Monday, 6 April 2015

Hot Hair Event

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the Hot Hair event at the St Pancras Hotel in London, it's a beautiful  hotel where the video for  Wannabee by the Spice Girls was recorded -this excited me quite a lot, I have to say! The temptation to do the dance on the stairs was quite strong!


I wasn't actually feeling too great on this day but I powered through and I pulled myself together. After a quick selfie to kill a bit of time I was on my way. 


After arriving at the hotel and the little 13 year old in me had stopped fan girling about the Spice Girls I was looking forward to seeing some great hair pieces and hair extensions from Hot Hair.


I was greeted with a drink and canapés and headed straight over to have a look at the hair pieces. There was an array of synthetic clip-in buns, wraps, and long pony tails all in a selection of colours. The lovely ladies asked if I wanted to try one and I explained how I don't like my hair up, my hair is my safety net and I just feel more comfortable if it's around my face. With the hair pieces looking so lovely but appearing to just be up-do's I assumed there wouldn't really be much for me.


I was wrong, there is a great selection for hair weather you prefer it up or down. They showed me their selection of wigs, due to the size of the venue they couldn't bring all of the range they stock (and they stock a lot) so I kept it simple and I didn't go too daring with a shorter look with a slightly lighter colour to my own hair. I was amazed at how quickly it was put on and I was transformed. It felt really secure but not at all uncomfortable. I wish I'd been brave enough to try a few others on and see how I'd look with a really dark bob or something! 

There was also some great clip-in hair pieces which were to be worn with the hair down -this was much more my thing!

I tried out the up lift and I was transformed, it's ever so subtle and is quite a small piece actually but it really adds lift and it made me feel fabulous. It's synthetic hair but it looks and feels really real, I've always been a bit dubious about synthetic hair as I've seen it look plastic-y in the past but it seems to have come a long way! I was lucky enough to take this away with home which was great as I didn't want to let it go! If you compare this pic to my selfie you can see how it makes my hair look far less limp and lifeless!


Throughout the event we could enter their giveaway to win some goodies supplied by a few other brands involved such as Concoction, Bare Foot and Neal and Wolf.  I was thrilled to win the top prize of the Hot Hair human hair extensions (worth £299!) which feel absolutely amazing. 


They kindly put them in for me to head off to meet my friends for dinner - I had the most glamorous  hair in Nandos that evening! 

I left with a lovely generous goody bag and a big smile on my face. Thanks Hot Hair for a wonderful night, I had a great time.

You can visit hot hair website to have a look for something to suit you and they are also stocked at Boots.



  1. This event looks so good. I've heard a lot of good things about hot hair!

    1. I had a really good time. They had some really amazing pieces - everyone's hair looked great!

  2. This looks incredible. Glad you had such a good time 😊😊

    Amanda ||

  3. It's fun that you can change your hair so fast!

    1. I'm amazed with how many options there are now, it's so fun to have a proper play around and change styles

  4. These hair extensions look really good the event looked amazing And the goodies you received look really nice

    1. I'm so impressed with them, they're my new favourite!