Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Save on Make Up

I think it's safe to say there are two things us beauty  bloggers have in common

1. We love make up 
2. We love finding a bargain

Well, I've discovered a website that ticks both of those boxes.


Save on Make Up, as the name suggests is a great place for us to find great make up brands at a pretty incredible price.

They stock skincare, fragrances and a wide range of cosmetics - and the best thing is they are a darn site cheaper than you'd find on the high street! 

They are able to sell them so cheap as some items will be a sample size or they might come without a box - who needs the boxes anyway?! Although all the products I received had their boxes and were like new! It will be stated in the product details whether they are samples or have no box so there are no hidden surprises.

They stock great brands like Clinique, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Lancome, Dior, Rimmel, Revlon and Maybelline and loads more. It's a perfect way to try out a brand without parting with too much cash.

I was kindly sent 4 products and I'm so pleased with the quality! I admit I was expecting them to maybe a bit battered and bruised but they were packaged well and just as you'd expect to find them on the shelves. They definitely have no 'bargain bin' feel about them!


Here's some details on the savings -

1. Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara 
RRP £22.50, Save on Make up price - £14.99

2. L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Nude and Cute 
RRP £8.99, Save On Make-Up price - 5.99 

3. MAC Extra Dimension Bronzing Powder Aphrodites Shell 
RRP £26, Save On Make-Up price - £19.99 

4. Maybelline Forever Strong Superstay Nail Polish in Flamingo Pink 
RRP £4.95, Save On Make Up price - just £1.94!

Finding a place to buy MAC bronzer £6 cheaper than in stores is fabulous! I love it and the packaging is gorgeous too. Lancome Hypnose mascaras are brilliant and having a waterproof version is going to be perfect for summer and it's a great saving of £7.50!


You really feel like you're getting a real bargain when you buy the high street brands which are quite reasonable prices anyway - who can say no to a nail polish for less than £2?!

Go and have a look for yourself. If you place an order go to the 'Order Notes' and enter 'FREE GIFT FROM GEMMA' and you'll get a couple of freebies thrown in too! I'm just encouraging you to spend now but it's so worth it! GOGOGO!


Would you like to see a full review on any of these?
What brand do you want to try out?

*I was kindly sent these for review purposes but all thoughts are my own.


Monday, 27 April 2015

New Caballo Lounge Epsom

I was very excited to see a new bar opening down the road from me. While going out and getting hammered is long behind me, this bar is right up my street - literally. It's not only a great place for an evening of cocktails, but a brilliant place for daytime too.


 I love when I write a review about something I absolutely rave about, it makes it so easy for me! I was invited down to the opening of the Caballo Lounge in Epsom and I was seriously impressed. 


Caballo Lounge is somewhere that suits everyone. It's open from 8am right through till 11pm. It's so versatile, you could pop in for a quick coffee and cake, a spot of breakfast, have a light lunch, a big meal, tapas or a couple of drinks -they have a fab section of cocktails! The best part is that there isn't a time they stop serving a certain meal, you want breakfast at 10pm? -fine, a risotto at 9am? Not  problem! ... This is only going to encourage me!


The Lounges are informal neighbourhood cafĂ©/bars where families, friends, and local residents can come for a drink or something to eat in a relaxed and comfortable environment. It's like a living room away from home and it certainly has a relaxed feel about it. With the sofas, pictures covering the walls and the low hung lampshades you feel at ease and are really comfortable. It has such a laid back atmosphere. There is also a variety of board games for children and adults, daily newspapers, and free Wi-Fi too.




There are lots of lounges all around the west coast of the UK but the Caballo Lounge Epsom is the first one to venture into London territory, we're very lucky to have the first taste!


The menu has a great selection of paninis, sandwiches, main meals, burgers and breakfasts. There's also a brilliant selection of Tapas for £3.50 per plate (or 3 for £9.25) if you want something to pick at. I was lucky enough to try a couple of plates. The Hummus with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Smoked Paprika was seriously more-ish! I think I practically went through a whole basket of bread dipping into that goodness! The Chicken Teriyaki Skewers with a Sesame and Mirin Dressing was lovely, and you can't go wrong with Spanish Chorizo with Lemon. The dish I recommend most though is the incredible Honey Glazed Shredded 5 Spice Pork, it's absolutely delicious! After looking through the menu there is so much more I want to try! How good does a Chocolate and Butterscotch Cheesecake Pot sound?!


