Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Temporary Engagement with Gemporia

I got engaged in November (did I mention?!) and although Sam sneakily got me to measure my ring size one day while shopping it was actually over a year before he bought the ring and it turns out my fingers have shrunk since then!

My ring is a little on the large side and needs to be sent off to be re-sized. Over the Christmas period I didn't want to part with it as I was seeing family who would want to hear all about the engagement so I made do with some tape wrapped around the inside to make it a bit more snug. Not the most 
comfortable but hey, it did the job.


I'm aware I can't do this forever so the time has come to send it away for a few weeks. My finger feels bare without it so I decided I needed to find something to wear in its place.

Now, this is by no means a replacement, emotionally nothing will take the place of my engagement ring but I wanted something that was equally pretty and great quality too. 


Gemporia is the perfect place for a piece of jewellery that's unique and interesting, made with beautiful gemstones and really affordable too. They don't pay for store rental so they can really keep the costs of their pieces right down, they are roughly 57.5% cheaper than the high street jeweller. There's no big fancy box (though there is an option to purchase one if you so wish) so they are a great place to treat yourself without spending a small fortune. 


As you scroll through the website you are spoilt for choice there's a wide selection of gemstones such as diamond, ruby, emerald, morganite, opal, and topaz. And you can narrow the search down by the metal you are after, gold, rose gold, white gold,  silver, platinum and titanium to name a few.


It can be a bit worrying buying a coloured ring, you don't want something that looks like it's come out of a cracker. Even the most expensive coloured stones can look really cheap but there's some gorgeous Ruby and Sapphire rings for less than £200. 

I'm wearing a morganite and diamond sterling silver ring which is seriously sparkly! I love how it twinkles in the light. It has a similar 'cross-over' style of band as my ring which is why I picked it. It's going to be perfect to wear even when I get my engagement ring back too!

Ordering online can be a tricky business. I like a website to have all the information that's needed and Gemporia have detailed pictures along with really helpful videos of the rings so you can get a really clear idea of what the rings look like up close and see how they catch the light. I found this so helpful when choosing my ring. Along with customer reviews you can get a really good idea of what you're going to receive in the post.


If you've just got engaged and are in the same position as me this is a great place to go to keep your ring ringer... erm, warm..? while your engagement ring is in the shop. 

It's also the perfect place for presents, I'll be looking back over the site nearer to Mother's day and when I need wedding or birthday gifts. 

or even treat yourself to something beautiful - I know I will be!

*this was kindly gifted to me but all views are 100% my own



  1. Pretty ring, will have to check that website out!

  2. Oh Jen, I do like this ring a lot, it is fab x

  3. Such a pretty ring, love the choice over at Gemporia, might be tempted when it comes to my birthday!
    Sheila R @CakeReev

  4. The white gold diamond engagement ring looks so beautiful. I can't wait to get a ring like that. It was such a nice ring. Thank you so much and keep posting things like this.