Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Travelo Review

I always like to have a bottle of perfume on me. No matter how expensive it is I always feel the need to reapply throughout the day. I admit I have been that annoying person on the train who sprays themselves before they get off, leaving the carriage choking -sorry not sorry. 

 I don't always wear the same perfume everyday and I very rarely clear out my handbag. This means it often gets to the point where I'll have 3 or 4 bottles thrown in which really weighs my bag down. No good for the shoulders or the strap!


Other than carrying around mini testers which tend to be fiddly and leak, what other option is there?

Well I'll tell you.


A Travelo is a very aesthetically pleasing little atomiser to keep your perfume on you without lugging around a big bottle. I have a pretty little gold one but it is available in 10 colours -I recommend a bright one as they're easy to find in your bag!

You easily transfer the perfume of your choice into the hand sized atomiser and you have a handy travel sized bottle to keep with you. 

The process of filling it up is so simple. You just take the lid off your perfume (so it's just the little stick) and pump the Travelo on it so it fills up with your perfume. 


It takes no time at all and there's no mess. This also means that the perfume is never contaminated by exposure to the air as it goes straight from one bottle to the other. Its so easy and it doesn't leak at all. No mess what so ever. 

It can hold 5ml of perfume which is 65 sprays, I've never really thought about how many sprays is in a perfume bottle, I feel like that's what they should measure them in now. 150ml means nothing to me!

Anyway, You then have a compact version of your perfume to carry around with you.


It's small enough to fit in your pocket and is perfect for festivals and great for hand luggage too. I was slightly concerned it would leak if it was knocked about in my bag but my perfume stayed put, it's really robust, it's shatterproof and leak proof so there's basically nothing to worry about.

You can take out the middle and swap it with other scents so there is no need to wait til it runs out before you add another fragrance. The window on the side makes is easy to see when it running low so you aren't going to be caught short while you're out. They've thought of everything, it's a really great product and I think they are the perfect present for every girl you know!

You can get a Travelo from Debenhams for £12.50 

Have you tried a Travelo before?

*I was kindly sent this product for review but as always all thoughts are 100% my own


Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to Work Off your Wimbledon Favourites

Wimbledon always creeps up on me, and I live pretty close to the town so it only hits me when the traffic warning signs start going up. It is the ultimate British sporting event and for me it says 'SUMMER IS HERE!' -even if a lot of it gets rained off! 

I admit I have very little interest in watching tennis, I just can't sit still for that long! But you can't help but love everything that goes along with it. Picture the sunshine, the strawberries and cream, the crisp-white outfits, glasses of Pimms, champagne, cucumber sandwiches, scones and tea. Ohh So British!

You'd have to get up there and play a couple of games yourself to work off those treats! But how much? Here's a little guide to show you how much you would need to play if you want to indulge a little.


Just 2 minutes of tennis to work of a cup of tea? - I can work with that!

Alcohol is the one that I am known to (for want of a better phrase) BANG ON about. But when I learnt how calorific drinks were I wasn't surprised why I was at my biggest during my heavy drinking days! Just stick to champagne - it makes you look classy and it's kinder to the waistline! Though a glass of Pimms is just so tempting in the sunshine. If you want to work those 234 calories off you'll have to play tennis for 32 minutes - you'd think all that fruit would cancel it out!

I would have told myself I was being super duper healthy if I was tucking in to a bowl of strawberries but adding 75g of double cream to 10 strawberries means you would be running about on that court for almost an hour to burn it off! Might as well have another glass of Pimms...

I reckon everything is ok in moderation but it's good to know these things. Being educated is never a bad thing. It's only once a year anyway, go and cheer on Andy Murray or... whoever! and treat yourself!

Central London Apartments offer some great places to stay in the capital. They specialise in serviced apartments in great locations which are great for a mini break. I have a code to give you 10% off selected apartments on stays taken before the end of the year, just enter the code PJ10.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Square Snaps Greeting Cards

It seems you can do almost anything with your Instagram pictures these days. Magnets, Photos... MARSHMALLOWS! It's a great way to get a little creative and even make some lovely personalised gifts for someone.

I personally love that because I personally love anything personalised.


