Monday, 30 January 2017

Blogger bits from Coconut Lane

I'm sure you would have seen Coconut Lane on Twitter, they are a great little site with loads of really instagrammable items. From stationery to Macbook skins to socks they're great for gifts or a treat for yourself. I'm a big fan of their wall art and they have some lovely jewellery too. I've had my eye on a choker but it's out of stock at the moment. After having a browse through I noticed how blogger friendly they were and I wanted to share a few bits with my fellow bloggers. When I shop it makes me feel better if I get others to shop too!

They have a selection of coasters, you can buy them individually or in a set. I really like the 'Stay Classy' one. A daily reminder when drinking my tea - love it. Are you really a true blogger if you don't own anything marble? You can never own too many notebooks, I have so many that are unused, I'm sure I'll fill them up with random lists in no time but for now they are good blog props at least. There are so many gorgeous MacBook skins -and lots in the sale too so it's totally acceptable to buy a few and change the look every few days. Let the world know you're a blogger with a blogger sweatshirt or just keep it in your office with pretty wall art. 


Marble notebook 
Blogger wall art 
Macbook skins 
Blogger sweatshirt 

There's even a light up phone case so you can achieve that perfect selfie! It's like this site was made for us! 

You can use the code Photojenn20 at the checkout for 20% off so take a look and see what takes your fancy!

I've been trying my best to up my Instagram game with the help of a few little items here and there. 

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  1. Great post! I don't have Coconut Lane in the US, but I totally relate to wanting to go on a little blogger shopping spree at times. I wish I had a ton of money and could buy a bunch of silly things for the shameless blogger aesthetic. My instagram would be enternally greatful! I really love that sweater though. I need to look into blogger fashion too!

    Breanna Catharina