Thursday, 10 March 2016

Busy B Wedding Planning

As you might know, Sam proposed in November and of course I found that amazingly exciting and I can't wait for our wedding day, but I have found wedding planning really daunting!

I've never been one of those girls who used to play 'weddings' with a pillowcase draped over my hair and has had her big day planned for years so I didn't know where to start.


After the engagement we were quickly asked- 
'Have you set the date?'
'What Venues are you thinking of?'
'What colour scheme are you going to have?'
'What style of dress do you like?'

All of which were met with a blank face and I was filled with utter confusion.

Was I meant to have all this decided before I even had the ring?! 

None of this was expected of Sam of course, I'm learning that most people seem to expect the groom to just 'do as he's told' and basically just make sure he turns up on the day. That's not how it's going to work for us, it as much Sam's day as it is mine. 

Sam and I listed colours and we didn't really like the sound of any of them. Nothing was really 'us'. We weren't off to a good start! At the moment all wedding dresses look the same and with us living in Surrey there are just so many beautiful venues to choose from. 

With us both as clueless as each other I knew we needed something to inspire us and give us a kick start into planning the big day. 

I was introduced to the Wedding To Do's planner by Busy B and after a quick flick through I knew this was going to be a huge help.

It lists everything we need to think of, easily bullet pointing all aspects we need to consider. Not only that but it's all in small sections to make it easier to digest and take one thing at a time. 

Firstly giving you space to write your details and details of the proposal it slowly starts you off with the basics. Names of the Maid of Honour, Best Man, Ushers, Bridesmaids, Witnesses etc. -nice easy stuff!

Then the first checklist really gets the ball rolling. It gives you a quick guide of everything you initially need to think about. Inform family and friends which is an easy one to tick off, it's easy to do that almost immediately. Set a date a budget, pick a date, compile a guest list...

It reminds you of things to consider, like guest accommodation, menu options, locations and hen and stag arrangements.


Then everything is split into 4 sections.

  • Guest List -with room for names addresses along with boxes to tick off when the invites sent, RSVP is received, any gift is received and a thank you is sent out.

The next two sections are great at wedding fairs, you meet so many companies it's good to be able to separate them all and keep track of the ones you are interested in.

  • Wedding Day - To write down venue information, place names, menu, music, flowers etc and room for contact details of any suppliers you might need to get in touch with.

  • Wardrobe- Great for noting down detail of any dresses you like for you or the bridesmaids, or suits for the groom and groomsmen, and not forgetting hair and make-up too!

  • Budget -separating wardrobe, stationary ceremony, reception into estimates and actual costs. Sounds boring and a bit painful but necessary.


All lists have a cute little heart/tick boxes to check off when you complete a task - something I find incredibly rewarding!

There's 4 little pockets to keep everything in one place. At wedding fairs you get given so many business cards and leaflets it's a great way to keep hold of ones you need to look into.

I have it on my desk for when I get online inspiration and need to jot down some prices, websites or ideas. It's A5 so it it's a really nice size to carry around with you and the pen loop and elastic closure help to keep everything together.


Another fab product from the 'Bride to B' range is the Wedding Wall Planner. It's perfect to keep on top of the dates, it's easy for time to completely whizz-by (so I'm told) so this is great to make sure you keep to deadlines and get everything organised in time. 


You can pin the planner on your wall or it has a handy pouch to fold it up and get it out when you need it.

There is room for a whole year which, unlike a usual 'year to view' calendar you can start any time so you can really tailor it to your plans.

It includes useful stickers to mark the dates of special events (dress fittings, hen and stag nights for example) and it helps to get all the planning in order and keeps you on track.

The stickers are really pretty and make it really easy to understand at a glance so it makes life much easier and a little more fun! Who doesn't love stickers after all?!


These have both made wedding planning less scary and a lot more exciting. I honestly recommend Busy B to anyone who is planning a wedding, there are more fab products n the Bride to B range -including a great Bridesmaid Planner and Seating plan. The Wedding To Do's book in particular has helped me loads!

*I was kindly gifted these items but views are 100% my own


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  1. My Mum bought me this exact set when we first got engaged! Haven't actually used yet but this post has encouraged me to! Happy Wedding Planning!