Square Snaps let you print out your pictures so they aren't just stored on your phone and left there until they are forgotten about and eventually disappear into oblivion. I mean, how often do you look back through your old Instagram shots? There must be so many hidden gems I've completely forgotten about. It's not all about gaining 'likes' you know, these are memories people! 

They give you the option to make Instagram prints in a variety of sizes from their Mini Snaps which are a diddy 2.5" up to Super Snaps which are 8" wide. You can even opt for Polaroid style pictures which look great.

They have another option which is great for Fathers Day. I've printed 10 Greeting cards and it couldn't have been easier to do.


After selecting the 'Greeting Cards' option on their website you then upload your images. You can choose to upload from Instagram or from your computer if you prefer. I personally mix and matched. The pictures are then printed on 6"x6" card and sent out to you. 

It's really given me the chance to be a bit creative. With Fathers Day coming up I had not only my own Dad to think about but Mason needed to sort out a card for Sam. I always like to  put a lot of thought into my cards, and I knew this was going to be a way to give them something personal and it was going to look like something you could buy in the shops. A homemade card without PVA glue - awesome!

I've now got my Father's Day cards sorted and some extra ones to send little notes to friends and family as and when I need them. I'm sure they're going to put a smile on everybody's faces.


The cards were nicely packaged and through my letterbox within 3 days. The set of 10 cards was £9.90 with free delivery. I did find that a couple of the images looked a little grainy so make sure you have a high quality image.


I'm looking forward to sending these out, I'm even tempted to keep a couple for myself!... it's weird to send yourself a card, right?

Why not print personalised greeting cards yourself? Order them now so you get them in time for Fathers Day!
If you use offer code photojennic10 you will get 10% off your order if you order before 7th July.

*these were kindly gifted to me but all views are 100% my own


Monday, 15 June 2015

Looking Back with a Smile

Do you have a part of your life that you look back on and smile? Some people look at their school days, some their childhood holidays, mine was my job in the city.

It might sound silly but it was a massive part of my life and it actually changed my life massively too.

I was living with my parents in Epsom, I was in a pretty safe and simple relationship. I'd just gotten over a bout of terrible illness and I was ready to do something with my life. I was getting very bored with retail jobs and life in general. I knew I needed to find something that kept my interest. 

I went along to a makeover day with a friend. You might be familiar with them, they cost nothing, they give you a make over, a few glasses of something alcoholic, take your pictures and then offer you the photos to take home for an obscene amount of money. Although I hated my pictures and they didn't get a penny from me I did come away with something that day. I realised what I wanted to do. I wanted to work there, maybe not even there, but something like that. I was a great host, I had great people skills, and a love for all things make-up. 

When I got home that evening I started the job search, I spruced up the CV and emailed a bunch of companies. Within a few days I was offered an interview at a studio in central London, I remember seeing people who are now some of my best friends and feeling right at home straight away. Everyone looked so fun and friendly, they were all so pretty too! It was a million miles away from anything I'd experienced in my tiny town in Surrey - this was exciting! Thankfully I was offered the job that day and that's where it all began.

I worked with an amazing group of girls and it didn't have a bitchy feel to it at all. Obviously at times we had our disagreements but it was never serious. We had a team of about 14 and no day was ever the same, we all had different shifts so we didn't get sick of each other, it kept it fresh and I think that's a big reason why we all got on so well. It helped that we worked really well together too.

I moved to London with my then-boyfriend, my then-best-mate and her boyfriend. It made it much easier to get to work and even easier for me to stay out! I lived for our Friday nights out - often extending them to the odd Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday night out too! I ended up loving my work life more than my home life.  These people 'got me' and I absolutely loved my job. Seeing our clients transform every day after having their hair and make-up done was lovely and I became really target driven, really passionate about what I did and I found something I was very good at. I was finally feeling good about myself. It was great mixing with people from other departments - even more so when Sam started working there! I fancied the pants off him! 

When I had days off I was miserable, my home life now seemed so boring and it made me feel old before my time. I was 24 and most nights we had planned meals, planned meal TIMES and hours of BBC Three. I was avoiding everyone, I would often go out early to see my parents, meet friends from work or even just go shopping on my own -just to avoid being indoors with everyone. It wasn't like we were under each other's feet, it was just that we didn't click any more, the relationships had gone stale and we'd outgrown each other.

