Saturday, 28 February 2015

February - What I wore, ate, read, watched and used

February has been a busy one. We've caught up with a lot of friends, had a lovely Valentines day (where Sam surprised me with a trip to Disneyland -eee!), and went to the Pro Beauty show. It's been nice to have an exciting month after January which can often feel a bit 'meh'. It's also been nice to be a bit more laid back on the blogging from after blogging every day in January. So here's a little look at How February has been.

What I wore- 


I've been rubbish at taking outfit pictures this month. But I have been a fan of a shoe selfie . I used to have an album on Facebook years ago that was of my shoes so I like to think I was well ahead of the whole 'shoefie' thing. Anyway, the boots I've been wearing loads are my CJG ankle boots, I absolutely love them and will be adding more from CJG to my collection in the future for sure! I find them really comfortable -but I would! I'm used to a big heel.  The pop of green at the bottom makes me love them even more.

What I ate-


If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I love cooking. I cook a proper meal every night and M eats the same things we do, I'm pretty lucky that he's a good eater. We eat pretty well and I love healthy food but when I fancy a treat I make my signature Cajun Chicken Pasta. It's seriously the best thing I've ever tasted (if I do say so myself!) It's basically chicken, red and green peppers and tomatoes in a creamy cajun sauce. It's seriously good! I've been thinking of adding a few food posts to my blog so I might post the recipe at some point.

 What I read-

I've had this on my iPad for a while and it's a great book to dip in and out of. 
Zoe Griffin's Get Rich Blogging sounds like a get rich quick scheme but it's actually full of tips about running a blog. I'm finding it really interesting and it's making me think more about what I put into my blog. 

What I watched-


My brothers and I can pretty much recite the whole 10 series of Friends and my partner Sam has always felt a bit out of the loop when we quote it - which is quite often. We have a poster on our wall with loads of Friends quotes and Sam is determined to work out what they all mean. I got the box set for Christmas so we are going through it from the beginning. It's great as there's a lad of extra scenes throughout the episodes so there's new bits for me too. Ross is my favourite and I'm finding Monica more and more annoying as we go on.

What I used-

I jumped on the blogger bandwagon and picked up the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer that everyone is raving about. It's really affordable anyway but it was on offer for £3.99 so I had to see what the hype was about. I'm really impressed and I can see why so many people love it. I haven't slept well lately and this has really helped make me look a lot more awake.

So we're moving into Springtime! I'm so excited! I know realistically it's not going to be getting warm for a while yet but we're almost there!  


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

NEW Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara


It doesn't take me long to be tempted by a new mascara. Maybelline have always been a brand that I've favoured -mascara wise. As usual a special offer pulled me in and I took a closer look at the New Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. Seeing the new curved brush intrigued me, could this be a Benefit Rollerlash dupe? 


I love the colour of the packaging, anything with a golden tone to it gets my interest, I'm a bit of a magpie like that.

It was on offer for £5.99 but the usual price is £7.99 which is pretty reasonable for a high street mascara.

The brush is the main feature of this mascara. It has 2 layers, the shorter bristles get the tiny lashes while the longer ones give volume to the longer lashes. With it separating the lashes so much and distributing the mascara so evenly it meant there was no build up. It coats the lashes really well while separating and lengthening the lashes. 

I'm pretty impressed with the results. You can notice a huge difference when I'm wearing it.


I don't think it curls as much as the rollerlash but it really makes my lashes look much longer. The fact that the brush is curved makes it really easy to coat all my lashes quickly so it's a great mascara to throw on quickly when in a rush.


I'm loving it at the moment and if you're looking for a budget mascara I think this is the one to go for.

What's your favourite Mascara at the moment?


Monday, 23 February 2015

GOSH Forever Lip Shine

I' a massive fan of the GOSH Cosmetics Forever Eyeshadows that were released last year so when I saw that GOSH  had now released a lip version I had really high hopes.


I love this kind of product, they're so easy to pop in your bag for touch ups or to easily transform a look. I love anything compact and if the product is 'twist up' rather than something that needs sharpening, that's even better.

The GOSH Forever Lip Shine lipsticks are paraben free and offer a great intense colour.

