Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Kate Moss Rimmel 15 Years Lip and nails

I swear sometimes I'm like a magpie - anything shiny and I'm there. Recently I was drawn to the golden hues shining elegantly from the Rimmel stand in Superdrug. 


Rimmel has been my bae since I was 15 (I can't get away with that can I...?) I always had a Rimmel kohl pencil in my school blazer pocket and their concealer stick covered many embarrassing blemishes. 

With Rimmel being so accessible and affordable it's great that someone as well known (and well...rich) as Kate Moss is such a huge ambassador for the brand. 

Last year I wrote about her Nude Collection, and both products have been regularly used ever since.

Kate Moss teamed up with Rimmel to release special edition nail and lip collections to mark their 
15 year partnership. Yep, 15 years. Can you believe they've been working together since 2001? Where has the time gone?


Together they've come up with 6 shades of Rimmel's Lasting finish Lipsticka selection of pretty nudes and reds. I picked out shade 54 Rock n Roll Nude which is an easy to wear peachy nude and one I think will be the sell-out shade. 


Naturally the Rose Gold packaging sold this to me straight away, for £6.49 it's a great price for a lipstick which is long lasting and also has a soft texture. I've always been impressed with the formula of the Lasting Finish Lipsticks. 


I couldn't ignore the nail polishes, there are 3 shades of their new Super Gel polishes -a gold, a nude and a BEAUTIFUL red. 

I have 071 Guilty Pleasure which is the gold shade. 

I didn't actually pay enough attention when I grabbed this as I was dazzled by the colour. As this is from the Super Gel collection it's suggested that you apply a Super Gel top coat to activate the self curing process. Basically that means it will last a good couple of weeks without the need to go to a salon and give you a bit more of a plumper look. 

As far as I could see the nail colour works fine on its own too. I never wear nail polish for longer than a week anyway, I like to switch things up too much but this would be brilliant for my honeymoon!

Even without a top coat it gives a beautiful shine and I love how the colour is so different. 


They retail at £5.99 and Superdrug currently has a 3 for 2 offer on. I know, I'm such an enabler. 

The reds of the collection are next on my list -perfect to take us into Winter. 

I'm personally  loving this collection. 

Get the London look indeed!


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayons

In my eyes Sleek have come a long long way. I've gone from owning a couple of their eyeshadow palettes (a staple in my make-up collection for years) to rushing to the counters whenever I hear of a new release. They are so affordable and they offer something a little bit different from the rest of the high street brands.


I was very excited to try out their new Power Plump Lip crayons. These offer a strong colour while plumping your lips at the same time. I don't think this has been done before, I've tried lip plumping lip glosses but I just hate the sticky feeling of a gloss so having something that plumps in a crayon form sounded great to me!


The packaging is slim and Sleek (I see what they did there) and the coloured ends make it easy to see what colour you've picked up -as you'll be buying a couple, obviously!

There are 6 shades available which are all so wearable. I think there is a shade for everyone, ranging from nudes to striking reds. I have 3 of the more 'every day' shades to try out. 

The 3 shades I have are-
  • Power Pink - a soft everyday pink
  • Notorious Nude - a 'my lips but better' nude
  • Colossal Coral - a soft peach-coral


They are very soft but really pigmented too which can be rare for a formula that's so creamy. They're lighter to wear than a regular lipstick so I think they are perfect for this time of year. 


Once you apply them your lips start to tingle, I quite like it but if you're not keen on that kind of thing then this may bother you, but it's the tingling that makes the lips plump. Now don't expect anything incredible, you're to suddenly going to be like Kylie Jenner but they do make your lips appear a bit fuller. This has been my recent insecurity - I go through phases! So these make me feel more confident and don't make me worry about my top lip disappearing when I smile (wahhh)  

There is a slight menthol scent 
and the tingle fades after a while though the colour remains for a good 4 hours.


I've found these perfect for quickly applying before I do the nursery run, they're so precise without having to really concentrate on what you're doing. The pointed tip means I don't have to line my lips so I can basically apply and run.

They're just £5.49 -an incredible price for such an innovate lip product - plus Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 offer on all make-up brands. 

*I was kindly gifted these but all thoughts are 100% my own


Monday, 18 July 2016

Kiss Lashes Review

I have been told that I don't need to wear false eye lashes, but a girl is never really satisfied, is she? I don't know about you, but I always want more- I'm just that kinda girl.


I've tried many many lashes in the past and while I love how they look, I find them a bit of a problem to wear. They either feel heavy or feel like they're trying to poke my eye out. I know pain is beauty and everything but there just has to be a better option?

I was sent a couple of bits from Kiss and I was really excited to try out a brand I hadn't tired before. Swayed by celebrity endorsements in the past, I just didn't get tempted by 'regular lashes'. I think this might have been where I was going wrong. 


