Monday, 27 February 2017

Maybelline Color Show Neon Pastels

Now that my nails are pretty damn strong after a month using Renunail I'm keen to show them off and with Spring around the corner it's time to inject a bit of colour to my beauty routine. I picked up a couple of nail polishes on my recent haul and this is the one I was most excited to try first. 

I was really excited to see  a new range from Maybelline. They've added some new pastel shades to their Color Show nail polishes. These are called 'Neon Pastels' -a selection of polishes right up my street. When it comes to Spring/Summer I go between pastel and neon shades so a mixture of the two is just what I'm after. 


I could have grabbed the whole collection but I started small controlled myself. I went for Lilac Glow -which is definitely more of a blue toned pink than a lilac. It's still really pretty.
It's a gel based formula and applies brilliantly. It's such a nice bright pink without being too much. 


The Colour Show nail polishes are a really reasonable £3.99, although at 7ml the bottles are a little smaller than other brands, for example you get 10ml in a Barry M  polish. This isn't a problem for me though, I very rarely use up a whole bottle of nail polish anyway.


There's blue and a peach that I have my eye on and as the weather gets brighter I'm sure I'll be adding these to my collection too.

What shades do you like to wear in the warmer months? Will you be picking up any of the Neon Pastel range?


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  1. I love the colour. It is so vivid!

    Alex Quinn