Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Facial Wipes

Face wipes have had a bad rep in the last few years. Usually packed full of alcohol and all sorts of nasties they are not a great way to clean your face. "But they're SO convenient!" I hear you cry! I hear ya, I used to swear by packets of 'Clean and Clear' wipes, stocking up every time I was in Superdrug, thinking I was being such a good girl when I used them to remove my make-up before bed...

We've ALL had moments when we are too tired/lazy/too into Netflix binges to get out of bed to give our skin a proper cleanse and face wipes just make life easier. Wipes are handy to have in your bag, on the bedside table, great to take on holiday, and perfect for a general quick clean up. But not if they are full of damaging ingredients.

Neal's Yard Remedies have facial wipes I can get on board with.


Each wipe is 100% organic cotton and is enriched with aloe vera, white tea and lavender. I'm not a huge fan of strong lavender scents but I find these really fresh and subtle. They're really gentle and feel SO soft!

And while I don't condone skipping a proper double cleanse in favour of face wipes they are a great option to quickly refresh or remove the first traces of make-up before using a cream cleanser.

I use them to remove as much of my make-up as they can before applying my Calendula Cleanser to give my skin a thorough clean. They do a great job of removing dirt and grime, they don't remove heavy eye make-up but I'd always use a specific eye make-up remover for that to prevent rubbing the sensitive eye area. 

Neal's Yard Organic Facial Wipes are cruelty free, completely bio degradable and there's no alcohol or synthetic fragrances. These are definitely face wipes that you can't feel guilty about!



  1. Ah this is brilliant. I haven't seen any organic face wipes, thank you for the review x

  2. They're really expensive! I guess that's what you get for actually 'good' face wipes though.

    1. They are the same as No7 wipes and these are a lot better for you. You definitely get what you pay for :)

  3. My mum loves Neal's Yard and will have to tell her about these as I am sure she hasnt seen these