Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bondi Sands Tanning Foam Review

A new tan has hit our shelves and it's come all the way from Australia. As a country that look after their skin in the sun you know they are going to know a thing or two about fake tan. A fake tan is the healthiest way to give yourself a glow and I personally feel much better with a tan. Needless to say when I heard about the new Bondi Sands fake tan range I was pretty excited. 


I was kindly sent the Self Tanning Foam in Dark to try out and it's now jumped straight into my top 3 tans - and I've tried out A LOT over the years!

The first thing I noticed when I applied the tan to my Bondi Sands mitt was that it smells amazing, it's a very summery scent, almost coconut maybe - I'm terrible at describing scents but I did say 'I smell like a Bounty!' to my boyfriend as I rubbed it on - so yea, coconut is a good bet.

I need to add that is a really great tanning mitt too. It's very soft and applied the tan like a dream, it usually takes me until one of my mitts is falling art till I think about buying a new one but this is well worth investing in. 

I wouldn't say it took a long time to dry, but it wasn't one of the quick drying formulas, this never bothers me as I apply tan before bed so I don't worry abut clothes rubbing it off. 

In the morning my sheets had barely a mark on them so the colour stays on the skin and doesn't transfer, I love that there is not a drop wasted! I rinsed off the tan in the shower and I was left with a lovely brown colour, no orange tones in sight. 


A second time I applied two coats leaving half hour between coasting the tan was much deeper. 

it's enriched with aloe vera to keep skin soft, although I did find it a bit drying on my legs, which are dry at the moment already after a winter of neglect! Nothing a good moisturiser didn't sort out anyway. The rest of my body was smooth and soft and the tan lasted well over a week without leaving me patchy.

They offer a full range wash off, gradual and normal tan in 3 formulas - a lotion, a mist and a foam. There are also 2 shades available -light/medium and dark so you are spoilt for choice really!

This bottle was £14.99 for 200ml and the range starts at a reasonable £9.99 and as an added bonus Superdrug have up to £5 off at the moment so wit the sun out it's a perfect time to try them out.


Do you have a favourite Fake Tan or do you embrace the pale?

*this item was kindly gifted to me but all views are 100% my own



  1. I've never fake tan apart from some luminous lotions here and there. But recently i've been wondering into this topic a bit more. this sounds very exciting. Thanks for the review HUGS


    1. If you want to try out some more tanning lotions I really think this is a great one.

  2. I love fake tan but haven't tried this one just yet! It looks so good though :) I love that it smells like coconut too - my absolute favourite scent! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. It's a great scent for a fake tan - it feels like holidays!