. I don't understand the sudden hatred for him. I think people are just angry. 

There are better things to have on your toast than Avocados.

£3.50 is pretty reasonable for a good Coffee.

99% of Christmas Songs are awful and while we're on the subject Christmas season doesn't start til December.

...and Elf is not a good film.

...neither is Love Actually. 

If people spent as much effort on their marriage as they did planning their wedding there would be less divorce. Weddings are over-rated, marriage is underrated. This is coming from someone planning a wedding.

I don't get why anyone would spend over £40 on a Candle. That is pretty much literally burning your money. 

Channing Tatum looks a bit like he's been stung by bees and I don't get the appeal.

Recently people are agreeing with me but in the past it amazed people that I just hate Facebook.

Baby on Board stickers are pointless -more so if you have more than 2. If it's true that they are for ambulances to know there is a baby in the car (if so why don't the hospital make sure you have one before you leave like they do with a car seat?) then why don't people take them out when travelling without a baby? There was actually an article I read that said they caused more accidents due to them restricting vision. Don't get me started on 'Little Princess on Board' stickers. 

There's not a lot on Netflix worth watching. I can't be the only one who scrolls through for ages and just ends up watching Friends again.

The Green Ones are the best Fruit Pastilles/Skittles/Starbust. Not the reds or purples.

I can't get past the thought of what gross things are hidden inside Beards.

Green Tea tastes like pond water. I wish I liked it cos there's health benefits and that but it's a no from me.

Leonardo Di Caprio didn't deserve the oscar -ok that one is just a lie! I'm just seeing if you were paying attention.

sneaky sneaky.

There are probably loads more but I'd only get myself in trouble! 

I'd love to hear some of your unpopular opinions. Or if you actually agreed with some.
I'd also like to know how many friends I've just lost!


Sunday, 22 April 2018

Smile Lab teeth whitening strips

We all like to get prepared for big events so we can feel/look our best.
I've got my brothers wedding coming up and I am STILL on the lookout to find a dress to wear and to figure out what I'm doing with my hair and make up, the weather won't decide what it's doing so I have no clue if I'll have a natural tan or if I'll need to book in a spray tan but one bit of prep I have underway is my teeth thanks to Smile Lab.


I was given the opportunity to review these teeth whitening strips at just the right time, I'd just decided to cut down on my coffee and fizzy drinks to try and help with teeth stains (and just because I drank far too much and it wasn't good for me!). I'd bought a whitening toothpaste that Zoella uses because say what you like about that girl but her teeth are great!

 You can use these as part of a 2 week program or just when your teeth aren't looking their best. This was my first try of any kind of teeth whitening strip so I was interested to see how they worked. 

Firstly they come in lovely packaging, a sleek pink and white box which lays everything out nicely for you.  I'm all about aesthetic so I love the attractive pink and white design, it definitely doesn't look like your usual 'dental care'. 

Inside the box there's 15 pouches for your upper and lower teeth which are individually wrapped and also a little carry case (that doubles as a car holder) to keep them in. I love that little touch and it's great for travelling and keeping them all together. I have enough things flying about in my makeup bag so that's one less thing to worry about at least!

These are enamel safe, peroxide free and so easy to use.  They've kept it very simple. The two strips come attached to the same backing plastic so it's easy to see what goes where. Apply one to the top row of teeth and one to the bottom. You might need to smooth them out and wiggle them about a bit to get them in the correct place but once they're where you want them to be the rest is simple. You leave them on 
for 30mins then rinse your mouth or brush your teeth to remove any residue. 


I wasn't actually expecting to notice a difference straight away, I thought I would need to use them for a few days but I was pleasantly surprised to see instant results - my teeth definitely looked brighter. Considering there's no peroxide in these that's impressive! 

I'm planning to use these  every day in the week leading up to the wedding day so my smile is as good as it can be for the photos. 


You can pick up the Smile Lab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips at Boots for £38 (At the moment Boots have 25% off Smile lab at the moment so this is just £28.50) and 10% profits go to the pink ribbon foundation too.

