Monday, 10 April 2017

Spring bags 2017

I've never been one to carry around my life in my bag. Even when Mason was little I didn't buy into the 'everything and the kitchen sink' thing. It's bad for your back and 9 times out of 10 you don't need half of the stuff in there. I try to carry around what I need, don't get me wrong, it's by no means tidy in there! I have to rummage through various receipts, tissues, wrappers and leaflets before I can find my phone, if you call and I actually answer in time it's a bloody miracle! I always end up with about 5 lipsticks by the end of the week but I do 'try' to keep it somewhat minimalistic. 

I have been looking for  a bag that's great for everyday when I'm just running about doing bits and pieces. Basically the school run or when I'm just popping out in the car when I only really need a bit of cash, my phone and keys (and probably a lipstick or two, let's be honest!).

I've been having a huge clear out recently, anything that doesn't make me happy or isn't any use to me is OUTTA HERE! I've just got so much crap! Looking through my old Summer clothes there are so many bags that are falling apart, I have no idea why I still have them. After many years of buying products that are basically disposable  I've decided it's time to make sure I invest in things that are going to last. This way I make sure I make purchases that I've really thought about. I love my big Micheal Kors bag and I use it almost every day and it isn't worn at all so I was tempted to go for Michael Kors again for quality alone  but the little ones are kind-of all the same and not really what I'm after - Plus with my MK and my Frapucciono I'm just a Fiat 500 away from being basic AF in Spring time  anyway! 

These are a few little bags that I love the look of for this Spring and many Springs to come (because I'm thrifty like that!) which means they are a little more on the expensive side but worth it!

1. I almost bought the smaller version of this pink Kate Spade (£295)  bag  the other day but it is just too tiny. This one is a much better size for me and GIIIRRRL that colour! There's  3 sections, a shoulder strap and the gold hardware and tassel detail is right up my street.

2. Oh, so pretty!  *sigh*I had to include 'The' Chloe bag (£1370) but at that price tag I just cannot justify it. There are a few dupes around but if I get one I'll be going against MY PLAN! Let's just look at it...

3. I absolutely adore this Lilac Moschino shoulder bag (£174). Lilac is one of my favourite Spring shades and the quilting makes it look much more expensive than it is. 

4. I really like this dinky DKNY small cross body bag (£150). It opens up at the top which is brilliant for throwing in my keys and phone and the front pocket is great to keep my Oyster card handy for minimum rummaging at the gates. 

5. Just look at the Ted Baker 'Wow' clutch (£109). I'm tempted to get it to hold up when I'm (un)impressed with something. I feel it compliments my sarcasm perfectly.

6. Yes, another Moschino but they are killing it this season. The Pink Moschino bag (£155) has a bit of a grown up Barbie feel and I like it.

7. ok so I mayyyyy have already bought this one. It was just too 'me' to turn down. The blue DKNY cross-body bag (£150)  was the perfect size for what I need, it's really simple and I love having the option to wear the strap long or short. Versatility at it's best.

8. At the more affordable end there's this Aldo embroidered bag (£50). I just love the colours and the Japanese inspired embroidery is really cute too. This would feel perfect for the night time as well as in the day.  

Feel free to share any of your Spring bag recommendations, I am bag-obsessed at the moment! And follow me over on Instagram if you want to see the new bag in action. 


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