Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Personalised Star Map from Under Lucky Stars

Oh guys.... you know I'm a bit of a romantic at heart, and I love anything that is personalised so when I heard about these star maps I had to get involved.  Pretty much everything on the walls of our home has a story behind it and we like things to have meaning so I know this would make a perfect gift.


Under Lucky Stars  make personalised star maps which show you what the sky looked like at a particular time. It contains galactic coordinates of all the stars visible from earth with the naked eye. They use the Bright Star catalogue from Yale University to make sure the charts are as accurate as possible and it makes for a really interesting piece of artwork for your wall. 

I knew this would make a perfect Valentine's Day gift for Sam, he loves anything to do with space, he's always telling me about what stars he can see, he has this app on his phone which he uses all the time when the sky is really clear. Don't mention Professor Brian Cox in front of him, once he gets started he won't stop!


So I sat down to make an order for him for Valentine's Day. The first thing to do is decide on an event that has meaning, a time that was special that will be the main focus of the print. I chose our engagement

A little back story- Sam and I met when we worked together in central London,  we travelled to work together most mornings and we got the train from London Bridge around the time the Shard was being built. We always commented on it and it's always been kind of symbolic to us. Since leaving that job and having our son we've moved further out of London to Surrey. 
A couple of years ago Sam arranged a night away in London and he thought it was about time we got round to visiting the Shard while we were there. He proposed looking over the platform that we got to work each morning and it was incredible- he'd arranged for a photographer to capture the moment and for us to see our friends from work later that evening after we'd been for dinner at Barbecoa. I loved that day and everything about it, I am actually slightly concerned that the wedding day just won't beat it!  

-Needless to say this was the best day for me to choose. You can pick any date you want, it doesn't have to be an engagement, it can be when you met, your first kiss, the exact moment when you said 'I do!' or even when your child was born. Get really creative and make something really special.

You input the location, time and date so you can be really precise and it will generate the right star map for you. You can add a title at the top but I chose to leave it blank, I think the picture speaks for itself. The bottom has the line

 'Stars above 32  London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG UK on the 6th of November 2015 at 12.20pm' 

I know this was the exact moment thanks to my iPhone. When we were looking out from the Shard I was taking pictures and talking about what I could see (basically ruining Sam's big planned speech!) and then the next photo was of my ring so I can work out that it was roughly between the time of the two photos. Isn't technology great?


The print is just gorgeous, it's printed on really smooth sturdy art paper (240GSM for those in the know) which is much thicker than most typical poster prints. 

The stars that are closer to the edge of the circle were closer to the horizon at the time while the stars that were right about our heads are shown in at the the centre. I like how one of the constellations looks like the Shard but I am told that is in fact The Big Dipper. Everyday's a school day, kids!

Ordering one is really easy, simply enter the time and date you're after, select a colour scheme and you an opt to have a 18x24 inch poster or  slightly larger one at 24x36 - both are standard sizes which makes it easy to find a frame if you want one. I got mine on Amazon. Shipping is free  worldwide for an unframed print but you can choose to add a frame to your order if you wish which will result in paying a little more postage. It was delivered 4 days after ordering.

I really appreciate the opportunity to work with brands I love and I can honestly say I would have ordered this myself even if it wasn't for the purpose of this review. I really love how it looks on our wall an Sam is thrilled with it too. 


If you're stuck for gift ideas I think this would make a really lovely treat for someone special.

*I was kindly sent this for free but all thoughts are my own



  1. Oh I love this! Such a pretty piece of art to have on the wall, and obviously with great meaning too! May look into this for my parent's wedding anniversary this year!

    1. ahh yes! it would make such a cute anniversary gift!