They work out at about £2.50 a go so that's less than a lot of face masks. They're a great addition to a pamper routine. If you're after a little boost for your teeth these are definitely what I'd recommend.

*I was kindly gifted this but all thoughts are my own


Friday, 20 April 2018

Confession - I love a Freebie!

We all like a freebie right? I've certainly been one to buy something just because there was a great gift with purchase. And if there is a 3 for 2 offer on make-up - you know I'm there with my 2 items I actually need in hand, while walking up and down the isle of Boots trying to find a third item to make it all worth it.


I'm by no means silly with money, I'll spend where I need to and save elsewhere but I like to try and be fairly sensible from time to time. Holidays to somewhere where I'm not shivering everyday don't pay for themselves! A lot of our money is spent eating out -food is the centre of our social life. When we want to save money we cut down on a few meals out which really helps - even if it is really boring. Saving money isn't particularly fun, that's why I've never done the 'spending ban' thing - it would make me miserable! I get simple pleasures out of a new nail polish (I found Models Own in Poundland the other day - was well chuffed!) a bath bomb is essential for calming the mind and picking out 7 pairs of pants in Victoria Secret is basically cardio. 

"Underwear is a basic human right" 

To ensure we can treat ourselves from time to time we need to save where we can.  There is a way to make money saving a little more fun. You can keep those pennies firmly in your purse and get those perks in the form of some freebies -which are everywhere if you know where to find them. Gratisfaction is a place to find all the great UK Freebies

If like me you scroll through Twitter and enter a giveaway or two in the chance of getting an unexpected little gift you'll love this kind of thing.  Find the freebie you're after and you can click directly onto the link that takes you to the giveaway. Sometimes this will be  a company that's offering  a free gift for signing up to a website or liking their Facebook page. They could be letting you know when a makeup brand are sending out samples of their latest product. There could be a voucher to pick up some free dishwasher tablets if cleaning products are your thing  - I got a new Zoflora scent the other day which excited me more than it should have!

So while you're saving your pennies by not picking up a new lip balm or a cappuccino you are still able to treat yourself without spending  a thing. I have the O2 priority app on my phone which gives me a free drink at Coffee Nero each week which means I spend less on coffee than my insta account would have you believe. This is the kind of thing Gratisfication will alert you to. Some brands featured are  Thorntons, Benefit, Lancome, Pizza Express and Smashbox. 

Some deals have a limited amount of freebies so it's worth keeping an eye on the site to make sure you grab something great but there are new products being added constantly so it's definitely worth a look. Even if it's something little, it's a great way to possibly try something you wouldn't normally consider or just have a little materialistic pick-me-up - because we're all human! 

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When Good Relationships Go Bad

I’ve been in some bad relationships over the years. Some worse than others, some fizzled out because we become like brother and sister, others we just grew apart and a couple were bad news. 

I look back to a particularly bad relationship and wonder what I was doing. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I guess I’ve learnt and become a stronger person from these experiences; but I think it’s important to raise some awareness about when a relationship is a little more than ‘he’s just a useless boyfriend'. 

A lot of his behaviour I deemed ‘normal’. He was always pretty possessive, he’d  get jealous if I was out with friends. He’d make me cancel plans or pretend there was some sort of emergency so I left and came back. He’d style it out like he missed me. 

I’d be ridiculed for my choices, if I said I’d like to work somewhere or do a particular thing he’d mock me and convince me any ambition I had was silly. I eventually didn’t do anything I wanted to.

 He’d check my phone constantly, the sound of my message tone used send chills through me as it would always result in loads of questions and some kind of argument. Once he’d checked my phone when I was asleep and shook me awake to ask my a guy from work asked what shift I was doing the next day. One time he actually smashed up my phone. He did eventually buy me a new one which he turned into a ‘fun day out’ and he made out he was being extremely generous and treating me. 