They are so soft and creamy, they feel really moisturising on the lips which made me feel like they wouldn't last long at all but they have a great wear time and fade evenly too. 


There are 10 shades in the collection and I have tried out 4.

L-R: 003 Love Story, 007 Funky Friday, 005 Flirty Dreams, 001 Baby Baby

003 Love Story is a brown-toned pink which is really wearable and a great colour for this season. I've been wearing this a lot and it fits really well with the 90's trend.

007 Funky Friday is a really bright pink, so pink it's almost neon! It has a lovely purple undertone and I found this one lasted the longest -which is great considering how deep the colour is.

005 Flirty Dreams is a coral shade with a hint of pink to it. I love coral in the Summer, it compliments a tan really well and makes my blue eyes really pop.

001 Baby Baby is a pale pink, it's quite sheer which makes it really easy to wear. When built up it's a bit more of a bubblegum pink but it also looks great just swiped along the lips quickly of a hint of colour.


I'm so impressed with the shine they give and the shape of the tip means they are perfect for outlining the lips without the need for a lip pencil. 

These are only £6.99 at Superdrug, I'm already tempted to try out a couple of their darker shades

What are your thoughts on lipstick crayons?


Friday, 20 February 2015

Slendertone Update - 2

I wanted to add another update to my Slendertone journey. I've been using it to help me with my work outs and tone up my abs for Summer. 

I've been doing well since January I've moved up to level 8 while keeping my intensity to around 95. I've had a play around with level 10 too which alternates the pads from each sides to tone the obliques. 

I've started to not only use when cooking/ironing or generally clearing up but I've started to incorporate it into my work outs. It's great to wear while I hold a plank or a bridge. It really helps to pull everything in and work that core a little more. That's what the key thing is with the Slendertone, it's that extra push you need, rather than something to rely on on it's own -which you still can do, you just won't get results as visible.

A couple of weeks back I hurt my back so working out properly wasn't on the agenda. I found still using the Slendertone on a lower level (sometimes it made me back twinge a bit if it was too high) I could still make sure I wasn't slipping on the abs side of things.

I'm still eating well and drinking lots of water. The abs belt has really made sure I don't slack. Even with an injury I can feel like I've done a little bit of work on my abs - even if it's not he full amount I'm used to.

Excuse the pants pic but I'm definitely getting a little more definition there. 


I've been using the belt for a couple of months now and I've just replaced the pads, which is pretty good going. I'm hoping there won't be any problems with me working out next month and I can really give it my all and really put the belt to the test.  I'm looking forward to seeing the progress I make next month!

Have you tried a Slendertone belt before?
Do you have any work out plans I could try out?


Thursday, 19 February 2015

New GOSH Nail Lacquers ready for Spring


The first product I wanted to share with you from GOSH's new SS2015 range is the Nail Lacquers. At the launch it was the product I was immediately drawn to due to the amazing shades that are perfect for the Spring/Summer seasons.

They've got seven new shades that launched last week and I've tried out four. They have added a wider brush to make the application really easy and they have a quick drying formula too.

I really love the shade selection of these, the white nail doesn't seem to be leaving us just yet and it's a shade that really splits opinion. I quite like it but I think with too many layers it can look a bit like tippex.

634 Snow White is a lovely glossy pearly white shade that only needed 2 coats. The next wide brush in this collection meant the polish was spread evenly and didn't result in a thick tippex-y mess.


635 Pretty Ballerina is a dusky pink shade which I really love. This says a lot for me as I can rarely find a pink polish that suits me. This is just on the right side of 'girly pink' without feeling child-like. It's a really fresh spring shade.


636 Sunkissed is my favourite of the bunch. I've been a huge fan of coral and I love a bright nail. This is going to get a lot of wear over the next few months. It's vibrant and really striking, perfect for when the weather picks up. It's really glossy -even without a top coat.


640 Moroccan Night is the darkest shade but it's still fitting for Spring. It's a dusky purple which only needed one coat, the thing with the darker colours means you can usually slap them on quickly as there's very little streaking


 I really think these are great Spring shades and for £3.99 you can't really say no! GOSH are constantly impressing me. I have a few new Spring releases from them that I will be reviewing so watch this space! Get down to Superdrug and take a look.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Our Valentines Day


I really love Valentines Day. 

