Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Models Own Festival Nail Polish - Pink Wellies

I admit it's been a few years since I went to a festival. Even when I did go I can't say any of them were the best experiences of my life. I remember lots of tantrums, arguments, warm wine and a general feeling of icky-ness. I don't think I'm made for the camping lifestyle! Though it can't have been all bad as I returned 4 times, 3 being Reading Festival and the last try was V Fest.


I'm not a huge fan of camping, that's the biggest problem, I have a rule: 'if you re doing a poo on somebody else's poo then you've made a wrong decision' -I can't take credit for that, Joe Lycett said it on an episode of 8 out of 10 cats and I completely agree. 

There are some ok bits though, the music is good, there's a great atmosphere and I do enjoy the dressing up part of it. Long-gone are the days of slumming it, I never believed in the 'just using a wet wipe to wash for 4 days' thing. I'm a high maintenance camper. I always brought a cordless straightener with me, I used the showers (well, the tap in the campsite if the queue was too long) I drank my wine out of plastic champagne flutes and even my tent had a duvet and air bed (I'm not even joking).

My festival look was heeled wellies (or knee boots before I discovered my healed Hunters), knee socks with denim skirt and a  black t-shirt with a name on the back that matched the rest of my group. We did this properly!

One year we used very bright pink and orange lipsticks to draw all over ourselves and compliment our glow sticks .

Thankfully there are a few more options to have more of a festival look. I know some fashionistas have the whole Coachella thing down but it doesn't all have to be hard work. 

When I think of make-up and nails at a festival I want it to be fairly low maintenance but still have a bit of a fun look to it. It's a time to let our hair down after all.

Models Own have hit the nail on the head with their Festival Collection. They know bright colours are essential so have created a range to add some colour to your hair and body with their hairsprays, lipsticks and body paints. If that's a bit much they have a selection of neon polishes that will brighten up any mud covered outfit. 


Pink Wellies is a really bright neon pink. Think 'school highlighters' and you've got it. Unlike the Hypergel collection that I have a love/hate relationship with (great colour and finish but barely lasts about 5 hours on me!)  these last really well which is perfect for a weekend in a 
field full of people.

Even if neons aren't usually your thing they are a great way to loosen up a bit and try something different. for £4.99 it's a great price even if you only wear it once or twice then return to the office after the bank holiday with nude nails.

I really love a bright nail so this collection is right up my street, I already have my eye on the shade Purple Bandana which is a really vibrant purple unlike any shade I've seen before.


These are currently 3 for 2 at Superdrug so it's a great time to pick one up -technically it's free!

*I was kindly sent this for review purposes but as always all thoughts are 100% my own


Thursday, 20 August 2015

St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan Review

I have heard mixed reviews on the St Tropez in Shower Gradual Tan (bit of a mouthful, isn't it?) but naturally being the fake tan lover I am I had to see for myself. 

Claiming to tan you in just three minutes while you shower sounded too good to be true. I could tan without taking up an evening of my life? Great!


So off I trotted to Boots within a couple of days of it hitting the shelves. 
Patience has never been my strong point. I love the packaging, turquoise is a colour I'm drawn to and a nice squishy shower gel bottle makes it easy to keep in the bathroom without being too big and bulky. So far, so good!

The next morning in the shower I gave it a try. My legs were already fake tanned and my arms had caught the sun naturally. Clearly I hadn't planned this well! However my torso was completely pale leaving me a good blank canvas to try the tan out on. I smoothed it on my skin in circular motions which felt a bit weird without a mitt - 'Were my hands were going to tan too?' But I realised if I washed my hands straight away I'd be fine. phew.
The tan itself just feels like a moisturiser, only a little more slimy as it's being applied to wet skin. This was where my second alarm bell went off, 'Would it be even?' If some parts of my skin are more dry than others then surely it would react differently...?

The smell is quite sweet, it's almost almond-y, nothing like the fake tan smell I was expecting. It's definitely not unpleasant. 

It only takes 3 minutes to get to work as long as you're not under the water. How so  quick? ...and when can other tans do this too?!
I waited 3 minutes down the other end of my shower so I wasn't under the stream of water. I used this time to apply a hair mask as I knew I'd get impatient if I was just standing about.

When the 3 minutes was up I rinsed off and got dressed as usual. The tan starts to develop throughout the day. 
The scent of the tan when you apply is different to the one you're left with during the in the day when it's developing but it's not too noticeable, it does have a tiny bit of the 'fake tan' smell about it though. 

The other thing that's not noticeable is the colour. 

I took a 'Before' picture and even after 3 days/3 showers I'm yet to find a result for an 'After' picture that looks any different. It definitely wasn't patchy so I had no problems about it applying evenly but it's just not noticeable. 

I'm hoping this has put the idea out there for other brands (come on Cocoa brown, you could be on to a winner here!) to give it a go and get it right. At £14.50 it's a lot for a product that doesn't really do a lot. I'm hoping they work on the formula and make it darker or something. Maybe it's me, maybe I expect too much, maybe it's just my skin, but for me this was a bit of a fail.

Have you tried St Tropez in Shower Gradual Tan? 
Did it work for you?


Monday, 17 August 2015

Moleskine - Curiouser and Curiouser

This is a bit of an impulsive post. I treated myself to this Moleskine that 
I don't really need 
and I love it so much I wanted to share it with you.


I'm a huge fan of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It's one of my favourite books and always leaves me full of complete wonder and excitement when I read it. 