First I tried the Natural Flourish Blooming Lash strip lashes in 'Daisy'. The difference with this is that they have 3 levels of lashes so they appear fuller. They are spaced out to add depth and fan out the lashes. 

Usually I use my Duo lash glue as glue that comes with lashes usually disappoint me but I thought I'd give these a fair test and I found to the glue to be excellent. It dries clear and held the lashes in place really well . There was no inner corners pinging off at all - i think this is down to the band being so thin and light. 


The layers of multi-angled lashes gave a  more natural look (whose lashes are all evenly spaces out in straight lines anyway?)  They felt really soft and light, definitely more suited for a night out as they aren't really subtle but they gave a bit of oomph to my make up that day for sure!


I haven't tried individual lashes before, to be honest I'd always found one strip lash a pain to apply so I steered clear of fiddly individual ones. But these are a total game changer! Rather than tiny single lashes the Kiss Haute Couture Natural Premium Lashes give you the control and precision that individual lashes give you but make it a great deal easier by grouping a few together.

These lashes come in little sets of 3. You still get to be precise but you're applying 3 lots at a time. Held together  on a clear, thin band they look really natural.  You can chose to apply as many as you like, where ever you like. 

There are two lengths to chose from 'short' and 'x-short which are great on the inner corners of the eye. It's much faster and easier to apply -I'd even say once I got the hang of it I found them easier to apply than regular strip lashes as I only had a small area to concentrate on at once. In the picture below I have two sets on the outer corner, I would add an extra one on the outer corner if I wanted a little more definition but I found these perfect to wear in the day time. 


Remove the lashes with a gentle eye make up remover or baby oil, take care of them and clean them properly you can wear them a few times. 

*I was kindly gifted these products but all thoughts are 100% my own 


Monday, 11 July 2016

Barry M Golden Sands Nail Paint Exclusive to Boots

One rainy day last week I took shelter in my local Boots (as you do!) and naturally I was drawn to the make-up counters and the new nail paints from Barry M caught my eye. Even though the weather was grey these new additions looked fitting for a weekend in ibiza. Golden tones make me think of warmer climates and if something can transport my mind to such a lovely scene so easily I have to have it.


The shades I'm referring  to in particular are the two Barry M Nail Paints that are exclusive to Boots stores. 

These 2 nude shades both have a real summer theme with their hint of sparkle.  The gold lids are stunning and  the bottle easily stands out amongst the other regular Barry M nail paints. 

I picked up Golden Sands, it's so unlike anything else in my collection. It's a beautiful nude with a golden tint due to the fine flecs of glitter in it. Usually you can't get this kind of look with one nail polish alone but Golden Sands disperses the glitter evenly with no fiddling about. 


I'm wearing 2 coats here along with my favourite top coat ever Bourjois 3D Gel Topcoat  .... must review that soon - it's SO good!

Worn alone it has a semi-matt finish if you prefer that but I do love a bit of gloss!  


This shade is exclusive to Boots for the excellent price of £3.99.

Barry M have also teamed up with Superdrug and also have 2 new shades. They have an exclusive pink that I've got my eye on! 

What are your thoughts?
What are your favourite Summer shades?
 Do you have any of the exclusive to Boots/Superdrug shades?


Monday, 4 July 2016

NEW St Tropez Medium In Shower Gradual Tan

It's not often a product is released that makes me go 
'Finally! Just what we've been waiting for'
 but  when St Tropez released the in-shower tan last summer I was really excited to try it out as soon as I could. 


Claiming to give you a tan while you shower it sounded like St Tropez had made a product that was going to save me so much time and make my life much easier. Applying  fake tan can be an all-evening affair. But With this gradual tan you slap it on in the shower and you can dry and get dressed as normal and it will develop throughout the day.

When I tried out the original in-shower tan I admit wasn't too impressed. The idea was great but I just didnt see the results I was after. I did find that I could get a shade nearer to what I wanted if I used to product a few days in a row and built it up but I wanted something more instant. 


The new medium shade gives me the desired result on the first go. Meaning this bottle will last me longer as I won't need to use so much of it.  The colour builds with each use so there's potential for an even darker colour too. I love it.

It's very simple to use -
  • Get in the shower and do your thing (y'no, wash etc)
  • Smooth on the tan ensuring you're not directly under the stream of water.
  • Wait 3 minutes.
  • Get back under the running water, rinse off and wash your hands.
  • Dry and get dressed as usual.

The tan develops throughout the day and there is no fake tan smell. You are left with a very even, natural tan. I am so pleased with not only how well it works but how easy it is to use too. 

If you weren't too impressed with the first versions results I really recommend you give this a try.

This retails for £14.50 and is currently on offer at Boots for £9.67