Thursday, 20 April 2017

L'Oreal Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara

For me there are two high street brands that do the best mascaras- Bourjois and L'Oreal. I have tried and tested SO many brands and these are the ones that repeatedly come out on top. You've probably seen me harp on about the Bourjois One Seconde Volume before and I've reproached L'Oreal's Million lashes mascara for years. 

l'oreal-miss-babyroll-mega-volume-mascaraI am always tempted by a new mascara, and this L'Oreal one was not only on offer (a very reasonable £7.99 RRP but there was £2 off) but the packaging was so damn Instagrammable (is that a word yet...?), I was immediately drawn in. I hadn't heard anything about the mascara or seen any advertising but I trust L'Oreal to know their stuff so into my basket it went. 

So firstly  the packaging of  Miss Baby Roll is lovely and bright, it has a 50's diner feel and I really love the colour combination. It's available in Black, Waterproof and also in Teal, Indigo and Lilac if you want to experiment with some colour -perfect for festival season!

This mascara claims to give you mega volume, a curl without the need of an eyelash curler and all day hold. 

What makes this unique is the twisted brush. The brushes swirling around the wand intrigued me. It applies quite a bit of product at first but the twirly brush pulls it through so it's nice and even and you end up with just the right amount of formula coating your lashes. It's not one that you can slap on quickly and head out the door, it takes a bit of care and attention but the results are worth it. 

I have found it does exactly as it says, it really lifts and gives the lash a real curl. The brush separates lashes easily and ensures both sides of each lash is covered as it combs through them. Like all L'Oreal mascaras there is no transfer or smudging so it lasts perfectly. I wish I was brave enough to try out the coloured shades but it's great there is the option out there at an affordable price. 

Once again, L'Oreal, I'm pretty impressed.



  1. I've been after a new mascara! Think I'll pick up this one in waterproof next. I am using a waterproof mascara by L'Oréal at the moment xx

    1. I think I might try the waterproof next.

    2. I've been dying to give this a try. Great review. I'll be picking it up on payday. Thanks!

      Chloe x

  2. This looks amazing, I need to give it a go.