Tuesday, 2 May 2017

NEW Maybelline Eraser Shades

The Maybelline Eraser is one concealer I always recommend. I've repurchased it over and over and it works wonders on my under eyes. 

Up until recently there was only a light and medium shade (and the light is always out of stock in my local Boots!) so I really pleased to see there are now a couple of additions to the collection. While the originals are marketed as a concealer these are also an eye treatment. I've picked up the Brightener which has pink tone for really brightening the eye area and Neautralizer which has more of a yellow tone to cover dark circles. 


If you're not familiar with the Eraser it comes in a tube with an attached sponge on top which means you can easily add the product straight to the skin. I use it to swipe across my underage area and then pat with my finger finger to really blend it in without adding too much product. It's pretty refreshing and the formula is enriched with goji berry which helps hydrate the eye area too.

I know some don't like the idea of the applicator but I've found it can be removed and you can use the concealer straight from the bottle. Although  Maybelline do say that it is protected with an anti-microbial system to keep it clean. They also advise you only wipe excess product off with tissue and not to wet the sponge.

I've put the three shades next to each other to show the difference. 


It offers a medium coverage that can be built up and I don't find it too heavy at all. I find it covers brilliantly even without the need for setting it with a powder (a step I constantly miss out in my make up routine). I always look more alive when I'm using one of these and at the moment I'm really favouring the brightener for adding some luminosity. 


These can be used with foundation or even under a concealer to give you flawless coverage. If you have a concealer that's too dark you can add some neutraliser to brighten it up. I've found a lot of colour correctors to be quite thick and heavy which is not what you need under your eyes so these are really brilliant. 

They are £7.99 each and pretty much always on offer so I definitely recommend trying one out. 



  1. Love this concealer! I actually prefer it more than some high end ones. Great post x


  2. I love the look at the two new shades, I will have to check them out. I have actually just picked up the regular concealer to try out again.

    Kristy | thevioletblonde.com

  3. I bought the Age Rewind in Light after seeing so many people raving about it but it's too dark to use as an under eye highlight.. really glad they've brought these out.. i think the neutralizer would be great for highlighting


  4. I am obsessed with these concealers, i need to purchase the lighter colour as the one i have is a little too dark for under eye haha!!xx
    nicole x