Thursday, 12 October 2017

Sleek - My Face, My Rules

"You wear too much make-up!"
"Why do you feel the need to paint your face for a man?"
"She'd be prettier without that crap on her face!" 

How many times have you heard something along those lines? 

How many times have you applied make up on the train to be greeted with looks of disgust, a tut or side eye  (admittedly this has only happened once or twice but I still don't get it). It's just not on. 


You may have seen this campaign around recently, There's a video being shared across social media and even hitting the Tv screens too which highlights the fact that all kinds of people wear make up for all different reasons and we should be free to experiment and play with make-up as much as we like without judgement. This is all down to Sleek spreading their very important message. 

Sleek's 'My Face My Rules' campaign is something I really  relate to and I'm very passionate about. I came away from their recent event feeling so empowered and it's just incredible that a brand like this is making a change; Not only through this campaign but releasing a makeup range that is suited to a wide range of skintones. Their newest 'Life Proof' foundation is not only excellent but it is available in 24 shades. Sleek is such a diverse brand and it was wonderful to be in a room full of like minded people each with their own individual style. 

Why should we be judged by liking makeup? It's a huge business and something that millions of people make a living from. Whether it's just a bit of red lipstick to make yourself feel better or a full face of make up just to take the bins out - why should it matter to anyone? 


In the same way I like to wear new matching underwear to make myself feel good, I wear make-up too and that isn't for anyone else's benefit. I started wearing make up when  I was 14 or 15 and that wasn't for any reason other than that I wanted to play around with it. I wasn't doing anyone any harm. Some days I look back and wish I hadn't experimented so much (2005's all over bronzer and kohl liner phase I'm looking at you!) but it's all part of growing up. 

Its a way to express yourself, enhance your already gorgeous features or even hide away a blemish or two.
Some days I wear makeup to mask how I'm feeling, and that is OK! On the inside I might be really ill and have no energy but if I can use something to help me not look that way- and especially if it's with something I enjoy then I'll do it! 

I'm a strong believer in the phrase 'You Do You' -Why should I care how much makeup someone else is wearing? It's their face! Sleek are helping to ditch the pressure, the negativity and the labels that come with the love of make up. Make up shaming is a real thing. Girls or guys wearing make-up is yet another thing for people to get angry about that doesn't effect them. 
Apparently 1/10 people believe the more make up a  woman wears, the more sexual partners they have -how ridiculous is that? That's like saying people that wear stripes on Wednesday are more likely to be virgins! 

Sleek are representing modern culture, with selfies, ootd shots, snapchat etc we are all embracing our beauty and it's important to feel proud of ourselves, how we look, how we feel and how we treat others!  


We had a talk hosted by Gemma Cairney who has a book-called 'Open: A Toolkit for How Magic and Messed Up Life Can Be' which is A guide to help young people navigate love, friendships, health and other aspects of growing up. 

It's so easy to be bogged down by the negativity. I've had my fair share of it in the past, people are very quick to judge without asking any questions first and it's just no way to live life. We need to feed back more of the positives, talk about what we like, not what we hate. Ask questions if we don't understand something and stop jumping to conclusions and getting angry! 

I could rant all day but I'm glad Sleek are speaking out about this! At the event I was kindly given a few products to take home so I want to share them with you. 

First is the 'A New Day' i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette- It's just perfect  palette for day time looks with an array of soft nudes, subtle golds and warm peach shades. There's 6 matte shades and 6 shimmers.  I am a big fan of Sleeks shimmer eyeshadows, they blend so well and the pigments are amazing. 


The Matte Me lip gloss is a liquid lipstick that really says put! I have shade 'Shabby Chic' which is a dusky pink, it dries a little darker than I thought but it's a lovely colour. I need to try out a few more shades of these, I think I need a deep red for Autumn!

The much loved Solstice Highlighting Palette is as beautiful as I'd imagined. In it's gorgeous gold case with a big mirror and little brush to use on the go it's perfect to keep in your bag to transform your make up for a night out. The pinky gold creme highlight is really creamy and blends into make up really well. I mainly use it on the brow bone as I prefer to highlight my cheekbones with a powder, the two on the right are the ones I use most. The top is slightly lighter with more of a pearly tone and the bottom has a touch more pink to it, both are really pigmented and give me a gorgeous glow. The pale yellow on the bottom left is a  subtle light gold powder for a lighter look.


The new Life Proof Foundation is lovely. We were colour matched at the event and I was given two shades to blend to get the perfect look for me. This is great for this time of year when my summer tan starts to fade. It gives a medium coverage that can be built up and it covers my fine lines and gives my skin a bit more of an airbrushed look. Along with my trip to Crete and the British weather having it's weird humid moments this foundation has come at the best time as it's sweat proof, oil free and helps to reduce shine. Exactly what I need! The packaging is nice and compact too and I like that the squeeze tube makes it easy to apply the right amount. I've been using mine with Sleek's Hydrating Primer which really helps keep everything in place but doesn't feel like it's clogging my skin. 


Sleek are leaving the 'perfect adverts' behind and showing you what you can do with make up. We don't all need to look like a L'Oreal advert - there's more options out there, experiment with blue eyeliner if you want, rock a berry lip, or stick to the natural look. Make up has no rules!

Use it  to make u feel great, you're the one that matters. It's your face, it's your rules.

*I was gifted these products but all thoughts are my own


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  1. I love the Sleek My Face, My Rules campaign! It has such a positive message. The eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous! Such a perfect every day palette. I haven't tried any of Sleek's eyeshadows yet, as I've been disappointed in other high street brands offerings. I need to give them a try, as so many people rave about them. I've been really impressed with the Sleek Solstice palette, the shades are gorgeous and the pigmentation is fantastic! I'd love to try the Matte Me lipsticks too, they have such lovely shades. I just need to use up a few other lip products first. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks