Friday, 20 February 2015

Slendertone Update - 2

I wanted to add another update to my Slendertone journey. I've been using it to help me with my work outs and tone up my abs for Summer. 

I've been doing well since January I've moved up to level 8 while keeping my intensity to around 95. I've had a play around with level 10 too which alternates the pads from each sides to tone the obliques. 

I've started to not only use when cooking/ironing or generally clearing up but I've started to incorporate it into my work outs. It's great to wear while I hold a plank or a bridge. It really helps to pull everything in and work that core a little more. That's what the key thing is with the Slendertone, it's that extra push you need, rather than something to rely on on it's own -which you still can do, you just won't get results as visible.

A couple of weeks back I hurt my back so working out properly wasn't on the agenda. I found still using the Slendertone on a lower level (sometimes it made me back twinge a bit if it was too high) I could still make sure I wasn't slipping on the abs side of things.

I'm still eating well and drinking lots of water. The abs belt has really made sure I don't slack. Even with an injury I can feel like I've done a little bit of work on my abs - even if it's not he full amount I'm used to.

Excuse the pants pic but I'm definitely getting a little more definition there. 


I've been using the belt for a couple of months now and I've just replaced the pads, which is pretty good going. I'm hoping there won't be any problems with me working out next month and I can really give it my all and really put the belt to the test.  I'm looking forward to seeing the progress I make next month!

Have you tried a Slendertone belt before?
Do you have any work out plans I could try out?



  1. Oh wow your abs look amazing; go you. I use a regime called Results With Lucy; I swear by it x

    1. I've got her book and I've heard the programme is brilliant!

  2. You have the most amazing body can I be jealous right now? In the kindest way of course haha, doesn't make me feel too good about my cheat week- maybe I need a slendertone too ;) xxx

    1. Aw thanks -I don't think its that great but thank you. The slendertone is definitely helping!