Monday, 1 January 2018

Looking Forward, Never Back

I wanted to write a new years post, I started this thinking 'but 2017 was a bit rubbish' -yes it had some amazing ups but the downs were so draining! 

And you know, I sat down to write this and I had a look back at how I felt at the beginning of this year. I was reminded how much of a pain the year before had been, how I was determined to not let 2017 get to me. At first it got me down but it made me realise that although I thought 2017 was a little on the crappy side, the year before was worse so it's getting better. It's all moving in a positive direction. Things take time, often longer than the 365 day time limit we give ourselves in January. 

It's made me more determined than ever before to put the effort into this year and make it what I want. I've learnt from the year before and I can use that experience to make 2018 a little better. This year is going to have it's differences, maybe some things will stay the same. I'm going to focus on the things I did right to make the last year a whole lot better and the thing that stood out was how I could finally stand up for myself. Taylor Swift was my spirit animal, I was finally done taking all the sh*t (not just from others, but from myself too) and ready to move on. The weight off my shoulders when I realised this was incredible. 

I'm not even writing this post worrying about how some might read it and twist things or take offence - I just don't care any more. 

The people that matter don't mind and the people that mind don't matter


I won't list the things I achieved in 2017 because I know how well I did and I'm proud of myself - that is what matters. 

So this isn't going to be a long post. I saw this little template a few years back and I like how it's a quick way to think about the year ahead. 

In 2018 I will-

 Quit  Chips, I don't cook them at home and I only have them out as something to dip in a good sauce (maple mayo is incredible, guys!). There are better sides out there. I can go a year without chips. *watch me regret this when I take a trip to the beach!

 Start  more conversations. I find people fascinating, starting up conversations with people can only be a positive thing.

 Visit  Liverpool. I've been meaning to go again for ages and I will do it this year! I will also try to resist speaking in an accent when I'm there. 

 Accept  that other people don't do things the way I might.

 Honour  my first instincts, they're very accurate.

 Make  more cards for people. I enjoy doing it and I love giving people something that has meaning.

 See  another West End show. I have a few on my list to see.

 Learn   a lot more HTML bits and peices even if it does make my head hurt.

 Give  my time to people that appreciate it and mend relationships that need it.

 Eat  more veg as snacks to stop relying on biscuits to get me through the day.

 Have  money left over at the end of each month.

 Be  stronger, in all ways.

 Act  how I feel, not how I think I 'should act'.

 Grow  my Instagram and work with more brands that I love.

 Invest  in good skincare -I only have one face, and one that isn't getting any younger!

But in all honestly, in most cases I'm going to continue doing as I'm doing. A new year isn't about a 'new me' it's just tweaking the parts of me that need work and continuing doing the things I'm ace at. 

I'll say what I tell everyone each year, remember it's ok to love yourself and don't take life too seriously. Happy New Year!



  1. You could try make your own healthy chips at home! I cut either regular potato or sweet potato into thin strips and I bake it in the oven with salt, pepper and olive oil and maybe rosemary too and oh my god they taste so so good!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. That is a really good idea! To be fair I don't often eat chips so I gave myself a relatively easy goal there. I just failed when I went out for steak!