Thursday, 28 September 2017

Personalising your space with Fairy Lights

Many of you will be moving this month, some to uni, some with friends, some with a partner. I know that when you get that place of your own, no matter how big or small you want to make it feel like home. This time of year it is especially important to love your surroundings because as it gets colder we're naturally favouring nights in binging on Netflix over nights out in the cold. It's the time of year for cosy blankets, scented candles and cups of tea.  

The problem with furnishing a room and is that it can be costly and I don't know about you but with the lead up to Christmas I don't have spare cash to spend on redecorating. Lighting can make such an impact, fairy lights are so cheap and they can make a huge difference to the feel of a room. 


The great thing is you don't have to be too precise or spend a lot of time at all.
Simply wrapping them around a mirror can look really pretty - and is a great way to spice up those OOTD pics too!  Don't stop there, drape them over anything, around your vanity table, your shelves, your frames -go nuts! 

Pinning photos along a spring of lights looks great. you can buy some little pegs (there's loads of cheap ones around at Christmas time to hang your cards) or even use some cute washi tape which costs next to nothing.


I've always had copper lights wrapped around my bed. The copper wire makes them easy to bend into the shape I want them to and they look really pretty.  Mine have a remote so I can dim them or make them twinkle of the mood takes me. It makes snuggling up and reading a book even more cosy. 


Another really simple way to revamp your room is to line the walls with small lights. My little office corner looks so cute at the moment. I'm tempted to buy another set to wrap around my frames too. You don't just have to go for golden lights, this is a great way to add a bit of colour too. 

We were given some Mason jars when Mason was born and I filled one with some battery operated lights which is so simple but looks really cute and magical. This would also look great inside a lantern for some Peter Pan vibes. You could be really creative and add a little toy fairy if these were in a kids room. 


Festive lights have some great ideas on how to use fairy lights for decorating over at this post of Fairy Light Hacks. Get some inspiration and you can jazz up your surrounding in no time at all!


Monday, 18 September 2017

5 Favourite Photos

I've always been into photography, while at school I did work experience at a photography studio, I then developed photos for Kodak  and got to learn the ins-and-outs of processing through a machine...much to my disappointment there was no red room and trays of chemicals like I'd imagined. I moved on to selling cameras and then worked in another studio so it would seem I know what I'm talking about when it comes to photography. But here's the thing- I don't! I love taking pictures, I enjoy taking the odd selfie/shoefie and I love a good flatlay. I'll snap away at family parties and just try and stop me if there is a beautiful beach backdrop! But I just give it my best go, I point my camera and hope for the best. That's why it's great that cameras are so intelligent now, they do so much of the work for you and anyone can become the new David Bailey. 

When selling cameras, if I served a customer who was like me and wanted good pictures with minimal effort I always pointed them in the direction of a Panasonic CSC Camera. Cameras don't have to be big and bulky anymore. I remember frequently telling customers "You can't go wrong with a Lumix!" Many of the photos of my youth were taken on my Lumix TZ10, it's compact but super intelligent (like me-obvs). 

I'm very old school when it comes to photographs, I still make the effort to print them out when I can. Looking through old photos makes me smile, there's nothing like going through a photo album. I wanted to share a few of my pictures I've taken over the years and why they mean so much to me. 

This was taken on our first family holiday. It's so me! After a coupe of years of stress it was absolutely wonderful to be in our own little bubble. It has a bit of a mermaid feel and I was in my element with the people I love and in a gorgeous location. I'm always at my calmest at the beach and this picture sums me up.


The day Sam proposed took me completely by surprise. We'd planned a night away and he booked me in to have my hair done before we went to the Shard for some drinks. We travelled through London Bridge together in the early days of our relationship and we always commented on how the building of the Shard was coming along. It has a bit of meaning to us. Looking out over the place we met he got down on one knee while I was in the middle of rambling away about the view. Although there was a photographer who captured the moment it happened this picture I took to send to my friends and family always takes me right back to how elated I felt at that exact moment. 


I've loved anything Disney since I was a kid and I'd always dreamt of the day I could take our son to Disneyland. When he was nearly 3 we thought it was the perfect time for our first family trip away to Paris. It was just as magical as I imagined it - although a million times more tiring! This moment where he was running to the castle shouting 'Mickey!' makes me heart ache and I have this as a canvas in my hallway. 

This picture was taken on my phone in the middle of the night so it's not the best quality but it just proves that a picture doesn't have to be perfect to mean something. This was the first picture I took of our son in the hospital. I was kept in overnight and the family was allowed back in the morning. I remember being terrified of being left on my own with him. I didn't think I could do the 'Mum thing' and was completely overwhelmed. I remember him looking up at me for what felt like hours, without making a sound and being no trouble at all. In his own way he was telling me 'Mum, you've got this'. 


This is a really recent picture, it was only a few weeks ago when we decided to take a trip to the beach for the day to make the most of the last day of Summer. This is the beach next to our old family holiday home where I spent all of my summers when I was growing up. It's a place that holds so many memories and means a lot to me. It was lovely to go back there with our son as see him enjoy it as much as I did. 

Taking that little trip down memory lane has made me all warm inside - isn't it lovely how pictures can do that? I'd love to hear about your favourite photos too so tag me in your Instagram pictures! 

