Friday, 9 September 2016

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home Book Review

Mason starts school  soon, time has flown by ridiculously fast. Having an August birthday means he's one of the youngest in the year so with there being people in his class almost a year older I feel like there is a bit of pressure to make sure he doesn't seem really behind the older children. 


Luckily he's always been into reading and loves to sit down and have story time with me. I know that the more he reads the easier the transition to 'big school' is going to be. The key to keeping him interested is not only a good story but something he can relate to. I reviewed the fabulous The Little Boy Who Lost His Name which Mason adored as it was a story of a boy finding is his name and *spoiler alert* once the boy found his name he found out he was called Mason. A personalised book made it far more exciting for him. I was really pleased to hear that they have released another unique book 'The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home' and they've taken the personalisation a little further.


When ordering the book you enter your child's first name, select whether the book is for a boy or girl and pick a hair colour for the main character. Next is the interesting bit - you enter your address.

Wait for it....

The story takes the child through space meeting a few friends along the way. As the title suggests they are finding their  way back home. The repetition of Mason's name really got him smiling and he was so engaged in the story, the little characters are really cute too. 

The story gets more exciting as the child gets closer to home. From entering your address when ordering the book there is a page with a photograph 'from space' where you can see your street.


 Mason loved being able to see our car parked on the drive and even pointed out where 'little Tesco' was! It was a really nice touch and unlike nothing I'd seen in a child's book before.

As an added bonus the front cover glows in the dark which impressed the both of us! It really ties-in with the space theme.


There's a part to add a dedication so it's lovely to have a personal message printed inside too. 


For Mason's age it was the perfect length but for younger children you might want to read it over two nights.

The book is £19.99 which includes full personalisation and postage.  Although it seems pricey you are getting something truly unique that you will keep forever. It makes a perfect gift so I would really recommend ordering one for Christmas -anyone with kids is bound to appreciate how thoughtful  it is and it's certainly not only enjoyed by the children!

*I was kindly sent this for a review purposes but all thoughts are 100% my own 


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