Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Sunkissed Bronze Professional Moisturising spray review

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to have a tan. Getting one from the sun is tough on the skin (and near enough impossible at the moment, Births Summertime, where you at?!) so I turn to the trusty bottle. There is so much choice about and I have mentioned many times in the past that you don't have to spend loads to get a great result. There are so many brands to choose from on the high street and most of them are pretty fantastic!


Sunkissed are a perfect example of that, for less than a tenner their latest product the Sunkissed Bronze Professional Moisturising Spray is kind to the bank balance and great to achieve a natural tan with no fuss.

Bronze Professional is the luxurious new collection from Sunkissed, it is specially formulated to simplify the tanning process, making everything quicker and easier for you. 

This tanning spray is quick and easy to apply and dries in less than 3 minutes, then in 60 minutes you have a lovely natural looking tan. There are two shades available, medium and dark. I don't like to do things by halves to I've tried dark. 

Containing Argan Oil it provides intense nourishment too, plus it actually has a lovely scent. 

Have I sold you so far? Well what if I also told you there was no colour transfer!? No staining your sheets or clothes. This is a massive plus for me! It seems like The day I put fresh bed sheets on is around the same time I decide to apply some fake tan and ruin the sheets. 

My legs haven't seen daylight for what feels like years so they are naturally so pale! Which is pretty annoying as the top half of me catches the sun pretty easily. I have a bit of a two-tone thing going on! This is why using fake tan is a must on my legs!

Want to see how it looks? Here are some 'before and afters'.

I had to try and distract from my terribly pale legs with some heels - smart huh? 


The difference speaks for itself...


This was after one application but as it takes no time at all you can apply it every other  day to maintain a natural looking  tan and look after your skin too. It's one step up from a tanning moisturiser really. Regular moisturising keeps the skin soft and the tan even and helps to make the tan fade evenly. If you want something quick and easy then this is a tan for you.

This is exclusive to Superdrug and it's currently on offer for £6.65 (usually £9.99)


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