Monday, 27 April 2015

New Caballo Lounge Epsom

I was very excited to see a new bar opening down the road from me. While going out and getting hammered is long behind me, this bar is right up my street - literally. It's not only a great place for an evening of cocktails, but a brilliant place for daytime too.


 I love when I write a review about something I absolutely rave about, it makes it so easy for me! I was invited down to the opening of the Caballo Lounge in Epsom and I was seriously impressed. 


Caballo Lounge is somewhere that suits everyone. It's open from 8am right through till 11pm. It's so versatile, you could pop in for a quick coffee and cake, a spot of breakfast, have a light lunch, a big meal, tapas or a couple of drinks -they have a fab section of cocktails! The best part is that there isn't a time they stop serving a certain meal, you want breakfast at 10pm? -fine, a risotto at 9am? Not  problem! ... This is only going to encourage me!


The Lounges are informal neighbourhood cafĂ©/bars where families, friends, and local residents can come for a drink or something to eat in a relaxed and comfortable environment. It's like a living room away from home and it certainly has a relaxed feel about it. With the sofas, pictures covering the walls and the low hung lampshades you feel at ease and are really comfortable. It has such a laid back atmosphere. There is also a variety of board games for children and adults, daily newspapers, and free Wi-Fi too.




There are lots of lounges all around the west coast of the UK but the Caballo Lounge Epsom is the first one to venture into London territory, we're very lucky to have the first taste!


The menu has a great selection of paninis, sandwiches, main meals, burgers and breakfasts. There's also a brilliant selection of Tapas for £3.50 per plate (or 3 for £9.25) if you want something to pick at. I was lucky enough to try a couple of plates. The Hummus with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Smoked Paprika was seriously more-ish! I think I practically went through a whole basket of bread dipping into that goodness! The Chicken Teriyaki Skewers with a Sesame and Mirin Dressing was lovely, and you can't go wrong with Spanish Chorizo with Lemon. The dish I recommend most though is the incredible Honey Glazed Shredded 5 Spice Pork, it's absolutely delicious! After looking through the menu there is so much more I want to try! How good does a Chocolate and Butterscotch Cheesecake Pot sound?!


All the staff are incredibly friendly and really helpful. There's also a roof terrace which is beautiful - I can see myself spending a lot of time there over the Summer! I do love a bit of al-fresco dining!

I think it's exactly what Epsom has been missing and I can tell it's going to be very popular. Derby Day is in a couple of months and I can tell it's going to be rammed!

If you can't find me over the next few months I'll be on the roof terrace enjoying some tapas in the sunshine!


The Caballo Bar is located at 11 High Street Epsom. A short walk from Epsom Station. Check it out if you're ever in the area. Or why not see if there is a lounge near you?


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  1. The tapas is a really good price and sounds delicious, I am always up for going anywhere with cocktails haha so win win ! xxx