Wednesday, 6 January 2016

No7 Foxglove Nail Colour

I'm still on my search for the perfect pink nail polish. During a recent 'I'm just going to do some Christmas Shopping' trip I couldn't help but pick up a little treat for myself...  it always happens.

While taking a stroll past the No7 stand this magenta shade just jumped out at me. Though not literally, that would be weird.


Foxglove is great for the very welcomed transition from Winter to Spring - yes, I am jumping the gun here but for me, after Christmas it's officially the countdown to some sunshine! *smiley sunglasses emoji*

This colour moves on from the deep berry tones we all love in the colder months and gives it a bit of a lift.


I absolutely love it.

I found it really easy to apply, and after 2 coats it had a beautiful sophisticated finish. 


It lasted 5 days with a top coat with no chipping at all. It's rare that I have to remove a polish without any signs of wear at all. It really does 

Stay Perfect... gettit....

It's only £6 and if you've got a No7 voucher it works out to be a total bargain!



  1. I like your blog! Your nails look very pretty and the color is gorgeous! Makes me excited for spring :)


  2. Thank you so much for those lovely pictures! I love the color and your nails are beautiful!
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