Work was my escape, work made me happy. I was the happiest version of myself. I was earning a fair bit of money and I could afford to go out a lot and to shop a lot. I should have put money into savings really but I was young and I was having too much of a good time! I had the life I wanted - most of it anyway. 

I worked as much overtime as I could and when I wasn't working I was out having meals or going for drinks with work friends. They knew me better than my (then)best friend and my (then)boyfriend. I remember my (then)best friend came to see me at work, she overheard me chatting to a client and commented that I didn't sound like me - I realised she didn't even know me any more, this was me! I actually hated being off work, once it worked out that I had 4 days off in a row and I asked my manager to never do that to me again! Even coming back from a holiday in Cuba I was so excited to get back in and see everyone. 

We had some incredible nights out together, followed by some very difficult 9 hour shifts that we helped each other through! 

I made great bonds with some incredible people. I felt liked and understood and some of those guys got me through some really tough times. I had the friend group I'd always read about in magazines. These girls (and one guy) had my back, we all supported each other. We had our fall-outs but we always had it out and made up. I had the friends I could go to with problems, the one that had me in stitches, the people I could tell my deepest darkest secrets to, there were the ones that were beautiful inside and out, the one who had all the answers, the one who would give you their honest opinion, the one who would listen intently, the one who would put me in my place, and the big handful who were excellent to party with! And to top it off there was Sam, who changed my life the most, I won't go into it too much but I've never fancied someone like I did/do him and we had the biggest connection straight away. I'm very lucky we ended up together (and have a child together!) as I don't think there is anyone more perfect for me.

So as dramatic as it sounds this job changed my life, I grew up a lot and found out who I really was. I made some excellent friends, and although I see them less, I am even closer to some of them now then I was then. These girls never fail to make me smile and although I've drifted apart from a couple of the girls and guys from 'the good old days' each one has a massive place in my heart and has left me with the best memories.

I'd love to hear what makes you look back on and smile, let me know in the comments.


Friday, 12 June 2015

Concoction Shampoo - The one you mix yourself!

Shampoo can be a little boring can't it? It can also be a little difficult to find one that suits all of your needs, fine, dry, or colour treated -what if I'm all three? 

Concoction  is a shampoo where  'You Call The Shots' -literally.


You can play scientist for the day and create a shampoo that's unique to your hair type. You simply chose a base Nourish and Protect ShampYou, there are  4 scents to choose from-
  • Bakhour -a woody blend of Arabian spices
  • Black Pepper and Citrus -an energising and indulgent mix of Black Pepper with a hint of Citrus
  • Lemon and Verbena - a refreshingly light blend of Citrus and Verbena
  • Rosmary and Mint - a vitalising mix of Rosemary, Peppermint and Tea Tree. 

Then you add 2 shots of serum depending on your hair type. It's completely tailored to you.

I received my own Concoction to play with in my goodie bag from the Hot Hair event and I've really enjoyed trying it out.

The scent I tried is Rosemary and Mint which is lovely and refreshing. It is also free from parabens and silicones.

The fun bit is adding the shots of serum. There's 8 shots to chose from which can treat red, blonde or brunette hair, create volume, smooth frizz, protect and add moisture. You pick two to add to the bottle by simply snapping off the top, pouring it inside and giving it a good shake.

The two I was given to try are great for me. I have the Thermo Straight Super Serum which gives extreme protection from heated appliances while it also repairs and soothes the hair making it strong and glossy. There's also added Aloe and Cucumber to hydrate. I use my straighteners a lot less than I used to but I still like to make sure I use heat protector when I do.


My second shot was Gimme More Moisture Super Serum. My hair is really dry at the ends so this is just what I needed. Filled with Aloe, Cucumber and Panthenol it nourishes and quenches damaged hair. It helps to eliminate frizz and leaves the hair soft and shiny.

You can mix and match no more than 2 of the shots, you can even add two of the same for a double shot.


It's a lot of fun mixing up the bottle, it really makes it feel like it's personal to you and I love that I can completely tailor it to my hair type. I found it really smoothed my hair and it felt clean and fresh too.

You can buy the shampoo in Boots for £11 and it's £1.50 for each shot. £13 for the lot is pretty reasonable I think. 

How do you feel about mixing up your own shampoo?