I love the way it's written, the nonsensical laungauge that still somehow makes perfect sense. I love the poetry, the and the way it just transforms your imagination. I remember actually enjoying studying the poems at school - and that's saying something! I can relate to Alice in so many ways, I very nearly had 'curiosity often leads to trouble' tattooed on my waist a few years back.

Of course the Disney cartoon is brilliant, and the Tim Burton film was really interesting to watch and draw similarities to the book. I'm such a geek when it comes to Alice.

Anyway on to the sketchbook. As soon as I saw the design I knew it was the one I wanted. I believe there are 4 available but this was my favourite. 


At  14cm x 9cm (that's about hand-size for those who can't be bothered to get a ruler) it's smaller than my other Moleskines but it's just the right size to keep in my bag for moments of inspiration. I think I might use it to note down any random thoughts or  moments where I'm just pondering. I could even write down some dreams in there - they are getting weird lately.

 To be honest I never stick to what my notebooks are actually for, they all get doodled in or get used as a diary for a couple of days before I forget. Either way I love looking back on them. In this digital age it's nice to have something physical to flick through. 

The inside cover has the quote-

"Everything's got a moral,
 if only you can find it"

and there are some gorgeous illustrations to go with it. I just love how it looks!

There's some little stickers in the pocket and the detail and quotes and passages on the inside which is such a nice touch. 


This one was about £9 from Amazon and it's only a couple of quid more the the larger size. I'm almost certain I need to get a lined version to add to my overflowing notebook collection.

I'd love to know your favourite book or if you're an Alice fan too.
And am I the only one that has a notebook obsession?


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipgloss

I have another absolute treat from Bourjois that I wanted to share with you. While the sun has been shining (on and off) I've loved wearing a coloured lip. I must say I'm usually more of a fan of lipstick and I don't give glosses a second look but when I won three of the Bourjois Lips Sweet Kiss Glosses I was actually pleasantly surprised.


Firstly the colours are all perfect for Summer, they have that lovely burst of colour that  shines through the gloss that makes me think of ice lollies! I like that the applicator is a small brush, I find brushes easier to apply than doe-foot applicators as you can get a better line along the edge of the lips.


The thing I love the most is how light weight they are, I completely forget I'm wearing them until a gust of wind comes along and blows my barnet straight into them! -can't be helped but my word is it irritating!


They really do give you a great high shine result with the feeling of bare lips and they offer 10 hours hydration too.

Now even though hair getting stuck on them does happen -I actually find it happens with almost all lip products but the gloss itself doesn't feel sticky on the lips, it's
vegetable oil enriched serum formula keeps lips hydrated and thanks to the use of the thin green oil famous for its nourishing properties the oil helps to give the lips a beautiful shine without looking greasy.

There are 6 shades available and I really love the three I have to try out, if I had to pick up 3 shades in a shop I would usually go for a pink, a coral and a red. 


From left to right, 02 Rose Qui Peut is a tender frosty pink, it has a real 'candy' feel about it with it's transparency it looks like a strawberry lollypop! It's a really nice subtle pink that's really easy to wear.

05 Orange Pressee looks orange in the tube but on the lips it give a little more of a coral shade to the lip. It's definitely got a tangerine undertone to it which looks lovely with a tan (I just need to get one!)

Usually if you're after big pigmentation a gloss isn't the place to go but the brilliantly named 06 Cartoon Rouge is such a beautiful striking colour and massively pigmented. It's a real 'Pin Up' colour and it's my favourite of the lot, you can't go wrong with a glossy red lip. 

Even if you're not usually a lipgloss fan these are really great, the first two shades are lovely and subtle and they all give such an elegant shine to boost your lips and give a real fresh look. 

They're £7.99 and both Boots and Superdrug have all Bourjois products on 3 for 2 so it's a great time to try one out. Superdrug give you a free pair of sunglasses and a make-up bag too making it an even better bargain!

*although I won these in a competition all thoughts are 100% my own


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

NEW Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara

I love finding a new must-have mascara and Bourjois have never let me down before. Their Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara is now available in an Ultra Black version. At the Bourjois event earlier this year the make-up artist told me that if I liked the Volume 1 Seconde Mascara then I'd love this one 10 times more.
That's a bold statement as I absolutely love that mascara and I recommend it to anyone!


But back to the Push Up Volume... Like all good mascaras it all starts with the application, slightly zig-zag the brush through the lashes to get right in there and fully coat the lashes. The brush gives you extra coats on the outer lashes for a fanned out effect and really opens up the eyes. 


The ultra black formula enriched with black pigments makes the lashes super black and bold which looks really great with a smoky eye. 

The name is there for a reason, it's Push Up formula really curls the lashes and actually lifts them up to create length. It really holds the lashes there too, claiming to stay put for 16 hours which means you can apply in the morning and be fine to go out for a few drinks after work! It really does last, I've not noticed any flakes or had any need to reapply at all.

In the pictures I'm wearing nude eyeshadow and the mascara alone. There's no liner, that's 100% pushed up lash right there. 


The thing I love most is that is how lightweight it is. I hate that clumpy, stiff feel that some mascaras give to lashes. This one doesn't make my lashes feel stiff and crispy at all, I can actually touch them (if I wanted to) and they move and return back in place and still brilliantly full and pushed up!

This one didn't let me down. I think the packaging looks really luxurious too and looks like it costs more than £8.99 which is about average for a high street mascara. If you're after a bit of lift in the lash department (well who isn't?!) this is well worth picking up.