All the staff are incredibly friendly and really helpful. There's also a roof terrace which is beautiful - I can see myself spending a lot of time there over the Summer! I do love a bit of al-fresco dining!

I think it's exactly what Epsom has been missing and I can tell it's going to be very popular. Derby Day is in a couple of months and I can tell it's going to be rammed!

If you can't find me over the next few months I'll be on the roof terrace enjoying some tapas in the sunshine!


The Caballo Bar is located at 11 High Street Epsom. A short walk from Epsom Station. Check it out if you're ever in the area. Or why not see if there is a lounge near you?


Thursday, 23 April 2015

New from Indeed Labs Fillume Serum

I am a big fan of the Hydraluron range from Indeed Labs, I have really noticed a difference in my skin since using their serum and the matching moisturiser is lovely.


Indeed labs have released a new range in a very fetching purple packaging, the Fillume Volumising Serum. This serum will be taking over from my beloved Hydraluron for a while.

It's designed to help improve the visual signs of aging including loss of firmness, moisture and elasticity. As I approach my 30's this is something I have to think about. Crows feet are starting to creep in (too much laughing) and I've always had issues with my very linked forehead (too much... looking up?) I don't smoke so I don't have to worry about the affects that could have, and I don't 'think' my skin is sagging just yet - but this serum is here to help with any of these problems. It claims to plump the skin in the areas it's lacking volume. Over time skin loses its density due to loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The skin will appear thinner and less firm, there's no fighting it - or is there?

Incorporating the latest scientific innovations, fillume volumising serum is a unique formula of 5 clinically proven peptides designed to work on the skin’s matrix, helping to improve the appearance of skin aging. 

It helps to -
Restore facial contours,
improve facial firmness, suppleness and elasticity,
improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles,
increase the skin's hydration levels and stimulates skin renewal,
and improve the tone and texture of skin.


You only need a pea sized amount before your moisturiser so I know it will last a long time just like my Hydraluron does.

I'm going to be giving this a full test for a few weeks alongside the Fillume moisturiser and see how it is on my skin. I'll be updating you with my progress so keep posted!

Fillume Volumising serum is available at Boots now for £29.99

 Do you have a favourite Indeed Labs product?

*I was kindly sent this for review purposes but all thoughts are my own


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bondi Sands Tanning Foam Review

A new tan has hit our shelves and it's come all the way from Australia. As a country that look after their skin in the sun you know they are going to know a thing or two about fake tan. A fake tan is the healthiest way to give yourself a glow and I personally feel much better with a tan. Needless to say when I heard about the new Bondi Sands fake tan range I was pretty excited. 


I was kindly sent the Self Tanning Foam in Dark to try out and it's now jumped straight into my top 3 tans - and I've tried out A LOT over the years!

The first thing I noticed when I applied the tan to my Bondi Sands mitt was that it smells amazing, it's a very summery scent, almost coconut maybe - I'm terrible at describing scents but I did say 'I smell like a Bounty!' to my boyfriend as I rubbed it on - so yea, coconut is a good bet.

I need to add that is a really great tanning mitt too. It's very soft and applied the tan like a dream, it usually takes me until one of my mitts is falling art till I think about buying a new one but this is well worth investing in. 

I wouldn't say it took a long time to dry, but it wasn't one of the quick drying formulas, this never bothers me as I apply tan before bed so I don't worry abut clothes rubbing it off. 

In the morning my sheets had barely a mark on them so the colour stays on the skin and doesn't transfer, I love that there is not a drop wasted! I rinsed off the tan in the shower and I was left with a lovely brown colour, no orange tones in sight. 


A second time I applied two coats leaving half hour between coasting the tan was much deeper. 

it's enriched with aloe vera to keep skin soft, although I did find it a bit drying on my legs, which are dry at the moment already after a winter of neglect! Nothing a good moisturiser didn't sort out anyway. The rest of my body was smooth and soft and the tan lasted well over a week without leaving me patchy.

They offer a full range wash off, gradual and normal tan in 3 formulas - a lotion, a mist and a foam. There are also 2 shades available -light/medium and dark so you are spoilt for choice really!

