Thursday, 28 May 2015

Disneyland Tag

I'm on a Disney comedown. All the hype getting excited about going, buying loads of Disney themed clothes to take, literally counting down the days and then it comes and goes so quickly. It's over. I'm back living real life now - it's just not the same! 
When I saw this tag on Bee's blog I knew it would help me string out my latest Disneyland experience a little longer and relieve a few of the memories.


Hell, If I get a chance to talk about Disney, I will!

1. What year did you first visit DLP and how old were you?
I've wanted to go  all my life but I didn't actually go to Disney for the first time till I was 21 and I still loved it as much as any kid!

2. Which of the Disney hotels have you stayed in, if any, and do you have a favourite? I like to make sure the money I have for Disney is spent on presents and food so I wouldn't want to fork out on an expensive hotel. You're out for 90% of the day so as long as there's a bed and a shower I'm happy. I've stayed in the Cheyenne and Santa Fe hotels which are close enough to walk to the park but not expensive at all. I think I prefer Santa Fe as it has a Disney Cars theme which looked really great. 

3. Let us in on where the best places to eat within both parks and the Disney Village are. We had such a good meal in The Silver Spur Steak House in Frontierland. It was a lovely 3 course meal and the main was Flank Steak and chips - though I didn't even eat the chips the steak was that good! Flank is the cut just under the ribs so it had that sort of rib-taste to it and it's gorgeous! Also I have to give Cafe Mickey a mention. It has lovely food and of course you get the added bonus of dining with the characters which was incredible. Having Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Tigger entertaining us while we ate was brilliant -even for the adults. It's well worth the money. It's easy to head for places we know like Planet Hollywood and Rainforest Cafe but we have those in London so I like to try out something new.


4. Where is your first port of call when entering the Disneyland Park?
Straight down Main Street to see the castle of course! It's impossible to do without grinning ear to ear!

5. Do you have a favourite ‘land’? If so why? I don't think I do. There's great things about each one. I love how Fanstasyland is just so 'Disney' with the castle in the middle surrounded by pink houses -it's all so pretty. Frontierland and Adventureland just look brilliant, you just get sucked into the the Cowboy and Pirate themes in seconds. And Discoveryland has the Buzz Lightyear ride and Space Mountain. 

6. Which ride could you ride over and over and never tire of? I do love 'Indianna Jones and the Temple of Peril' and The 'Rock N Rollercoaster' but we had to keep the rides more child-friendly this time around (annoying....) but I do really enjoy 'Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast' and I'm hoping when we next go M will be tall enough for Crushes Coaster as I love that!


7. Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios park? I prefer the main park - it's the one with the castle! I flit between the 2 throughout the day. I find Disney studios easier to meet characters as it doesn't get as busy and it's got a little more to do that's inside so it's a good place to spend a rainy day. 

8. Tell us about your favourite character meeting ever at DLP. I love meeting all of the characters but seeing M meet them was incredible. Donald Duck was the first he met and I wasn't sure how he would be but he ran and gave him a big cuddle and kissed him on his beak. It was adorable. Even as an adult you can't help but get excited too see them and when they wave at you on the parade it always makes you smile.

9. What is a parade/show from any year that is most memorable to you? This years 'Disney Dreams' fireworks display was fantastic. Even though it was on at 10.30pm after a very tiring day it was a perfect ending. They project pictures on to the castle and it looks great. As it was all about Peter Pan's shadow M was totally in awe of it and it brought a tear to my eye. It's all very clever and really beautiful 


10. You can only ride one – Mad Hatters Teacups or Dumbo the Flying Elephant? Flying elephant, you get amazing views of the park and it's nice to control going up and down. 


11. What do you think is the best attraction in the Walt Disney Studios park? Oh that's a tough one. I really think Animagique is a great show to go and see and I think my favourite ride overall is probably Crush's Coaster.

12. Describe your happiest Disneyland Paris memory of all time. This is an easy one. M's favourite is Peter Pan, he loves him. He was dressed in his Peter Pan costume to watch the parade and as the Peter Pan float came around the corner he got so excited. We were at the front and one of the Pirates saw M and shouted to Peter that he was there. Peter went crazy over him and was so exited to see him. He waved and waved and when he got nearer they pulled faces at each other and Peter said 'Come to Neverland!' -I've never seen M more starstruck and it was beautiful! It was topped off my Tinkerbell at the back of the float seeing him and fussing over him too. Of course Tinkerbell loves Peter! I've actually tracked down 'Peter' on Instagram and thanked him for making a little boys year! He is very impressed than Mummy has been talking to Peter Pan!



 I completely love anything Disney and my recent trip to Disneyland was the best yet. I plan on going another time with M and then the big plan is to have another child and when they are both old enough we'll all head over to the US and do the big one! 

I'd love to hear any other Disney lovers answers to this so if you have done this tag let me know in the comments!



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