Monday, 25 April 2016

Models Own Lilac Icing

So I've been away for a while. I was getting swamped with all kinds of things and I just wasn't myself. 

I'm making sure I take time for myself and my own health and to be honest I think blogging is a positive thing for me. I just have to try and balance life around it! That's the tricky bit at the moment.

Anyway I'm back and what better way than to share with you a favourite nail polish of mine, #manimonday and all that.


I'm a little late to the party with this particular Models Own collection. At the time this was released I had convinced myself that I really didn't need to buy any more pastel shades. Luckily I've come to my sense and I've found a new favourite shade in time for Summer.

The Icing Collection is just perfect in my opinion. The frosted bottles give the real 'icy' feel and make me think of cupcakes. -why didn't I use cupcakes in these blog pictures? That would have been a perfect excuse to buy cupcakes! dammit. 

Lilac Icing  is a bright lilac with a cream finish. It's almost pink but has a blue tone through it which makes it really unique. I love pastels and I love neons and this is a perfect combination of the two - I truly think this shade was made for me! 


Models Own have kept the names very simple so you know what you're getting  pink icing being pink, mint icing being mint etc. I like that. 
My absolute favourite thing is that the bottles show the colour on the top which makes it so much easier to dig out of my overflowing box of nail polishes!

These are available at Superdrug, Models Own bottle shops and the Models Own website. For £4.99 I think you should pick up a couple from the collection - I already have my eye on the mint one!

What are your favourite nail shades for Spring/Summer?


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