Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March - What I wore, ate, read, watched and used

Well February  just whizzed by didn't it? And where did March go?! I really can't believe it's April tomorrow! I'm not complaining, the quicker we get to warmer weather, the better! March was a busy one, I packed in a lot and probably over-did it as I am just recovering from being ill at the moment so I'm sorry if this post isn't as good as it should be -bare with me, I'm on a lot of pain killers! I caught up with a lot of friends, had some lovely dates with Sam, did a lot of shopping, had some great family days out and went to a couple of events too. I told you I packed in a lot!

So here's a little bit more about March...

What I wore-


Sam treated me to a couple of new dresses this month and I think my favourite is this one from from Closet . We were out shopping in Kingston and Sam actually pointed it out saying it was the most 'me' dress he'd seen. I tried it on and we both absolutely loved it. I really like the full skirt and the pink at the bottom - it also matches my new pink shoes perfectly! I am a big fan of Closet, they have loads of gorgeous dresses that are really great prices too!

What I ate- 


When you're a mum it's difficult trying to plan Mother's Day. It's now not only a day for my own Mum but for me too. I spent the day with Sam and M, celebrating with my Mum a week early. I went out for dinner with my parents and my brothers to the Grumpy Mole in Cheam. We had been meaning to go there for a while so this was a perfect excuse. The food was amazing, I had roast beef though I was really tempted by their steak which is served on a hot plate and cooked in front of you. I always love a night out for dinner with my family. 

What I read-

I've just started reading Just a Girl Standing in Front of a Boy by Lucy-Anne Holmes. I've had this on my wish list for a while as the story sounds so familiar to me. A girl is in a long term relationship and meets a guy that changes it all. I can relate to this a lot as it sounds very similar to how Sam and I met. It really helps that the girl is a receptionist and he's a musician too! 

What I watched-

I had to really think about this one, I feel like I haven't really watched a lot of TV this month but I did get pretty into the second series of Ex on The Beach on MTV. There's no denying I like 'trash' TV, I openly admit that! Throwing a load of people in a villa with their exes is bound to cause drama -even if it is heavily edited. Charlotte from Geordie shore always makes me laugh so it was a great escape and easy watch.

What I used-

I really love the smell of Aussie products, they just don't do anything special for my hair. I mean they're ok, but other shampoo/conditioners leave my hair feeling a lot better. So when I saw that they have brought out a range of body washes I had to give one a go. Especially as the large bottles were down to £3.99 from £4.75 in Boots! -I do love an offer!  The Shower Smoothie was my favourite but there are 3 others available.  I really love how it feels on my skin and the scent is almost a bit like the infamous Snow Fairy from Lush, it has that lovely bubblegum-like smell to it. If you like sweet scents, you'll love this one.

I'm looking forward to April, mainly as it's the month before May and we go to Disneyland! I kind of want it to fly by but I plan on focusing on making sure I'm well and focusing on my health and getting stronger. 


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Body Scrub Comparison and Review

The weather is perking up and you might have noticed I'm a tad excited! I actually feel like winter was pretty short - thankfully. I am definitely more of a Summer girl, the sunshine makes me happy and everything just looks so much prettier.
It's not long before the legs will be out and with all that skin on show I need to ensure it's nice and smooth. 


A good body scrub is a big part of my body care. I wear fake tan regularly and the best way to help it fade evenly and care for the skin properly is to exfoliate. Even when I haven't got tan on it's good to scrub off all the dead skin to keep it smooth. Nobody wants skin like a reptile at the end of the day!

I wanted to share 3 of my favourite body scrubs that I use to keep my skin scale free.

Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Salt Scrub
£11.50 for 650g


This one has the most luxury feel to it, the packaging is just lovely, the glass jar and the metal clasp make it feel more expensive than it is - it's great to keep and use for bits and pieces afterwards too.  I use this scrub mostly when I've had a proper soak in the bath and I'm having a real pamper.

The dead sea salt scrub exfoliates the dead cells and the jojoba, coconut and almond oils leave skin perfectly polished and moisturised. This isn't a great one to use if you are planning to shave your legs afterwards as the oils leave a bit of a residue behind but it's great that I don't have to add moisturiser or oil afterwards.

From something salty to something sweet...

