Friday, 25 August 2017

The Birthday Thief - A personalised book from Wonderbly

When you become a parent it's strange how your child ends up being one of your best friends. I actually really enjoy a lot of the time Mason and I spend on our own; little trips to the shops, walks in the park, sometimes we just head out for an apple juice and a coffee, it's great. I never actually thought I could really look forward to the little things in life.


One of my favourite times of the day is when we sit down for a story before bedtime. I have my favourites, I love the Gruffelo -that little mouse is a trooper, The Cat in the Hat gives me a chance to showcase my best voices and I have a soft spot for the Charlie and Lola books.


 I've previously mentioned the books by Wonderbly which have a lovely personalised touch to really engage even the most unenthused readers. The Little Boy Who Lost His Name was their first book which was actually featured on Dragon's Den and is a huge favourite in our house - we actually have 2 copies just in case one goes missing! Each letter of your child's name is found one-by-one as they go on an adventure meeting characters along the way.

Mason turned 5 this month so the it was a perfect chance to treat him to a new Wonderbly book and The Birthday Thief  was definitely  a perfect fit! It's a lovely little story based around your child's birth date. You personalise your book by entering their first name, selecting a character and entering their date of birth. The wonderful little robots create behind the scenes create your own unique story in a matter of seconds which you can preview online before you order the book. 
At the beginning you can include birthday message which straight away pulls you in as it is already so personal. 

The story follows your main character trying to find his birthday after it gets stolen. Along the way he/she meets characters relating to the day, month and year they were born. It's so nice to  hear Mason read out his name and follow the story that is so personal to him. 


He really enjoys when we enter the 'Months Court' when we meet characters including Lord June and Sir September and chose a guide to help us get closer to finding the missing birthday. Mason  likes to tell me which months his friends birthdays are in, it really gets him involved in the story. 

Not to spoil the ending but when the birthday is found it's great to see your child's name and birthday printed in the book. We've read the book a few times already and each time the birthday is found there's a big smile on Mason's face. 

I really like the detail in the illustrations and the book is a nice A4 size and written on sturdy thick paper too. 

With all of the Wonderbly books you can opt to have your book gift wrapped which is a lovely touch for a birthday gift like this one. The confetti themed wrap looks perfect and saves you on wrapping it yourself too! (bonus!)

The book is £16.99 which is really worth it when you are getting something truly unique that you will keep forever. It would make a great gift for a new baby and of course for birthdays too! If you want to order one yourself give me a message as I have a couple of discount codes for 15% off.

*I was kindly sent this book but all thoughts are 100% my own


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Prom Dresses all year round!

Back when I was younger a prom dress was just for prom (or "Leaver's Ball" as some schools call it), now we can wear them everywhere. There are so many occasions where it's acceptable to wear a prom dress now, they are absolutely perfect for weddings whether you're a bridesmaid or guest, Christenings, Summer BBQ's, hey, even pop some converse on and style one up Lily Allen 2002 style! 

I love how versatile prom dresses  have become and there are so many styles to choose from. They flatter all sizes and if you feel a bit chilly throwing on a pashmina or shawl adds to the glamour. I personally love the Sandy from Grease vibes by popping a varsity jacket over my shoulders. Cute!


Lately I've been loving co-ord and I love anything off the shoulder. The beauty of a separate skirt means you can split the outfit up and get more use out of it to create a whole new look. Short prom dresses  are perfect to use again for a less formal affair. 

 Aisle Style has the most choice I've ever seen when it comes to cheap prom dresses . There are so many beautiful designs to suit all figures from size UK4 to UK28. There's no doubt that there is something to suit every taste and I personally an spend hours scrolling through adding dresses to my wish list. 

For a hint of glamour you can't go wrong with red prom dresses, go for something backless that looks so elegant and can really compliment a gorgeous up-do.  Narrow down the choices by selecting the  length, neckline, fabric, colour, price, sleeve length, and body type to find something perfect for you.

With a few weddings to attend and  birthday creeping up  I'm sure I can find an excuse to treat myself.

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

New L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara Review

When browsing the make-up aisle there are two things that will always tempt me- A new mascara on the market and a '3 for 2' offer. This girl loves a bargain.  When I was in Superdrug with my sister last weekend I had both of those boxes ticked by none other than L'Oreal Paris. 


Not only was the new mascara from one of my favourite brands but it was also in gorgeous blogger friendly rose gold packaging. I think L'Oreal do mascaras incredibly well and they are always reasonably priced, I never feel the need to opt for a high end mascara while L'Oreal have my back. 

It has been said that it is a Too Faced 'Better than Sex' mascara dupe, I can't actually comment on that as I haven't tried that one but I would say the packaging is certainly similar. Of course it's a damn site cheaper than BTS too. 

At the moment it retails at a very reasonable £9.99, I picked up some foundations and with the offer it meant I got all three for less than £20 -thank you Superdrug!


As a rose gold lover of course I love the packaging! From a blogger point of view I loved that it was only reflective on the lid, anyone who has tried taking a picture of reflective packaging while still showing the writing on the packaging clearly will understand what I mean! It comes in a little box which does give it a high end feel but is a little unnecessary. 

The formula of the Paradise mascara contains castor oil  which helps nourish the hair and promote growth so you're giving your lashes a treatment while you use it. It has a big brush with densely packed bristles which helps provides all the volume you need. I personally favour  these kind of brushes over the plastic comb-like ones so I get on well with it but some might find it takes a bit of getting used to.


I know I really like a product when I make noises while applying it and this mascara was making me 'oooh!' and 'ahhh!' all over the shop. The brush coats the lashes effortlessly and my lashes feel soft yet held in place. The castor oil means the lashes don't feel all stiff like a lot of mascaras can. It's really easy to build up too, it doesn't get clumpy at all. 


Even though the hold is amazing it's also lightweight so doesn't drag the lashes down or feel heavy. The 
lengthening effect is incredible and it doesn't flake or smudge, it really dies stay put! The only slight negative I have is that it takes a little more effort to remove than I am used to. 


I think my picture shows just how much volume you can achieve. I'm so impressed with it. I actually really look forward to applying this every day. Apparently this is going to go up to £11.99 at the end of the month so grab one when they're on offer! 

If anyone has compared this to the Better than Sex mascara please let me know as I'd really be interested to see how they measure up against each other!