*This was a gift but I was in no way obliged to write this review and all thoughts are 100% my own


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Making Memories

I've always been into photography, I'm not a wiz with a DSLR by any means but I have always loved taking pictures and creating something out of them. I print out my pictures as much as I can and I love flicking through old photo albums - yep, I still have photo albums! I'm such an old woman.


I like my walls to have great things to look at too, but I hate mass produced art. I'm just not a fan of something that anyone can pick up for a tenner on the high street, I like things to be personal rather than just match my cushions. 

It's nice to have something that means something and makes me smile. With canvasses being so easy to get hold of now it's a such a simple way to show off your pictures and have your memories right where you can see them.

Did I mention we went to Disneyland...?! I've mentioned we had a great time and seeing Mason running up to the castle with such excitement was incredible. 


The picture is something that instantly makes me smile and as soon as I took the picture I knew it was going to be one for the mantelpiece (...if I had a mantelpiece - oh you get my point, it's an expression!) 

YourImage2Canvas  make it very easy for you to make your pictures into a special canvas for the home. You simply select the shape and size you want using the online form which is SO easy to understand with it's pictures to demonstrate what you're after. 


You choose the size which can be anything from 4 inches to 100 inches which gives you plenty of options. You can choose whether you want the depth to be one or two inches and you can customise the sides with a custom colour, plain white or you can simply have the image wrapped around it. Upload your picture and you're good to go.

Mine is 20 X 16", 1 inch deep and the picture is wrapped around the edges which costs £30.99. I'm so pleased with it, I absolutely love how it came out. *brainwave* I think I might have to recreate the picture every year that we go and put all the canvasses next to each other - how great would that look?!


The quality is brilliant and I received it the day after ordering! I was really impressed with that - especially as the delivery is free. It was packaged really well so there is no worry about it being damaged in transit. 

Considering the fast delivery I think one of these is a great Fathers Day gift, especially if you have to try and think of something last minute -always the case for me, why are Dad's so hard to buy for?! I really am so happy with my new canvas and I look forward to creating new pictures for my walls as the years go on!

*I was kindly sent this canvas but as always all thoughts are 100% my own


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Disneyland Paris Photo Pass+

When I was planning our trip to Disney I had heard about the Photo Pass that they offered but I couldn't find a lot of information on it. I like to try and get an idea of how much money I need to take with me so working out what 'essentials' I needed to buy was a must before our departure.

As I'm a huge Disney fan and this was going to be Mason's first trip as well as our family holiday I knew it was going to be special. I knew I would want to look back on loads of pictures.
The Disney Photo Pass+ sounded like a great idea so I made sure there was money in our budget to purchase one when we got there.

The idea is that you have your own pass that you hand in at any attraction with a ride photo and they upload your picture to your personal online account for you to print when back at home. It's valid for 10 days after your first use which was plenty of time for us as we were there for 5 days and the pictures remain in your account for a year so there's no rush to print them straight away if you don't want to.


We bought our pass in our Disneyland Hotel for 29.99 as we had a voucher but the full price is 49.99 which is still well worth it if you ask me. You are given one pass to wear around your neck which makes it really easy to have on your for rides and there are 2 smaller ones the fit in your pocket if you prefer. You create your account at DisneyPhotoPass and after a ride, just hand over the pass at the photo counter while giving them the number of your ride photo, it will then be added to your account as high a quality file.

 If you're planning on going on lots of rides this baby pays for itself! Even though we were restricted to just Pirates of the Caribbean and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast due to Mason being too small for anything else with a photo we still got 12 ride photos out of it -we spent a lot of time on Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast!
If we were going on the bigger rides too we would have had loads more ride photos as Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain: Mission 2, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock N Roller Coaster all take your photo.


But it's not just the rides photos! You can also hand in your pass to any Disneyland Photographer in either of the two parks. That's the guys taking your picture with the characters. If you are planning on meeting the characters this pass is a must because the photographers caught some amazing moments and the photos are much better than I could have taken -plus it meant I really got to witness the moments where Mason met his idols instead of messing around with my camera.

We had 36 pictures with the characters and that is what made the pass a complete bargain. I might be wrong but I think it was 15.99 to buy one individual picture so for the price of 2 pictures we had our pass! 


When we got home all our pictures were in one place on the website and it was really easy to download to our computer. The website does give you the option to print from there along with other options like photo books, mugs and calendars but if you prefer you can just print them yourself through whoever you like.