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
£8 for 300ml


This scrub smells incredible. It has a fruity lime fragrance that really wakes me up if I use it in the morning. The mix of macadamia grains and smashed brown sugar scrubs away at the skin leaving it smooth while the sweet lime and almond oils moisturise the skin leaving behind a sweet scent on the skin. I use this one more regularly as it's not as abrasive as other scrubs and it's a little more gentle on the skin. 

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff
£5.99 for 200ml


I love Cocoa Brown tan and their Tough Stuff Body scrub* is my favourite new addition to my bathroom. Firstly, it's pink - not just the bottle but the scrub itself is a lovely vibrant pink that's hard to miss!
It can be used regularly as the formula is quite funny so it's quite gentle. They advise 3-4 times a week but I keep it mainly for removing tan or for really dry areas as that's what it's best for. It's really great at removing stubborn tan that builds up.
The squeezy tube makes it really easy to use in the shower - even if I do splash pink up the tiles but hey - it looks pretty!

Using long sweeping strokes backwards and forwards with the product on your skin helps to remove old fake tan and deeply exfoliate. You can use it on dry skin too for a deeper exfoliation it this is obviously not recommended as often. 

What are your favourite body scrubs? 

*this product was kindly gifted to me for review but all thoughts are my own


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bourjois Spring Summer 2015 product launch

Last week I was invited to the penthouse of the veeeery swanky Edison Hotel in London to take a look at the new launches from Bourjois for Spring/Summer 2015. A lot of this isn't out for a while but I wanted to give you all a sneak peak of what they've got on the horizon as some of it is pretty fantastic!


All bases are covered with their new releases with products for your brows, lips, nails, eyes and face. 


I was immediately drawn t to the La Laque nail enamels (£6.49) . The unique shaped bottles look great and have a real modern, luxury feel about them. The 12 shades available are inspired by runways that have excellent pigmentation and shine.


The Magic Nails Care pot (£5.99) makes it really easy for you to nourish your nails on the go.  Unlike the nail polish remover pots you might be familiar with, these are filled with a jojoba oil-based formula to strengthen and care for your nails with one quick swipe. These are exclusive to Beauty Mart now and available nationwide in April.


Bourjois have  given us loads of choice for our brows by releasing 3 new products to fill them in with.

Keeping it traditional they've released a Sourcil Precision brow pencil (£4.99) to fill in the brows using its soft tip and it's easily blended so you can sort your brows out quickly and easily. It has a handy built-in brush and is available in 6 shades so there should be a colour to suit everyone. 

The Brow Natural eyebrow felt tip pen (£6.99) allows you to be a bit more subtle, it has a precise felt tip which makes it easy to sweep along the bows and apply a smudge free formula to shape and define. There's 3 shades starting from a light blonde which is great for people with lighter brows. It's easily build-able so you can have great control over how much of an impact you want to make.


Brow mascaras are popping up all over the place and are great for giving the brows a quick tidy up with minimal effort. The Brow design brow Mascara (£7.99) tints and styles the brows to keep them in place while giving a bit of definition with the coloured tint. There's 3 shades and a clear option if you just want to keep the brows in place without adding any colour.

To highlight under the eyebrow there's also the Brow Beauty touch eye illuminating pencil (£6.99) to make your eyes look brighter and more open. It's a really creamy formula and a lovely subtle pearly shade rather than being bright white which can look a bit harsh.


On to the lips. The Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Lipsticks (£8.99) have already hit the shelves and are already really popular. Exactly like the Rouge Edition Velvet matte lipsticks released last year they give a lovely stain to the lips and are really long lasting. It was only natural they were going to bring out a gloss version for Summer time. These feel really light on the lips and there's 8 great shades to choose from. I'll definitely be reviewing these in more detail.


I'm a massive fan of Bourjois mascaras, the one second volume is one of the best mascaras I've used. I've been told the Volume Glamour Push Up Mascara is even better, this one id an ultra black version to really make the lashes make an impact. It adds extra coats to the outer lashes for extra impact. There's going to be a waterproof version too, these will be around in June.


Lastly they have released a lightweight base in the form of the Nude Sensation Foundation (£9.99) which claims to blur out imperfections while keeping the skin moisturised. These are exclusive to Feel Unique now and are released nationwide in May.



I'm really looking forward to trying out the mascara and I'm already in love with the lipsticks and nail polishes. Bourjois, you never fail to impress me!

What will you be rushing out to buy when it hits the shelves?


