Friday, 14 April 2017

Benefit Brow Mobile -Transforming the Nation's Brows!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited down to Brighton for an event with Benefit. The weather has been hotting up so an evening in Brighton was definitely something I was up for! Living in Surrey I'm perfectly in between the hustle and bustle of London (which I adore and miss dearly!) and the calm yet quirky vibes from the coast. 


So I drove down to Brighton to learn a little more about Benefit's brow products and take a look at the amazing Brow Mobile and make #FriendswithBenefit!


The event was held at One Girl Band Space, on Vine Street which is run by the lovely Lola Hoad who gave us a really inspirational talk on making it as a young business owner and being a total girl boss. She was so relatable and really interesting to listen to. She told us about her journey and her advice on being consistent, posting regularly, getting your name out there and making the most of your time. If you love something enough and put enough effort in you will get there. Her advice on being yourself and building confidence really resonated with me. Not everyone will understand what you do or necessarily be your number one fan but that's ok, it's best to focus on the things that make you happy and carry on. We all hit obstacles but we shouldn't let them hold us back.  She spoke about how we should share the love and help others who are in the same boat which I really agree with, I think it's great when bloggers repost other's links or give them a little shout out. It's so important to realise it's not all about numbers. I hate when the first thing someone asks me is 'how many followers do you have?' it's so much more than that these days and it's important to get your head down and do what you love and success will follow. Lola sells incredible prints which I will definitely be buying for our new place. I felt like I really learnt a lot from her so it would be nice to have something from her  in my home. I'm definitely going to  book one of her brush lettering workshops too, I'd love to be able to make my own prints and if I can create anything nearly as good as what she can I'll be really happy. 

I was given the chance to personalise a pair of Benefit's fantastic Grooming Tweezers. They are such good quality and I love the fact they have a brush on the end, it makes things so much easier having what I need in one place and the grip on them is brilliant -definitely much better than the tweezers I was using previously


Benefit's Trend Team were on hand to tame our brows and it was a chance to try out some of their products and take a look at their latest releases. I'm already a big fan of the Goof Proof Brow pencil and now I've got a couple of extra bits on my wish list including  Ka-Brow, a brow gel which has a built-in brush that can be used to build up colour to sculpt and define your brows. It's also waterproof so is going to be great this Summer. There are some lovely brow kits too which is a great way to test out a couple of products at once.

We also had a Q&A with Youtuber Tashie Tinks (who I admit I hadn't heard of before but that's probably because I'm old!). The first thing I noticed was how great her hair was and how she looked effortlessly stylish. She had some really good social media advice and I'm now aware of her Instagram which has some incredible photography inspiration. 


During the evening the Brow Mobile pulled up and I got to take a little  look inside. The Brow Mobile is a 4x4 in Benefit's signature pink which is kitted out with all the brow products needed to transform your brows. It's doing a tour of the UK at the moment and is manned by brow experts ready to wax, map, tint, shape and style brows. Brows are big news at the moment and Benefit are dedicated in bringing the brand to us to really help us out and educate us too. No Sharpie brows around here, that's for sure! It's amazing how much space there is inside.


I got involved and tried on the '#BenefitBrows' Jacket which was incredibly cosy, I assure you! 

I had to head back earlier than I would have liked (mum duties!) but I was kindly given a goodie bag with some fab products inside. 

A greetings card from Lola with a perfectly fitting wedding theme!
A much loved They’re Real! mascara - perfect for curling and separating the lashes.
POREfessional: License to Blot - a blotting stick to improve the skin's texture and absorb excess oil. 
Benebalm -a moisturising lip balm with a red tint (so good I now need to try the lighter shade Posiebalm)
and an Angled Brow Brush.


I had a great evening and it was so nice to not only meet some more bloggers but come away really motivated by the talks too. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Brow Mobile. For more pics of the event head over to my Instagram.


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