Sunday, 4 January 2015

Winter Wish List 2015

I'm not a huge fan of winter, I really don't like the cold and I'm already counting down to Summer. However, winter fashion is pretty cute and there are some lovely bits and pieces in the shops to keep me warmer. So I put together a Winter Wish List to get me excited enough to get through the next few months before I'm looking at floaty skirts and crop tops again!

1. Every year I seem to get another Scarf from Accessorise. It's more of a pashmina or a  'stole' which is a new word for me! I prefer them as they aren't too stuffy and are good to throw over yourself if you're in a cold cinema or something! I have my eye on one in a champagne colour.

2. I really want a floppy hat, and I'm sure there's a proper name for them. I try them on in every shop and I love them. I know I would rarely find a reason to wear it but they look great. I can pretend I'm at London Fashion week or something and pretend I'm important. 

3. As I don't like loads of bulky layers I make sure the clothes that I'm wearing warm me up enough. I've found that a pair of Falke Cashmere socks make all the difference. They warm up my feet which seems to make the rest of my body heat up too.

4. I live in fitted tops in the winter, and a black high neck top is just a must for styling pretty much anything. It would get a lot of wear and adds that extra bit of warmth too.  I might have to buy a few in different colours!

5. Ok, so they might not be the most practical of jeans but I really want some ripped jeans. Both black and white would be perfect for me and the rip detail makes them a little more interesting -it's only my knees that would be cold and I can handle that! I suppose the white ones would have to be saved for particularly dry days. 

6. I've been looking everywhere for a  Gillet -even thought I'm not totally convinced they are the right look for me. It just seems a sensible alternative to a coat and I can just put one over a long sleeved top for a bit of extra warmth. Shopping in a coat is never comfortable so I think a gillet will be my answer.

7. As you may have guessed, I'm not a fan of coats so I generally wear a jumper with a light jacket. A leather jacket is a fashion staple for all seasons and works with so many different looks.

8. Pushing the buggy around means my hands get pretty cold so I really need to invest in some nice gloves. Ones can be used with touch screens would be ideal as it saves taking them off to answer the phone or take a quick selfie!

9. Another great way of keeping warm as well as jazzing up a plain top is to add some fur. I've seen a pretty cosy snood from Topshop and a black furry tippet (another new word for me!) from Accessorize. I think I'd feel totally glam.

10. I bought myself some CJG boots but I really would like some more, there's another pair with a fur trim that looks looks great for Winter! I'm SO tempted to order them too!


Which should I buy first?
What's on your winter wish list?


  1. Love the snood and tippet... I've never heard that word before either! x

  2. I really want a floppy hat to but I have a feeling it won't suit me.