Sunday, 31 May 2015

May - What I Wore, Ate, Read, Watched and Used

It's time for a little round up again. April was pretty relaxed and I was basically counting down to our trip to Disney! Sam and I celebrated being together 4 years on the day we got there so that was lovely. I could easily have made this Round-Up completely about Disneyland but I restrained -It was only 5 days out of the month after all! It was incredible though and I might dedicate a whole post about it at some point. The rest of May came and went very quickly, it doesn't feel like it's June tomorrow! I feel like we've been cheated out of nice weather to be honest! It needs to get warmer! So anyway, here's a little more about how May was for me... 

What I Wore- I moved back to Epsom when I had Mason so  I was closer to my Mum. It meant I left a lot of my friends in London and even though it's only half hour away it's still too far at times. Any time I am feeling down I arrange to see the girls and I end up feeling loads better, they just have a way of making me smile every time I see them. This is what I wore for a little catch up in Nandos, Kings Cross. The crop top is one I wear a lot from Topshop and the slouchy joggers are from Dorothy Perkins. Quite a casual 90's pop star look but dressed up with my wedges. Comfy in Khaki!


What I Ate- While in Disney we went for a meal at the Steakhouse in Disney Village one evening while Mason was asleep. It was really nice to have a bit of couple time. Everything we ate in Disney was lovely and this meal was one of the best, Steak, salad, chips and crusty bread with decent butter (the butter makes all the difference!) I was too stuffed to even touch the chips as the steak was so amazing. It was a really nice way to break up the day before we headed for a couple more rides and the end of day fireworks.


What I Read- didn't do a lot of reading. I was mainly looking up reviews of Disney restaurants and finding out lots of tips and tricks. I spent a lot of time reading the Disney programme working out what we were going to do next.


What I Watched- A lot of people hate it or gave up watching years ago but I am a big fan of Big Brother and I am loving this series! They are being ruthless and  really stirring it up. There's not one dull housemate and it's still early days and so much has already happened. New housemates went in on Friday and I think they are fantastic, yes they are annoying but that's the point! Marc is going to cause so much drama it''s going to be great to watch.

What I Used- picked p the Garner Micellar Cleansing Water for combination and sensitive skin after loving the original so much and feeling like this was ore for my skin type. But I actually think it broke me out a bit, there's something about it that my skin doesn't like so I'll be picking up my trusty pink bottle again soon. I took a pack of the wipes to Disney with me to save space in my suitcase and as it was only for a couple of days I didn't see it as 'too bad' -they did the job and were nice and light on my skin.


We don't have a lot planned for June right now but I'm just hoping for some amazing weather! 

I'd love to hear how May was for you in the comments!



  1. OOh look at that figure of yours! I love those trousers x

  2. I love that crop top and khaki trousers it looks beautiful on and omg I haven't seen any BB I keep forgetting to put it on xxx