Everything about it excites me, it's the month after boring January so it's something to look forward to and break up the dull months before Spring. All the shops look lovely with all the red and pink everywhere. And it's an excuse for Sam and I to just be 'us'.

I've loved Valentines when I was single,  when I just in the early ages of seeing someone or in a proper relationship. People watching on Valentine's is the best! I really like seeing people wandering around with big bunches of flowers and seeing couples in restaurants enjoying their time together.


When you become parents its easy to get wrapped up in a busy life and of course put your children first. We try to make sure we spend a lot of quality time together as it is but it can be tricky. Valentine's gives us a good excuse to make some time just for us. Pretty much every other day of the year involves being a parent, Valentine's is about a couples love/lust (in my eyes, no offence to anyone who thinks differently) and I love that this day give people the push to go 'we haven't been out together in ages, let's do something' It's a little nudge to remember to appreciate the ones you love.

I was surprised with a cupcake and card from my lovely best friend. Just like Sam and I, we often treat each other and give each other surprises throughout the year, little treats left on the doorstep and stuff and Valentine's is no different. She knows I think the world of her all the time.

I know a lot of people say 'you should show people you love them every day, and we do - but there's nothing wrong with having a day dedicated to it! Same with Mothers/Father Day, Anniversaries...Christmas. I really like it so *sticks tongue out to the haters*

Sam and I planned to spend the day together rather than just going out for a meal in the evening. 


Throughout the week I was treated to a few little bits here and there. I was bought a little gingerbread biscuit (my favourite) and a new Moleskine to draw in as mine was getting full. The great thing about my new one is that it's a Minnie Mouse version and I love it! I spend a lot of my spare time drawing and getting my thoughts out so a new notebook always makes me smile. 

Sam bought me my favourite flowers (lilies) and some in the bunch were dyed purple so they looked extra special. I've never been a big fan of roses which I guess is a bit of a result around Valentines day! He got me a load of bits from Lush too in an attempt to make me take more time for myself and relax.


The main amazing present was a trip to Disneyland! Words can't even explain how excited I am for this. I'm a massive Disney fan, I've wanted to go with Sam and Mason for ages but we wanted to make sure Mason was the right age to appreciate it. It's easily jumped up to be the best Valentines present I've ever had and it will be tough to beat, that's for sure!

I gave Sam a bottle of Bleu De Chanel and I made him a bouquet of sweets which I'm pretty proud of! I also made him this card with Beyonce lyrics on it as this song mean a lot to us.



In the morning we had breakfast and then my Mum picked our son up for the afternoon while headed into London together. London is one of my happy places and where Sam and I met so it always makes me smile. 

I've not been feeling 100% so we had to take it relatively easy and just stuck to the Southbank which was fine as there's loads to do and it's a lovely walk along the river -even in February wearing a skirt. 


We had lunch overlooking the river and then headed to the Tate Modern where we giggled at pretentious art. There was a room which was pitch black and then projected imaged of ghost looking children into the room. I lasted all of 2 seconds before I screeched a profanity  and ran out. I'm sure I will be having nightmares about that for weeks to come!


We went to Oxo Tower for a couple of drinks and looked out at the amazing view of my favourite city. 

Then in the evening we picked up Mason and made heart shaped pizzas (and a load of mess) as a family. It was such a lovely day and I'll jump at any excuse to spend a whole day with Sam chatting away amongst ourselves with nothing to worry about. It was a perfect balance as it was really nice to finish of the day as a family.


How was your Valentines?


Monday, 16 February 2015

NEW Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail paint

I'm always excited by new nail polish releases. I'm even more excited when those releases are for Spring/Summer as the shades are usually amazing! 


The new Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints didn't disappoint me, when I saw them lined up in my local Superdrug it took me a little while to decide which to pick up first. It took all of my strength not to try them all... but I only have so many nails and so much time to apply nail polish to them! February has been a busy month!

I have tried out 2 shades that are perfect in the lead up to the warmer weather I've been lusting over. 