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Monday, 11 September 2017

GOSH Copenhagen new releases A/W 2017

I'm not read for Autumn, I think I had convinced myself that it was going to be a really hot September and that we had another month of sun left but the rain currently splashing out of an overflowing gutter outside my window is telling me a totally different story. WAH.


I've got to get out my boots, grab myself a PSL and deal with the fact that Autumn is here. It's not all bad, Autumn means a whole new range of beauty releases ready to take us into the darker evenings and jumper weather. Gosh are the first brand to show me their Autumn range for 2017 and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. 

First is the Lift and Highlight 2 in 1 pencil £9.99. A versatile, creamy double ended pencil with a matte end to lift and define and a shimmer to highlight. I find the matte end perfect for defining my brows to give a sharper look to them. The shimmer is nice and subtle is perfect for using on the inner eye corners and under the brow bone to really brighten the eye area, or pop along the cupids bow for a fuller lip effect. I have shade '001 Nude' which has a slight golden tone and there is a pinker version available too.


Gosh do amazing primers and the Primer Plus Skin Adaptor, Anti-Pollution £14.99 tones and enhances your skin with a healthy glow. This little primer is light on the skin and helps to smooth and hydrate, ready to apply foundation. It's a white cream at first and as you blend it turns more peach, adapting to the individual skin tone. The clever little Cityguard+ also protects skin against pollution such as cigarette smoke and car exhaust. 

Next is the Prime N Set Primer and Mattifying Setting Banana Powder £9.99 I'm a huge fan of the Gosh Setting Powder so I was really excited to try their take on the banana powder. It has been perfect on my skin tone with a bit of a tan but as my skin is getting lighter I'm finding it ever so slightly too yellow for me so I definitely think this is more suited for darker skin tones. The yellow sorts out dark circles and neutralises any redness. It's so good for brightening and like the original powder that I know and love it gets rid of shine and smooths the skin with no problem at all. 


The Colour Corrector Kit £11.99 is the product I've been using every day since I opened it. Lots of late nights have taken their toll and this has been an absolute god send! Most concealer kits usually stop at 3 or 4 shades but Gosh have thrown in an extra one with a concealer so you have all bases covered (literally).

This is a perfect little kit as it's nice and small and has all the colours to need to balance out skin tone. Picture a colour wheel, basically use the colour opposite to balance things out a bit. I use the yellow under my eyes as it's good for covering purples and blue tones (veins, bruises, dark circles). the peach looked a little scary of at first but it's great for brightening the eye area, it works well to give radiance to sallow olive toned skin. The green neutralises redness- perfect for sunburn and blemishes. Purple is the only one I haven't needed to far but can be used to balance out any yellow undertones and there's a nude concealer to coverIt's high coverage and lasts all day without settling into the lines on the skin. It's such a creamy formula that it blends really well too. I definitely recommend this!


It would be rude not to include a palette and the 9 Shades Eyeshadow Palette 'To Party in London £11.99 is just brilliant. I absolutely love it. There's 9 wearable shades ranging from a soft rose to blue grey. In keeping with this season trends of warm tones there are coppers and golds too so there's something to suit everyone. I've used it loads for day time looks but it's got so much there to create sultry nighttime looks too. They all have a shimmer/metallic finish and are really highly pigmented and easy to blend. The large mirror and perfect size makes it great for travelling too. A really great palette to experiment with. 

I've used this palette with the Eyeshadow Primer £8.99Its soft and creamy texture blends well and is the perfect base for making sure your eyeshadow lasts all day. It keeps your eye make-up in place so  it won't smudge or crease throughout the day/night. The fact that it is waterproof makes it excellent for the gym and holidays if that's your thing too.


If like me you've been guilty of over plucking your brows then the Growth Serum £16.99 is for you. This serum fuels the natural growth of the eyebrows by stimulating the keratin genes and increases number of hairs on the brows. The small brush makes it super easy to apply and it's perfume and paraben free. Apply over your brows in the morning and night and it promises to visibly help with the thickness within weeks. 

I'm sure you've heard of the well-loved LumiDrops £7.99 liquid highlighters and now there are 2 new shades to try. I have 012 Rose Gold which has a lovely peach tone and warms the apples of the cheeks and adds a beautiful radiance to the skin. These are such a versatile product and can be used all over. I like mixing mine with my foundation for an added glow.


My Favourite Mascara (clever name there) £8.99 is great because it washes off with warm water so you don't have to use any harsh products on the eye area to remove it.   The brush separates the lashes and the formula coats the lashes evenly. It's infused with oak extract, an active that benefits with antioxidant protection, helping the lashes maintain their healthy appearance.

The Strobe N Glow Blush £12.99 has 4 shades for strobing and, well, glowing! The darkest rose pink shade is my favourite of the 4, it's such a warm shade and looks lovely blended into the cheeks. Top right is a peach with an almost metallic look to it, you see a hint of lilac when it catches the light. Underneath, the coral has flecks of gold which is/was beautiful with a tan. The light peachy-pink is a lovely highlighter and also has the metallic shimmer effect to it making the pink really glisten in the light. All of these have a light, soft texture and blend effortlessly. There's also a highlight version which has more golden shades to try. 


My stand out products are definitely the Colour Corrector kit, the Lift and Highlight pencil and the Eyeshadow Palette. What do you think of the new releases?