Thursday, 19 March 2015

This Month's Coloristiq Box

I'm really enjoying receiving my monthly nail polish rental box from Coloristiq.

If you haven't heard of them before, it's a monthly nail polish rental where you receive 3 polishes a month from a wishlist you create on their website. You try them out for a month, send them back and you get another 3 shades sent to you. It's a really great way to try out nail polish shades for a fraction of the cost! 


I loved my last box and the one before that and as we move into Spring things are getting a little more colourful. I wanted to share what I got inside this month. Again, all of my polishes were by China Glaze, I think this is down to my wish list mainly consisting of their polishes as there are so many shades I love. Coloristiq also stock Essie, Morgan Taylor and OPI which I think you'll agree are all great brands.

The first shade I tried was Dune Our thing, a raspberry-magenta pink from China Glaze's Off Shore Collection. I personally love this collection, there’s some great bright shades in there so I’m hoping to try a few more. This only needed one coat and was really long lasting, I left it on far longer than I've left any other polish as it looked fresh for so long. 


My favourite of the box is a shade I've been looking at for a while so I was pleased to try it out. That’s Shore Bright is a really bright purple from the Sensational Collection which is another collection I love! China Glaze really know how to do a bright polish and I love having striking colours on my nails. This is one I was really looking forward to trying. I love lilac shades and I love neons so this was right up my street. It's so beautiful and unique. It was hard for me to send this one back! 


Nice Caboose is from the all aboard collection. It's a plum with a subtle pink shimmer to it. It reminds me of blackcurrant ice lollies. It’s the darkest of the bunch but felt right for the beginning of the month as we were slowly moving into warmer weather. I found this one a little tricky to remove though due to the glitter particles.


Coloristiq have added new shades so I have added a few of them to my wish list. They are new collections such as OPI - 50 Shades and China Glaze - Road Trip which are lovely and bright for Spring/Summer so they really keep their range up to date. 

I'm excited that I’m receiving more bright shades in my box. I have seen that Morgan Taylor have a couple of brighter ones too so it will be nice to compare another brand but Coloristic is making me a huge China Glaze fan for sure!


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Buckley London Review

I love any jewellery that has a bit of sparkle to it - I'm a bit of a magpie like that! I don't wear a lot of jewellery so I like the bits I do wear to really stand out.

Buckley London is a brand that had passed me by but since receiving their jewellery for review I've seen them crop up everywhere and am falling in love with more and more of their peices. I even noticed they had a stand in the House of Fraser down the road from my house. It's crazy how you start to notice things like that!

Buckley specialise in Costume and Fashion Jewellery and aim to design and manufacture the best quality jewellery at competitive prices.

The Buckley London collections include so many beautiful styles using the highest quality materials, including gold plate, Austrian crystals and the finest grade cubic zirconias. 
They've helped raise money for The Royal British Legion through the sale of the beautiful jewelled Buckley Poppy - something I will definitely be purchasing later in the year! 
I was sent 3 gorgeous pieces and they are all stunning.Their Sparkle Mesh Bracelets come in a pack of 3 for £24.99. I love how these look together but they are great worn alone too. I'm a big fan of rose gold so that one is definitely my favourite and is so beautiful with the heart charm. The little hand set crystals add a little subtle hint of something sparkly to each one.


I rarely wear earrings but since receiving the one carat stud earring (£20) I've had them on almost daily. They are really versatile and look nice and subtle in the daytime  and beautiful with a classic night time look along with an up-do.

They are handset with a flawlessly cut Cubic Zirconia and set on rhodium posts. They are so classic and elegant, they are the perfect gift for anyone - even people like me who aren't crazy on earrings! 

My favourite of the bunch is the Jasmine Ring (£22.50). It's a great piece as we move into Spring. I've actually been looking for a lily ring as it's my favourite flower, this one stood out to me but it's obviously based on a Jasmine but it's pretty close anyway! I still think it's beautiful and I always get compliments on it when I'm wearing it. It's rhodium plated and totally encrusted with hand-set clear Austrian crystals. It catches the light beautifully. It's certainly hard to miss without being really in your face. It's available in sizes small (L), medium (O) and large (Q). 


I've already added a few pieces of jewellery from Buckley to my wishlist, they have some stunning necklaces. The best thing about their jewellery is how affordable they are so I can justify treating myself without feeling guilty!