Full Trottle is an orange toned peach which was opaque in 2 coats. It's lovely and bright but still stays on the dusky pastel side of things too.


Eat My Dust is a pale blue. I'm loving baby blue at the moment and I can see me wearing this a lot over the next few months. It is quite sheer and appeared to be a little streaky at first. I often find this with the paler shades of nail polish though. I needed 3 coats to fully cover my nail but I absolutely love the results! 


Along with the beautiful shades available they have added a  flat rounded brush. The brush  makes it so quick and easy to apply. it distributes the polish so evenly  and you only need  a couple of swipes and the nail is covered. The formula is really quick drying too so they really are speedy as the name implies!

The chequered lids make them easy for me to pick out in my stash too which is very handy indeed!

For £3.99 I definitely will be picking up a couple more of these as we move into the warmer months (yay).

They are currently on offer at Superdrug where you can get 2 for £7.

Will you be giving these a go?


Friday, 13 February 2015

GOSH SS15 Event


Last week I was invited to the W Hotel in Leicester Square to take a look at the New Spring/Summer 2015 range from GOSH Cosmetics. It's no secret that I love the brand so I was very excited to see what was in store. 

After a little ride in the lift (I got off on the wrong floor) I was welcomed with a fruit cocktail which was extremely tasty and filled with crush ice which is perfect for me given my ice crunching obsession at the moment! I went and had my nails done and I was in my element!

After being spoilt for choice by the lovely new nail shades on offer I headed straight over to see the product of the night, the Primer Plus (£13.99) which claims to give porcelain perfect skin. It contains snow algae which is an anti again skincare ingredient typically found in snowy alpine regions and is the key to skins longevity. It gives the skin a new lease of life and blurs out fine lines and pores. Claiming to rejuvenate, protect and hydrate the skin it sounds like a great base for make up.


I can find primers a little bit confusing and I'm never sure what I should be looking for so it was really useful to hear their personal make-up artist talk us through all of the Primers Gosh have to offer. 


The wall was covered in kisses where were encouraged to try out a shade of the 
new Forever Lip Shine lipsticks (£6.99). With 10 shades to chose from it was tough to pick a favourite. The tip makes it really easy to line the lips with no effort at all and the smooth texture glides on easily  leaving a long lasting colour with a great shine too. I was really impressed with how creamy and moisturising it was.



They've realsed 2 new mascaras. The first is the No Limit Lash Mascara (£7.49) which adds extra dimension and drama. The bristles have 9 combs abound the brush with two open areas to create a reservoir which ensures immediate volume and length without flaking or smudging. I think it's all about the brush when it comes to mascaras so I'm really excited to try this out.
The second is the XTreme Volume and Length Mascara (8.49). This one offers you definition, length and volume. The triangular brush coats lashes with two formulas of mascara to give a pumped up false lash effect.


GOSH have always been great when it comes to long lasting eye liners. There's 9 shades of their new Xtreme Liquid Gel Eye Liners (5.99) to play with and they are really smudge proof! I swatched some on my hand on the night and they stayed put like new until I removed it before bed. It lasts for 13 hours and is perfume and paraben free. I love how this is a gel liner that doesn't come with a fiddly separate brush and pot. There are some really great colours to experiment with.


GOSH's Nail Lacquers (£3.99) seem to go a bit under the radar but they are really amazing - trust me. If you regularly read my blog you would have seen me mention their glitters several times in the past.
Their new shades have got me well and truly excited for spring with their chic white, pastels and a dusky purple. They have a new bigger brush which makes it super easy to apply -particularly for toenails! There's 7 new shades to brighten up our nails as the warmer weather attempts to make an appearance!


Eyeshadows are my weakness! So the new Eyelight Trios (£6.99) really got me excited. I love the shimmer to them. They come in 4 shades - a nude, brown, pink and blue. They are such  lovely  compacts with 3 eyeshadows to create a simple smokey eye. The top is a highlighter to light up the eyes, the middle shade is a glitter shadow for sparkling colour and the bottom is a darker shade with a satin texture to add depth and contour.It's really great to have the shades you need in one place so will be great to ave in a drawer at work or in your bag. 


I am looking forward to trying this lot out. What would you like to see reviewed first?