I  personally think the pass is a brilliant idea so I wanted to share this info for anyone who is going to Disneyland Paris  this year (you lucky buggers!)

Are you going to Disneyland soon?

Have you been before? Tell me all about it - I love anything Disney!


Thursday, 4 June 2015

Next Lingerie Set

I admit I keep it pretty simple when I buy underwear, it rarely has a pattern to it at all. But on the other hand I don't have anything very practical, for years I wore all black to work and I wore coloured underwear sets underneath to make myself feel like I wasn't being as dull as I seemed. Although nobody could really notice (apart from the odd neon bra strap here and there) I felt good. I think that's what nice underwear does to you, it's personal, it's for you, it's your own personal secret and it can make you feel great!


My most recent underwear purchase is from Next. I say 'purchase' but I actually won a set during a Twitter chat and when I was asked to pick out something from their range I decided to venture outside of my comfort zone -patterns! 

I picked the Carrie Butterfly print set, the coral and blue print against the pale pink stood out to me and I thought now was the right time to try something different. All of the colours are so pretty and feminine and it is the complete opposite of my bright cobalt blues and neon pinks that take up my underwear drawer!

When it arrived in the post it was even prettier than I thought and I'm glad I picked it, it feels lovely and girly and is very fitting for this time of year.

It is soft without any of those annoying 'sharp bits' that some bras seem to have and it feels really supportive at the same time. For £12-£14 it's a great price, even better as they are currently on offer at 2 for £22. 
The matching pants are pretty too, I love the lace either side and they are part of a 3 for 2 promotion at the moment so it would be rude to not treat yourself! -I'm terrible if there is an offer on!

The great thing is the Carrie Microfibre bras come in a range of colours and designs and from sizes 32AA to 38DD so they cater for a wide range. I've got my eye on a baby blue set.

This is my first underwear set from Next but I don't think it will be my last!

What kind of underwear do you go for? 

*I won this in a competition and although I didn't pay for it I was not obliged to write a review -I just wanted to share my thoughts!


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Coloristiq Nail Polish Rental Box Review

Another month another Coloristiq box. This is my 5th box and if you haven't heard Coloristiq is a monthly nail polish rental box. It's a great way to try out some new shades or brands without shelling out on loads of nail polish.

The box is £14.99 a month which is brilliant when you see the brands available. In this box I received all China Glaze polishes but they also stock OPI, Essie and Morgan Taylor which are all high quality brands with a great selection of colours and glitters.


The way it works is-

  • Create a Wish List of shades you like. Even prioritise the ones you'd like to try soonest.
  • When your box arrives you can try out each shade up to 3 times each  -that's 2 coats on each nail. 
  • After 30 days make sure the bottles are clean and packaged nicely. 
  • Use the postage stickers provided to send your box back.
  • Another box with new shades will be through your letter box and you start again.

It's all very simple and a really great way to save money if you are a nail polish addict like me!

Here's a look at the shades I received this month.

Passion For Petals is a pink toned red. It's a really lovely shade and unlike any other pink or red I own. It makes me think of Summer cocktails! It applies brilliantly too, you could actually get away with only one coat of this one.


Pack Lightly is a really new release from China Glaze, it's from the 2015 'Road Trip' collection so you can see there are some really current shades to choose from. It is a light peach which verges on the neon side of things. You know I love a bight nail!  Like last months Dashboard Dreamer this has a slight shimmer to it too but is only really noticeable in the right light. It's a gorgeous shade for Summer.


I was surprised by this one, I thought I was going to love  Towel Boy Toy as I love a vibrant blue nail but the finish wasn't for me. It felt a little thin and I'm not a huge fan of the satin finish. This is why the rental box is such a good idea. Normally I would have picked up that bottle and wasted £5 on a colour I didn't actually like wearing. But with Coloristic I tried it out and I can send it back safe in the knowledge that it's not for me and I didn't end up adding another shade to my collection that will just gather dust.


I think Pack Lightly is my favourite of the lot and I think I'll have to purchase the bottle for myself soon.

I love bright nails, if you have a favourite bright shade share it with me so I can check it out (and no doubt add it to my collection!)

What are your thought on a nail polish rental box?