If we got into an argument he’d shout and smash things, with the occasional shove or grab. He always said 'I've  never hit you' -which was true. He would ‘play’ but it would be too rough. Things like random 'dead legs’, or hard flicks with a tea towel and burns with a hot tea spoon/lighter -playful stuff that felt a bit spiteful at times. He never seem bothered if he hurt me. 

He'd try to focus on the good times to try and make sure I forgot the bad and bought me flowers/gifts constantly.


Along with my phone he hated me talking to anyone on MSN and would stand behind me watching whenever I had a chat with someone. One day I came home from work to find he had disconnected my internet. He’d called up the company and had it cut off. I can only assume this had been planned weeks in advance as these things don’t happen overnight. His ways of controlling me had become ridiculous. 

Luckily I didn’t need the internet for work like I did now, it would have caused all sorts of problems and caused me to lose out on money. I know of people that have had their door glued shut or their car tampered with by partners. If you’re going through anything like this the CICA government scheme  specialise in claiming compensation on behalf of victims of crime throughout the UK. 

It was a year after I left him that I realised it was abuse. I was watching tv and realised the story line about domestic abuse was basically what I went through. The guy abusing his wife kept her indoors, wouldn’t let her see her friends, made her feel worthless and when he said ‘I’ve never hit you’ it was a lightening bolt. Abuse doesn’t have to be physical. 

What I’m trying to stress is that if a person isn’t making you feel good for any reason, you need to leave. It is abuse and it’s not healthy.

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Organic Shop Hair Care

I've been giving my hair a break lately. I had a lot chopped off at the beginning of the year,  I left the hair salon thinking it was too short- standard. But it needed more than a trim after my ridiculous urge to dye my blonde hair dark with the help of a £5 box dye (A decision I very much regret!). Also I used to leave my hair in velcro rollers to air dry which was basically killing the ends of my very fine hair. It's all a learning curve I guess.


Needless to say my hair was in for some real TLC and ever since I have been making sure I take care of it. I barely use heat on it and those velcro rollers are gone! I've made sure I've stuck to products that don't contain any harmful chemicals that could damage it further.

So when I was offered the chance to try some products from the new haircare range by 
Organic Shop I knew that these were  going to be products with a whole lot of goodness in them. With the tagline 'Naturally Beautiful Haircare' I knew this was just what my hair needed right now. 

 Their products are  100% cruelty free and come in recyclable packaging. They aim to be three things - Simple, Pure and Natural. With Simple combinations of ingredients, formulas, and packaging.  (I'm a big fan of the pump dispenser, it's very handy in the shower!). Pure ingredients with no parabens, SLS, mineral oils or polyethylene. And Natural formulas using certified organic extracts and oils where possible. 

My hair is fine and very flat if left to its own devices so the Vibrant Raspberry and Acai volumising range was best suited to me. Not only does it smell amazing it doesn't weigh the hair down, giving it a volumising boost. 

Raspberries have a high vitamin C content so they help to leave your hair shiny and manageable. Organic Acai strengthens with the help of vitamins A, E and B while removing all traces of oil and dirt so they are the perfect pairing.


Along with the 280ml Shampoo and 280ml Conditioner there is a 250ml Hair Mask to match. It's a gorgeous thick mask that actually looks good enough to eat! You simple apply it to damp hair and leave it on for 2-3 minutes. This is great for when I don't have time for a proper pamper but I want to make sure my hair is getting a bit of a boost. It's a really great mask to use in the shower as it doesn't need to be left on for long to get to work. 
If you're after something different the other ranges available are Coconut and Shea to moisturise, Argan and Amla for strengthening, Honey and Avocado to restore shine and Pomegranate and Patchouli for a real hydration boost. I don't know about you but I fancy a smoothie now! 

The best part is how affordable these all are, they're just £2.50 each! You can pick them up at Tesco and organic  where you will also find details on their fab competition to win a holiday for two in the Caribbean! 

*this range was kindly gifted to me but all thoughts are my own