Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Essie Collection

This week I decided to organise my nail polish. I'm a complete hoarder and there's so many colours it's hard to choose which one I want to wear, especially when I can't find what I want. Seriously, deciding what colour to paint my nails is the bane of my life (it's a hard life, I know).

Anyway, I got bored organising, and one to be easily distracted I noticed how pretty my Essie collection looked together. I  was suddenly inspired to write a blog post ...and put off further organising.


Essie is a brand I see as a bit of a treat without getting too extravagant. The high street has so many brilliant nail polishes that are really affordable, GOSH and Barry M in particular being excellent value for money. Sometimes it seems silly to spend £8 on a nail polish when there's so much on the market for half the price, but other times there's great unique shades that just jump out at me and I can't help myself. I'm only human after all.

I admit this isn't my whole collection, I also have Bahama Mama which is such a dark colour it just messed up the look of the picture -brutal, I know. Sorry Bahama Mama, I do it for the art. But you did get a mention in another post....am I talking to a nail polish...?

So, on to the rest of the collection. It seems that Essie is my go-to brand for paler every day shades with the odd interesting deeper colour creeping in there from time to time.

Cocktail Bling, Borrowed and Blue, Time for Me Time, Mint Candy Apple.

From left to right we have Cocktail Bling which isn't quite blue, not quite grey, it feels great in Autumn and it looks lovely with a glossy gel top coat.

Borrowed and Blue is a crisp, pale blue that I repurchased as soon as it run out a few years back. I wear it a lot and I always get compliments on it. 

Time For Me Time is a peach-nude. needs a little bit of building up if you want it to be opaque but it's really nice just swept on quickly and worn as  a sheer nude for something more natural.

wouldn't be a true blogger if I didn't own the infamous Mint Candy Apple. I picked this up at the Olympia Beauty Show at trade price. Even though I have loads of mint shades I needed to see what all the fuss was about. It doesn't disappoint. It's a lovely smooth colour with no effort at all and mint is a shade I wear all year round. 

Fiji, Stones N Roses, Muchi Muchi

Fiji was one of my first Essie purchases, it's a pinky-white and was a great alternative during the tippex-white nail phase. I found a lot of whites a bit garish on my long nails but this made my nails look 'done' without being too much.

Coral is another favourite of mine nail-wise, it's just gorgeous in the summer, tanned feet and coral toes is a complete winner in my opinion. Oh I miss Summer! I feel like
Stones N' Roses is a more mature take on the brighter corals I own and gives me a pop of colour even on dull days.

Lastly, I received Muchi, Muchi in my Nailbox and it's a really good everyday pink. Pink is a colour that can look awful on my nails if I don't get the tone right, I've always struggled to find the shade that's right for me. This one has a lovely blue undertone and took 3 coats to be opaque but can be worn sheer which really brings out the blue tones in the light. 

I added Leighton Denny glitter on top which made the colours look really pretty. I love how even a subtle glitter can change up the look of a nail colour with no effort at all. 


I may not be any closer to clearing out my nail collection but I have re-discovered a few more shades to wear this Autumn

What do you think of Essie polishes? 
Do you have a favourite shade?



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    1. Fiji is a huge favourite of mine, I think it is what started my love for Essie

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