Friday, 6 February 2015

A Personalised Jar - Perfect for Valentines Day

Valentines is creeping up on us. For a guy I think it's pretty easy to buy a gift, perfume, chocolates, lingerie, heart-shaped stuff... there's options everywhere really.  


I think Valentines Day can be pretty tricky when it comes to buying a guy a gift. Who really wants a fluffy heart key ring that blows kisses when it gets knocked in your pocket?! It's easy to just buy an Xbox game or some new trainers but it's Valentines! It's all about feeling the love and buying something a little bit soppy. In my opinion anyway. have so many options for Valenintes Day. The most simple gift is transformed into something really thoughtful due to the personalised aspect. 

I was sent this glass jar which is so versatile as you can store what ever you like in it.  You can really taylor the gift to who you're giving it to. There's 4 lines to personalise with what ever you like and each line gives you 15 characters to play with. The line of hearts at the top and bottom make it feel really perfect for Valentines Day. 

If your partner has a bit of a sweet tooth you could fill the jar with sweets like I did. It looks great on the side in my kitchen! It really brightens the place up so I have to make sure I keep it stocked up!

Maybe if you're being really creative you could bake some cookies, fill it with a selection of his favourite things, or even just use it in the house for sensible things like pasta.

The jar was  packaged nicely with bubble wrap so the glass wasn't damaged in transit. The clip makes it air tight too so it will keep what ever you choose to keep inside really fresh. 


It's a great gift for both males and females, which is the case with so many products on their website. I've seen so many things I'd love to give as wedding gifts too! It's a great place to buy gifts for couples. Take a look at their website and see for yourself!

*I was kindly gifted this but all thoughts are 100% my own