Friday, 29 January 2016

January- What I Wore, Ate, Read, Watched and Used

Yea yea I missed the December Round-up, I'm such a rebel!
I was so late writing my November round-Up that the last one of the year has really crept up on me! 

In a nutshell, like all Decembers this one was busy busy busy! Christmas shopping and family time takes up most of December.  
I got absolutely full of chocolate  although I didn't eat nearly enough turkey and I'm already craving more pigs in blankets.

January has been pretty busy too. We bought a new car, we attended a wedding show to get some ideas, and we went out for food a lot. There's big changes on the horizon so there's a few things up in the air but it's all very exciting. The wedding planning has started and there have been some great new product releases too - which will be on the blog very soon.

What I Wore-
It was weird that I was only watching the Labyrinth a couple of days before David Bowie died (Actually it's not that weird, I'm always watching that film because it's BRILLIANT!) It's so sad that someone as great as him has gone, he really did mean an awful lot to a lot of people I know. It was only right to wear my "You Remind me of the Babe" Labyrinth top that my brother and his girlfriend bought me for Christmas. I believe you can buy it at Truffle Shuffle.


What I Ate-
WAFFLES! I know January is about being 'good' but sometimes you just get far too tempted by a dessert don't you? These cinnamon waffles were from Black's Burgers and are topped with toffee sauce and vanilla  ice cream. Look how big they are! Incredible. In the background Sam's got a 'Biscoff Blow' which is a biscoff biscuit milkshake with cookie butter spread, popping candy and chocolate sauce. I've mentioned Black's Burgers before and I seriously recommend them if you're ever in Surrey.


What I Read-
Another shout-out to the Surrey Massive. Local celebrity Joe Wick's Lean In 15 meals is another thing I've mentioned lots in the past so I had to pick up his book for some more recipe ideas. It's got so many meals that are all good for you and quick and easy to make too. It gives me the excuse to eat burgers and waffles if I know I'm eating relatively well the rest of the time. 

What I Watched-
I love the film Team America:World Police, it's the side of me that find ridiculously silly things hilarious. Of course as a huge West End theatre fan I had to make sure  I saw Book of Mormon which is written by the same people (who are also behind South Park). Some of the songs are shocking! I found myself gasping a lot but also laughing loads. It's very funny story on the Mormon religion and it points out a lot of the silliness behind the rules and how it all came to be. The songs are really catchy and if you're like me you'll be singing them for weeks afterwards. If you love South Park or Team America I really recommend you go and check this out - even if musicals aren't usually your thing. 


What I Used- 
I've recently been introduced to some lovely products from Neal's Yard Remedies. I've always noticed the pretty blue packaging and the gorgeous scents from the store but I've never actually tried anything out properly. I've been applying the Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil onto my skin after cleansing each night. I'm a big fan of face oils as I find it really soothing to smooth into my skin after a long day. This oil claims to restore radiance and nourish skin and I really think it's done the job. It's improved the appearance of my skin and cleared up dry patches and that's only after a week of use. My skin looks so much brighter and hydrated and I know my it's getting a whole load of goodness as it has 99% organic products. The oil really soaks in and doesn't feel too thick or heavy at all so it's fine to sleep in. 


So 2016 is starting off to be a good one. Lots of planning and exciting things ahead and everything continues to be on the way up. With the long old January being over February will be about catching up with friends, pancakes and of course -Valentine's Day!


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