Friday, 9 December 2016

A Date Night to your door

We're all busy people these days aren't we? 
I hear the excuse all the time "I'm just so busy" -a lot of the time this is me saying this excuse, of course! The sheer number of unanswered texts or WhatsApp messages just proves how busy (or just plain rubbish!) I am. 


It's hard to get a good work/play balance and I struggle to make time to fit everything in. There's seeing close family, distant family, blogging friends, Mum friends, work friends, best friends, couple friends, friends who aren't in the country for long... then for me it's fitting in time with my son and some well deserved 'me time'. It can be a hard job finding the time to fit in dates with your significant other too.


Even when you live with a person and see them everyday it doesn't necessarily mean you are actually having quality time together. Some days Sam and I don't even get to have a proper conversation at all in between running for trains, meetings, and school runs. 

Sam and I vowed to make sure we didn't lose our identities when we became parents. Our relationship started on such strong foundations, we've always enjoyed each others company whether it was having reduced Co-Op sandwiches for dinner or going out to Barbecoa. Although we could have a great time chatting away in an empty room I think finding new experiences together is part of  a healthy relationship. It keeps things exciting too, I can get really fed up if I'm stuck in the same routine for too long. 


 We aim to have a date night once a month but when money is tight or time just won't allow it it's nice to know we've now got another simple option. I had a chat with the guys over at Get Date Night and I absolutely loved the sound of what they did. They basically send out a box full of treats each month so that you can have a unique date night at home. 


When you sign up you enter your details and you can select if you would prefer your box to contain alcohol or not and the rest is a bit of a surprise!

Our box was the November box which had a chocolate theme. It arrived in a lovely black box (which I will definitely be keeping - I'm such a holder when it comes to boxes!)   and it was full to the brim with incredible goodies and everything was wrapped well so everything arrived in one piece. The card inside had our names printed on it which gives it a real luxury feel. Personalisation makes such a difference in my opinion, I just love it! That evening  when Sam got in we lit a few candles, put on some music, snuggled down on the sofa and got started. The easiest preparation for a date night ever! I didn't even have to do my hair or dig out a pair of tights that didn't have a hole in them! 

Each box contains an A4 print, I love that ours says "I love you more than chocolate". In this house that is big! I'll be adding that to my print wall as soon as possible. 

There was also loads of little chocolate treats with activities to go with them. I was expecting to just like... eat them but that's the great thing about these boxes, they don't just give you a load of treats, you can just get a tesco delivery for that! But Get Date Night actually plans a date night for you and supplies you with everything you need. This was more than just a hamper of goodies, it's an experience.

So as I said this box had a chocolate theme so it was all for an at home chocolate tasting experience. To do something like this out of the house would cost over £50 alone and that's without travel and the effort of actually going there. 


The activities involved were great fun and really interesting. One activity we tried was to try and guess the flavours of the chocolates.  It sounds easier than it actually was! The chocolates were wrapped in different coloured papers, we tried one each and on our score boards we guessed the ingredients and described the taste, texture and smell. It's nothing nasty - nothing like some sort of bush tucker trial if that's what you were expecting, all the usual ingredients you'd find in high end chocolate shops. Think vanilla, chili and rum. There was a sealed envelope with the list of answers and it was a lot of fun seeing how close we got (in my case, not at all).


The games got us talking for a good few hours an it was nice to have a glass of fizz to go with it all. It was a really good excuse to make sure we put aside time for each other and I think that is so important. I think especially when you become a parent it gets harder and harder to make time for quality time together.  The brilliant thing abut the date night box is that there's no need for a babysitter, this can be done when the kids are in bed and it goes a step further than just watching a film together. 

Everything you need is in the box delivered to your door and you can cancel at any time. For £39.95 a month I think that is pretty decent and much cheaper than going out. If your stuck for an idea of what to get a couple for Christmas I think this is a great idea!

*I was kindly gifted this but all views are 100% my own