This bottle was £14.99 for 200ml and the range starts at a reasonable £9.99 and as an added bonus Superdrug have up to £5 off at the moment so wit the sun out it's a perfect time to try them out.


Do you have a favourite Fake Tan or do you embrace the pale?

*this item was kindly gifted to me but all views are 100% my own


Monday, 20 April 2015

New Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paints

I love Barry M, it' s a cheap and cheerful brand which doesn't leave you feeling guilty after you pick up a couple of nail-paints-you-didn't-really-need on a whim. 


For their prices they always deliver and I am a huge fan of their Gelly Hi shine nail paints.

Of course I was excited to hear what they had in store for Summer. The packaging of the Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paints confused me at first, although the bottles are the same the logo and font looked far more luxurious than the Barry M I am used to. From the start I knew this was going to be something a little bit special. Along with the bright shades there's a gold bottle which contains a top coat to use with them - I particularly love the look of this one, the gold bottle sure stands out from other plain top coats in my collection.

 I was lucky enough to win this set and I'm so pleased I did, it would have been tough deciding which shade to purchase first other wise!


The Sunset Nail Paints not only have fab shades for the hotter weather but they give you long lasting shine that you'd get from pro salon gels. This is all done with the help of their top coat which sets and cures the nails without the need for a UV lamp. 

There is no need for base coat as the special formulation bonds to the nail like a gel would. You just apply two coats of colour and follow with one of the top coat and you're good to go. 

There's 7 shades to choose from - If you're anything like me you'll  have several songs stuck in your head after reading the the names of these.

The Way You Make Me Teal

 Can't Get you Out Of My Red

 I've Been Pinkin'

 Peach For the Stars

 Do It Like A Nude

 Fuchsia Generation

 You Drive Me Navy

I think there's a shade to suit everyone, if you're looking for a subtle look for day wear the palest shade 'do it like a nude' is perfect. 'Can't get you out of my Red' is a red that really pops, the  pink and peach shades are so bright which I love for Summer, they are my definite favourites.  If you prefer a dark shade 'You Drive me navy' and 'The way you make me teal' are still vibrant enough to pull of in Summer but very different from your usual Summer brights. I  have already decided 'Fuchsia Generation is my perfect Summer toenail shade.


These claim to last up to 10 days and is removed with regular nail polish remover. I've only had these 3 days so I haven't tested them out to the full but I will be updating this to see how the lasting time is. They are £4.99 each and available at Superdrug and Boots now!

Will you be picking any of these up?


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Spring Nails with a bit of Sparkle

I don't need an excuse to put some colour on my nails. I love anything bright and with the sun shining this week I felt the need to dig out a couple of the neon shades. Being indecisive as usual I picked out a few colours to combine and create some sparkly Spring nails. 


On my thumb I have Models Own 'Sun Hat' from the polish for tans collection. I have a lot of bright pinks but this is probably my favourite. My index finger has another from the polish for tans collection, Models Own's 'Beach Bag'. I loved this collection last year so I'm really pleased to be getting the bright colours out again now that the sun is shining. 

Next is Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in 'Greenberry', this shade works well all year round and is great next to brights and darker shades too. 

My accent nail is Illamasqua 'Trilliant' glitter which reflects brilliantly in the sunlight, it's really pretty - who says glitter is just for Christmas?!

Lastly it's Model Own again, they do bright shades so well! This is Hyper Gel 'Purple Glare'. I have a love/hate relationship with hyperbole polishes, they don't seem to last longer than a day or so on me, even with a top coat, but just on the little finger it lasted really well. It's a shame as the colours and constancy are great!

I love a bright nail when the sun is shining, mixing colours together is a simple way to jazz up your nails. 

If you have any Spring nail posts send them my way, I love a bit of inspiration!


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

3 for 2 Boots Haul

Like a lot of bloggers/girls/women/make-up lovers in the UK I did a little squee of delight when my Boots vouchers dropped through my letterbox and there was an extra leaflet alerting me to the  3 for 2 offer that we all know and love.


Boots are great for offers, usually it's within a brand but when it's accross all make up things get very interesting and you can see why there is a lot of hype in the beauty blogger world. With the thought of Boots points and telling myself 'it's free!' I got one of my many notebooks out and started to put together a wish list.

