Thursday, 30 July 2015

July - What I Wore, Ate, Read, Watched and Used

This year is going really quickly. June feels like it was only yesterday. I guess we've been pretty busy and a packed diary always makes the time fly. 

So this month has had it's ups and downs, we've had some new neighbours move in who aren't exactly pleasant, we never have much luck with neighbours! It's also been a year since my Grandad passed away so that's not been nice remembering how ill he was a year ago. But it's ok. We had some great days with our friends and family and we always come away from days like that with big smiles on our faces - you know when you're just grateful for lovely people? Anyway, here's a little round up.

What I Wore-
I've been wearing another little Ebay bargain. This grey skirt was about £7 and I've worn it to death. It's so easy to dress up or down and has been great on days that have been absolutely boiling. This has mainly been worn during the day with a variety of crop tops and wedges. I'm tempted to buy it in every colour to be honest!


What I Ate- 
You might have heard of the Body Coach - he's everywhere at the moment. Well he's from my area and is pretty much a local celebrity now. He's famous for his lean in 15 recipes that are easy to make and really good for you. Sam was on his meal and work-out plan last year so we've got a lot a book full of meal ideas which I go to regularly. 

The other week I made his stuffed peppers which are amazing. It's just red and yellow peppers stuffed with turkey mince which was been cooked with garlic, soy, and tinned tomatoes (you can add mushrooms but Sam isn't a fan) and then topped with mozzarella. It's really tasty and good for you too!


What I Read-
A while back my brother and his girlfriend bought Mason some Roald Dahl  books and he's just getting to the age where he's enjoying them, I'd forgotten how great they were. Revolting Rhymes brought back my childhood memories of being read them at school and they still make me giggle to this day. His version of Goldilocks and the three bears is absolutely brilliant. He points out how Goldilocks is a crook and broke into someones house and broke all their things but we still see her as the innocent one. He has a good point! This stuff is almost too good for kids!


What I Watched- 
I make no secret of the fact that my music taste is questionable. I love 80's cheese, boy bands, terrible RnB classics that remind me of my youth.... My iTunes 'most played' is a mixture of Queen, Robbie Williams, The Stereophonics, Basement Jaxx ,Justin Timberlake, Whitney Houston, Aerosmith, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, (it's quite the compilation) and Green Day. 
Yep, I love me a bit of Green Day. Most wouldn't think it to look at me (I hardly scream 'rock chic') but they are one of my favourite bands. So when my brother and his girlfriend asked if Sam and I wanted to join them to see the musical American Idiot which is based on their album of the same name, I jumped at the chance. It's a great story and if you love the album you'll enjoy the music a lot. It was the second preview and they had a standing ovation which was well deserved. I've been listening to the soundtrack ever since. 


What I Used- 
I recently shared my love for the Bleach Reincarnation Mask and I seriously love it! I absolutely recommend this to everyone. It's only £6 from Boots and makes my hair so soft. If you have dyed hair that needs a good treatment you should defnitely pick this up.


The August diary is so busy already. Mason turns 3 in a couple of weeks and although this year we're not throwing him a party Sam and I are planning some proper family time to celebrate. I'm really hoping the Summer makes a comeback -this Autumn-like weather is getting me down. Rumour has-it it's meant to get really hot again (here's hoping!) so as we're going into the last month of Summer *sob* I plan on enjoying it! 


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  1. I hope the sunshine comes back soon too!! The peppers look delish, I do love stuffed peppers but not have any in ages! x

    Jasmin Charlotte