 Blogs come in so handy for this and the wish list soon grows and grows (and grows and grows...). it would have been rude not to have my own little haul. I mean, if we ignore these offers they might stop doing them! We're helping the economy! -or something.

I'm off to Disneyland (oh haven't i mentioned about 1000 times?) and after a recent tragic accident involving my HD brows palette in my suitcase I want to make sure that I only take things with my that won't get knocked about in transit and ruin my life break. Instead of taking palettes with me I'm opting for eyeshadow crayons  and rather than damage another brow palette I thought I'd take it back  to the old school for 5 days and I bought myself a brow pencil. I picked up a cheap and cheerful Maybellne Master Brow in Soft Brown for £2.99, it looks like it will do the job fine. 

I knew I needed to get a lip liner for my pink lipsticks and I'm always hearing great things about Rimmel Exaggerate Lip liners. I picked up East End snob for £3.99, its the perfect shade for MAC Creme Cup and my L'Oreal Julianne Moore lipstick too.

This is where I struggled, picking the 'free' thing is always difficult for me. I don't know why, it's just like you need to make sure it's good, you kinda need it, you'll use it and it's not more expensive than the other 2 as it just throws everything out of whack and ruins the point entirely. 

After a little browse I ended up picking up a Collection Lip Liner Definer in shade 4 Pink for £2.79. I figured this would be great to pair with my brighter pink lipsticks and possibly corals too.

I went in a second time for another look - I just couldn't help it and it's always best to make two trips if you want to get the best out of the offer! I'm like a 3 for 2 pro! My main reason was to repurchase my 
Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation (£10.99), I love this stuff, it gives me the perfect coverage and it's a foundation I always go back to. 

Sticking to Bourjois I also got the Bourjois Primer Bronzer for £ 9.99 which is a great versatile product, it's great for this time of year to add a bit of colour under foundation or alone and it works really well for me to contour my cheekbones. I've been after a cream contour as I just find them easier to work with than powder, which is strange as I'm terrible with cream blush. weird.

Lastly I had to jump on the bandwagon and pick up the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush for £8.99. My Boots only had 4 of the 6 shades available which was a pain as I really wanted to try out Lavish Mauve but I decided Seductive Pink would also suit me and like most other bloggers I love it.

So I got 2 products for free saving £11.78 and I also had a '£5 off when you spend £20' voucher too so add that to the mix and you're laughing. It totally justifies buying yet more make up to add to the collection! 

Did you get anything in the 3 for 2 offer?


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Blog Sale

I was having a clear out of my make-up the other day and after throwing out a huge amount there was so much I just didn't use any enough or I've found that the colours just don't suit me. Most of this is pretty much unused and has all been cleaned before being sent out. 

Postage is £3.50 to cover packaging and my time get it all together - I hope this doesn't seem too unreasonable. Postage can be discussed for multiple items and I can send to the UK only. If you reserve an item and do not pay within 48 hours I will have to resist it for others. Pay via Pay Pal through the friends and family option to avoid charges.

Leave me a comment or e-mail me and I'll sort out everything from there.

 I Heart Make Up Palette in I Heart Passion (RRP £7.99)

Make up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Pink Lights (RRP £3.00) 
usage shown £2

NXY 5 Color Shadow ( RRP £8) The Caribbean Collection in I dream of St John 
- no foam applicator included

NXY 5 Color Shadow ( RRP £8) The Caribbean Collection in I dream of Jamaica
- no foam applicator included

 Mini Benefit Hoola lipgloss 6.5ml  (RRP £4.00) £2
GOSH Lip Shine in 05 Red Stiletto (RRP £7.99) swatched only £4
Collection Galactica Fast Stroke Metallic Eyeliner in Silver Lining (RRP £2.99) £1

B. Defined Eye Brow Kit in 133 Light (RRP £9.99) usage as shown £5
GOSH Quattro Eye Shadow in 57 Purple (RRP £7.99) £2.50

W7 Candy Blush in Orion (RRP £4.99) swatched only £2.50

GOSH 9 Shades Eyeshadow Collection in 003 To Play with in Vegas (RRP £9.99) usage shown £4

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in 148 Sundown (RRP £6.99) usage shown £4
Collection Galactica Lip Butter  Crayon in 2 Cosmic Candy 
and 3 Moon Rock (RRP £2.99) swatched only £2 each

any questions just ask!